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Where are the Widgets?

Yes your seeing a new WordPress theme here and yet the widgets that according to the theme information should be on the page, are no where to be found. Send to Kindle

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Kred Lacks Credibility.

Kred lacks credibility. I recently received and email with the following graphic. Now, I’ll admit at first glance this is a nice accolade. However I’m completely inactive on Kred. I’d don’t check in, and while I admit I might have at one time checked out the site, I’ve not done so since that initial time. […]

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The Love/Hate Relationship with Facebook.

The Love/Hate Relationship with Facebook. Admit it, we all have it. I’m surprised there’s no support group established for those of us in this state. It appears that I’ve had a presence on Facebook since 2007. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not using the platform anywhere near its capabilities. Of course if […]

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Wednesday Morning Coffee Conversation.

So I’ve been up for about an hour and a half and am working on the first pot of coffee for the day. Checking email’s and some of the social networks and notifications I’m getting from friends around the world. There’s a mix of topics all calling for my attention. Colorado’s Larimer County is considering […]

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