Five Problems with Social Media.

Screen-shot-2010-04-14-at-6.11.31-PM.pngFive problems with Social Media. Only five? Please!
I’ll begin with a list of things.
• Friend Requests
• Communications overload
• Simplify
I’m on Snapchat, you can find the link to the right side of the blog. I’ve been on for a few weeks now and I’m still learning. I’m using it at 10% of its capabilities. The learning curve is a steep one to be sure. It’s not the making and posting of video’s or photos, rather it is the interacting with my friends. Also, some sort of threading of postings would be nice so I can go back and find a post I want to reply to or comment upon.
I have mixed emotions about Facebook. There are times when it is a fun and informative place and other times a frustrating piece of horribly designed user interfaced software. The fact that I need to change my settings each and every time I log into the software to see the most current postings is a major #FAIL. I know they want me to see their ads and promoted items, and that’s not what I go to Facebook for. If they bothered to look at my purchasing habits from Facebook promoted ads, they’d find none. Get a clue guys.

Friend Requests are a mixed blessing. I get some each and every week from the usual suspect social media outlets. Some are welcome and others are clearly and blatantly #SPAM. It would be great to stop the latter type of requests before they reach me. If algorithms are so great, why hasn’t anyone written one to address this issue?

I’ve written about communications overload previously, so I’ll direct you to that missive to draw your own conclusions.

Simplify, simplify and once again, simplify. I have an iPhone, no cell service, and an iPad with a duplication of many apps. Sometimes it depends on my mood or if I’m going to the store or out and about town. I seem to have many apps that function in the same way, providing the same end result. I’ve begun to use Skype as my primary communications app for daily use. Yes, I’m using other social media apps for postings and some communications, as not everyone is on Skype.

Ok, there are my five. Let me know your thoughts.

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Note to Self.

Working via paulswansen

Working via paulswansen

I’ve been writing now for two different publications since May of 2012. I started with The Axiom Report in May, and The Swansen Report since June. I’ve not written this regularly since graduating from journalism school and spending my time as a Navy Journalist and as the Public Affairs Officer for the Atlantic Fleet Seabees, during the first gulf war.

I had forgotten how I love to write and craft words and share stories. Most recently, the month of November I wrote 55 articles, consisting of 19,919 words. Yes that’s lots of writing. I appreciate the opportunity to write and share my thoughts and stories and information that I find compelling and interesting. There is a challenge however.

I’ve not been paid for any of the writing since I began. Now, this isn’t sour grapes, it’s simply what’s so. I signed agreements to write for both publications, and my compensation is a combined total of ad revenue share from the sites. I know now that any future writing I do, I will request and or require a payment per article or payment per word. I also know that I’m creating a bank of writing on various topics that will become a reference work for the type and style of writing that I can accomplish. Hopefully there is someone out there who will recognize the value I bring to the table.

For now, I am setting up ad’s on my personal site, this blog, with the intention of accumulating some revenue here. Meanwhile I continue to write and look forward to new and challenging opportunities in this wonderful craft.

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