I believe the United States Postal Service (USPS) is an abysmal failure.  This goes from their lack of real-time tracking of packages to local Post offices that fail to deliver mail regularly.  

Why any self-respecting business or vendor would continually use the USPS as their primary shipper is beyond comprehension, I’ve written previously that I wish Amazon would have a specific selection button, to have items ordered shipped only via UPS or FedEx.

Most items ordered from Amazon arrive without incident, on time, and sometimes a day early when shipped via UPS or FedEx.  It is a complete crapshoot if things are shipped via USPS and when or even if we will receive the ordered items.

One of the other challenges is that we reside in a small town where mail delivery is arbitrary, random, and slapdash, even on a good week.

Thankfully, most communications and deliveries can be completed electronically or, as previously mentioned, via reliable carriers like UPS or FedEx.  In our experience, I would avoid USPS for any or all of your communications or shipping needs.





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