The above showed up in my email inbox this afternoon.  Slick and well-produced, it’s clickbait and nothing but an appeal, intercession, and solicitation for money.  There is no substance to these types of emails.  Sure, they have some surveys they want you to fill out.  However, nothing ever comes of the responses you give them.  They repeatedly ask the same feeble, incompetent, and ineffectual questions.

Those who create these abominations are unaware of the issues facing Americans today.  Money doesn’t equate to a political win in this day and age unless you’re a Democrat.  You only have to look at the recent Supreme Court race in Wisconsin to see this.  You will lose if you can’t compete and present a convincing and strong case in the court of public opinion .  If you can win the hearts and minds of your voting base, you are on the right track.  

You or anyone running for a position in a local or state office has to rely on local and state interests to assist in the effort.  Those politicians who rely heavily on money and campaign staff outside their district or state are nothing more than bought and paid for politicians.







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