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Christmas Sale

So a retailer that I’ve been wanting to purchase a product from, finally has the item back in stock. Of course, its the Christmas sale season, and it’s not on sale.

Now to look for something else to buy.

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Google to open retail stores to compete with Apple Stores.

Google to open retail stores to compete with Apple Stores. Only to compete with Apple Stores? They completely ignore the Microsoft Store’s across the country. The best thing about Google and their

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

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entry into the retail arena, is that there are plenty of empty store fronts in the shopping malls across the country.



Google to open retail stores to compete with Apple Stores



Google is launching retail stores by the end of the year to sell its own products we’re reporting over at 9to5Google. Will Google try to squeeze into the local Mall between the new Microsoft Store and the existing Apple Store? Will they be able to supplant some of Apple’s MacBook sales with their $249 Chromebooks? iPhones with Nexuses? Find out more.


(Via 9 to 5 Mac.)

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Friday Reflections.

Español: es una foto de una tablet Samsung

Español: es una foto de una tablet Samsung (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Friday reflections on the weeks end. Yes it’s Friday and the end of another week. It’s amazing to think that the first month of the new year is nearly completed.

Earlier in the week I had been asked to assist on a project mapping a retail location. Intrigued and the fact that they wanted to pay me as well, got my attention. So the past two mornings I’ve been getting up at 0430 just to be on site at the retail location by 0600.

Day one was spent using a Samsung Galaxy 7″ tablet. This is my first time of spending any time using a tablet. The tablet was nice and light and easy to use. The tablet controls were easy to use and the device never crashed in the more than 5 hours I was using it. I spent the time taking pictures with the device and they were pleasantly east to do.

Software written for this particular project was used with the device and the integration was nearly flawless. There were only a couple of UI issues, and they certainly weren’t deal killers for the project. Of the five of us who were using the Samsung Galaxy 7″ tablet’s, only one tablet had a camera failure during the day.

Day two was spent continuing the project in a bit more detail. This time with a Dell Laptop and an attached USB barcode scanner. This day the UI and the bulk of the associated hardware wasn’t up to the day’s task. It was quickly evident that those developers who designed the software had never tested it in a real world application. This I find is unacceptable, and far to often the norm in these situations.

The software developed for the data gathering was completely user unfriendly and unintuitive. No only that, as I had to teach three of the team members how to copy and past repetitive data into a standard Excel spreadsheet. Also, while using cell drop down boxes for data input might be handy, excluding user keyboard input is an overall failure option in this case. Also, having a standard set of data from which to choose, while nice, in the long run doesn’t fully reflect real world evidence. Again, as users, not being able to input a variance to the programmers predetermined data set gives a fictional picture of reality.

Overall the days were a success with the project being completed. It is nice to see companies beginning to embrace current over the counter technology for their daily use. Now to get more of the developers and end users to have conversations about how to maximize the integration.

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Safeway Search #FAIL

A complete #FAIL in using Safeway’s search option via their site.

Safeway Search #FAIL

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Use Shopkick & a Visa Card to Get Rewards from Retailers –

More about mobile money and the upcoming Christmas Shopping Season.

Via Scoop.itMobile Money

Use Shopkick & a Visa Card to Get Rewards from Retailers…

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Debenhams boosts mobile affiliate activity to drive festive footfall | News | New Media Age

Yes, the holiday shopping season is right around the corner.

Via Scoop.itRetail

Debenhams is to launch a renewed mobile affiliate drive next week in a bid to drive in-store footfall ahead of the crucial Christmas shopping season.
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  • This and other mobile money related stories can be found at Mobile Money.

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  • Retailers join forces to rebuild trust in online reviews | News | New Media Age

    It’s nice to see retailers paying attention to their customers and clients.

    Via Scoop.itPauls Content Curation
    Electricals retailers and technology brands have joined forces to try and improve online customer reviews after recent criticism over the trustworthiness of some.
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    Huh, What?

    So there are “invalid,” signals?

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    Mobile searches will ring out on Black Friday – Related Stories – MMA SmartBrief

    And I’m curious as to what Retailer or Vendor is now working to make the most of this opportunity?

    Via Scoop.itMobile Tools
    Mobile search will get a boost from the launch of the holiday shopping season on the Friday after Thanksgiving, per a forecast from Google’s AdMob.
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