Biometric Database in Immigration Reform.

Biometric Database in Immigration Reform.

The Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act, or in its more formal title, S 744

User big brother 1984

User big brother 1984 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To provide for comprehensive immigration reform and for other purposes. The legislative debate and discussions took place in early May. The bill in its current form passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee, by a 13-5 vote.

Privacy and security groups have raised concerns about, the “photo tool,” and the possibility of the legislation becoming an all encompassing national identification system. The Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act, is focused at curbing the employment of illegal and undocumented immigrants. While the altruistic intent of the legislation is well meaning, this type of legislation does not have history on its side.

The legislation in its current form creates a database to be used expressly for employment purposes. But historically these types of limitations are short lived. Your Social Security number and card, was created to track your government retirement benefits. Now you need to provide your Social Security Number to purchase health insurance.

The legislation, some 800 pages, has a concerning and for some privacy and security groups, a frightening new tool, to be created. The innocent sounding “Photo Tool,” is a verification portion of the legislation to be used by employers for verification of potential employees. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will administer this massive federal database. The database will contain names, ages, Social Security numbers and photographs of everyone in the country with a driver’s license or other state-issued photo ID. Employers would be, as a part of the new hire process, be obliged to look up every new hire in the database to verify that they match their photo.

The “photo tool,” portion of the legislation is as follows:

‘(iii) PHOTO TOOL-

‘(I) USE REQUIREMENT- An employer seeking to hire an individual who has a covered identity document shall verify the identity of such individual using the photo tool described in subclause (II).

‘(II) DEVELOPMENT REQUIREMENT- The Secretary shall develop and maintain a photo tool that enables employers to match the photo on a covered identity document provided to the employer to a photo maintained by a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services database.


‘(I) USE REQUIREMENT- An employer seeking to hire an individual whose identity may not be verified using the photo tool described in clause (iii) shall verify the identity of such individual using the additional security measures described in subclause (II).

‘(II) DEVELOPMENT REQUIREMENT- The Secretary shall develop, after publication in the Federal Register and an opportunity for public comment, specific and effective additional security measures to adequately verify the identity of an individual whose identity may not be verified using the photo tool described in clause (iii). Such additional security measures–

‘(aa) shall be kept up-to-date with technological advances; and

‘(bb) shall provide a means of identity authentication in a manner that provides a high level of certainty as to the identity of such individual, using immigration and identifying information that may include review of identity documents or background screening verification techniques using publicly available information.

“The most worrying aspect is that this creates a principle of permission basically to do certain activities and it can be used to restrict activities. It’s like a national ID system without the card.”, said David Bier, an analyst with the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

The legislation is also a budgetary nightmare. It allows those agencies tasked with implementation of the legislation, to spend as necessary. The legislation exploits a legislative loophole in the Budget Control Act(BCA) allowing Congress to spend more than allowed under the spending caps which were adopted in 2011. How does this work? The legislation designates spending in the immigration bill as “emergency requirements.” Thus the bill would enables lawmakers to spend billions outside existing budget enforcement procedures. The legislation in its current form does nothing to address our current $16,747,976,378,000.32, and growing national debt.

The U.S. House of Representatives still has yet to introduce an immigration reform bill of their own.

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Harry Reid blames tea party for lack of fiscal cliff deal

Senator Reid has lots of room to talk. No budget from the Senate in 1,314 days and counting. Senator Reid needs to take a good long look in the mirror before he goes blaming

Harry Reid - Caricature

Harry Reid – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

anyone else for fiscal problems within Washington.

Harry Reid blames tea party for lack of fiscal cliff deal: “‘The tea party has a firm grip on the Republican Party. … This vocal minority contingent exerts tremendous influence'”

(Via The Daily Caller – Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment » Politics.)

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A Tale of Two Campaigns.

Scott Brown supporters gathering to watch the returns.


Martha Coakley supporters gathering to watch the returns.


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Showing his true colours.


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) showing his true colours in a recent statement regarding the reported bribes and concessions that were made to select Senators.

