MEF Americas 2011: Mobile retail innovation & SMS

Retailers, are you paying attention?

MEF Americas 2011: Mobile retail innovation & SMS: “

MEF Americas 2011

Following the “The Path to Purchase – How Brands and Retailers Can Influence Shopping Behavior” panel at MEF Americas 2011 I spoke to Johann Huber Guiterrez on mobile retail innovation in Asia and the value of consumers’ familiarity with SMS.

We discussed:

  • How mobile can drive retail sales and where innovation is taking place in Japan, Korea and China.
  • Adding value to traditional retail mechanisms (like catalogues) by adding mobile services like QR codes for product information, reviews, comparison and ordering.
  • How retailers can benefit from using SMS and imaging – things consumers are already familiar with and use regularly. Also, how MMS is maturing into this space.
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(Via Mobile Industry Review.)

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Blackberry Issues.

Well it’s a Monday so what do you expect. I’ve had the Blackberry 8330 for about six weeks now and so far it’s been working like a champ. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not using it nearly to it’s capacity or abilities, and yet, I’m learning a bit more each and every day. There are things I like and there are things that I don’t like about the phone and it’s associated software.

Photo 23.jpg

I was out seeing three different clients this morning on three separate programs. I was busy not only with the clients but also monitoring e-mails and other Internet notifications that were coming in to the Blackberry. I was also responding to questions and comments from people I know around the world, as well as uploading pictures via the phone.

About lunchtime, the phone decided to take a long lunch as well, ceasing to provide any email or any of the other alerts and notifications it had been sending me all morning. Now I’m well aware that the Internet tubes have a tendency to get bottled up on occasion so it wasn’t very critical for me not to receive messages and emails for a short period of time.

Around 5pm I decided to look into the situation a with a bit more intention as I’d not had any Internet connectivity via the phone for nearly all of the afternoon. So as to short circuit the initial tech support, I turned the phone off and back on, as well as took the battery out for a few minutes and then put it back in. I sent messages and email’s to and from the phone and also made sure I could still make and receive phone calls. Finally I called Sprint’s tech support to get the issue resolved or receive some sort of credit for my lack of service. 30 minutes later, and a push of an update to the phone, Sprint’s Tech support folks had me back up and on the net. Congrats guys.

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