Ongoing Hootsuite challenge

I have this Ongoing Hootsuite Challenge. Please check the notes and description associated with the attached photo. This has been an ongoing irritant for me with making full use of Hootsuite.

How Google Glass is going to Innovate Education

June 3, 2013 by Current Events, Google 8 Comments

How Google Glass is going to Innovate Education Innovations in education have always been a little stagnant, ans while we see new inventions and developments in all other fields, educational innovations are very less. People have always stuck with the known, tried, tested and traditional methods in […]

The Sunday Share – 10 Google Reader Alternatives

The Sunday Share – 10 Google Reader Alternatives. There has been much hand wringing and weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth over the announcement by Google this past week over the death of Google Reader. While I can’t vouch for any of the 10 […]

Kred Lacks Credibility.

Kred lacks credibility. I recently received and email with the following graphic. Now, I’ll admit at first glance this is a nice accolade. However I’m completely inactive on Kred. I’d don’t check in, and while I admit I might have at one time checked out […]

The Love/Hate Relationship with Facebook.

The Love/Hate Relationship with Facebook. Admit it, we all have it. I’m surprised there’s no support group established for those of us in this state. It appears that I’ve had a presence on Facebook since 2007. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not […]

Call for Speakers: State Of NOW 2013 / June 18-19 2013 in NYC

Now is the time to be considering your travel arrangements and plans to attend this conference. Call for Speakers: State Of NOW 2013 / June 18-19 2013 in NYC Today I am posting the “Call for Speakers” for our major annual conference, State of NOW […]

Update – Hootsuite Problem.

This ongoing issue with Hootsuite has been resolved with my renewed access to the Apple App Store. Now that I can access the App Store I’ve downloaded Tweetdeck. With Tweetdeck now being a part of the Twitter Family the UI and its presentation has changed […]

Hootsuite Problem.

My name is Paul and I have a problem with Hootsuite. There, I said it and its now out in public for all to see. I’ve been on Twitter since April of 2007 and I’ve seen Twitter grow and evolve. I’ve grown and begun to […]

Web Traffic, Views and The Bottom Line.

If you’re reading this, you’ve then been, web traffic, a visitor to one third of the web sites for which I write and provide content. At the start, let me say thanks for visiting and encourage you to return. Having gotten all the politeness out […]

PR/Social Media FAIL.

It’s now been nearly two weeks since I’ve contacted a major social media player regarding an issue with using an internet standard url shortener. As of this writing, I’ve received no response to my question other than the standard, thanks for contacting us. About two […]

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