So the routine way of doing business in the Congress of the United States is for Senators and Congressmen/Women, to think only of themselves and not listen to the will of those who elected them?

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Senator Udall’s Canned Response to My Vote NO to Health Care Email – They’re NOT listening

This response to my letter. No surprise that my friend Derec Schuler, had the same sort of response from Colorado’s Sen. Bennet


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His lips are moving.

He must be lying as I can see his lips moving. It certainly appears to me that President Obama is simply reading words, and giving no thought to what he’s reading and how it is being received by those listening to him. Obama’s disingenuous nature, and lack of integrity are in on full display in this press conference statement. The fully telling statement President Obama Makes is, “…Washington has become more concerned about the next election than the next generation.” This is the Hope and Change that Obama campaigned on.

President Obama and the Democrats and their supporters are fully looking after only themselves and not the good of the country. Obama and the Congress continue to willfully ignore the will of the people who elected them, and the Democrat supporters are willing accomplices in their actions. These are very accurate words spoken by Obama, “…Washington has become more concerned about the next election than the next generation.”

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No increase in the Federal Deficit? WTF?


President Obama is either, disingenuous, delusional, incompetent, inept, or all of the above. The President has already tripled the Federal Deficit by $1.4 trillion for the 2009 fiscal year, which recently ended. How and why do we believe someone who has already done this, and then says this travesty of a supposed Health Care Bill, is not going to increase the Federal Deficit? Would we expect anything from President Obama who was elected with, No Experience, No Integrity and No Judgement?

More Broken Health Care Promises “…federal deficit would increase by $196 between 2010 and 2019 and $765 billion…”

Health Care Reform: Cost and Controversy…”that it will substantially increase the federal deficit – despite tax increases.”

Lawmakers Warned About Health Costs – CBO Chief Says Democrats’ Proposals Lack Necessary Controls on Spending

Big Government the Wrong Answer on Health Care

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My letter to the Colorado Congressional Delegation.

December 19, 2009

Dear Representative Perlmutter,

Dear Senator Udall,

Dear Senator Bennet,

As a member of FreedomWorks, I oppose government-run health care and the trillions of dollars in new taxes that would have to be taken from the people to pay for the legislation. I also oppose employer and individual mandates, which force citizens and businesses into making decisions based on what the state wants, and not what makes the most sense for the individual or the small businessman.

Instead of crowding out the private insurers through a subsidized government option, Congress should vote for market-based reforms like allowing citizens of all states to purchase health insurance across state lines.

I hope that you will vote against any government-run health care legislation, and the trillions of dollars in taxes that go with it.

I am counting on you to represent me and my family.

The Left hates this bill. The Right hates this bill. Independents hate this bill. More than 60% of the American public hates this bill. Why? Because it will do nothing of what proponents claim to do, while raising taxes, adding debt, and most significantly, further intruding government into our health care decisions. Yet the Democrats under the leadership of Barack Obama and Harry Reid are forcing it through under the dark of night right before Christmas! This kind of hideous arrogance will reap a political whirlwind seldom if ever seen in this nation’s history. May there be 41 U.S. Senators with the nerve to stand up for what’s right and vote against cloture. Stop the madness — VOTE NO on this health care bill. Or expect the American people to vote out each and every one of the rogues in Congress who do not do everything within their power to kill it!!!

This bill is a sham and has nothing to do about Health Care and the Coloradans you supposedly represent. If you truly represented the people of Colorado you’d vote against this sham of a Health Care bill.

Should you not vote against this bill, I will work strongly to see that you’re voted out of office during the next election, by supporting anyone who opposes you in the upcoming election, with my time and dollars.

Mr. Paul Swansen

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Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-Ark.) disingenuous to the core.


Sen. Lincoln: Congress Can Force Americans to Buy Health Insurance Because Constitution ‘Charges Congress With the Health’ of the People

She along with President Obama and the rest of the Democrats in Congress and those who voted for this administration have absolutely no respect for the American People, regarding their Health Care Choices.

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The Dreamliner & The Bird Cage Liner


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