5 Items for your Sunday Discussions.

5 items for your Sunday Discussions here, two days prior to the Presidential Election.  Yes,

TV set.

TV set. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

it’s Sunday and as we don’t have a broadcast television provider and we aren’t glued to the TV and any NFL football games.  Should I want to find out scores I’ll check espn.com.  Now on to our list which is in no particular order.

CNN: Obamacare Unaffordable For The Middle Class.

Gee, ya think?  With Arizona leading the states with an average increase of 116% I’m surprised that there isn’t a mass exodus from the state.  Given the population now of Arizona being a majority of snowbirds, I’m wondering how if at all, this impacts the numbers.

Clinton VP Candidate Tim Kaine: FBI Is Working Directly with GOP to Destroy Clinton.

Really Tim?  When you are unable to have a reasoned conversation and debate on the facts of your positions, certainly, your best offense/defense is to blame the FBI.  I am surprise that he didn’t blame the Russians.  Also missing from the conversation is the fact that Hillary Rodam (Felon) Clinton is destroying her own credibility without any assistance from outside sources.

Does Anyone Understand Those Laundry-Tag Symbols? – WSJ

This caught my eye this morning.  As a guy, laundry labels are akin to a foreign language.  For me, laundry is whites and everything else.  My college roommate and I were very successful in using this method during our time in school.

New App Lets You Buy Cheap Leftovers When Restaurants Close.

I like this concept.  The app is in its Kickstarter stage so it will likely be a while before it comes to a device near you.  This app could assist anyone with those late night munchies.

How Music Affects Your Brain (Plus 11 Artists To Listen To At Work)

I know from my own experience that there is substance to the writer’s premise.  I’ve listened to a few of the suggested artists and only one was of interest so far.  I’ll go back and give another listen to the rest of the list and see what transpires.

Have a great rest of your Sunday.  Share and comment, please.

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New Service Makes It Easy for Restaurants to Create Mobile Websites with Reservation Systems – SocialTimes.com

Via Scoop.itMobile Tools

The free mobile sites provide direct links for online services such as reservations and ordering, one-click access to menus and other important information.
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Foodies and the Nanny State.

Screen shot 2010-03-31 at 5.19.15 PM.png

The creeping Nanny State is showing up in the food industry.

There are two news stories which show just how pervasive this government intrusion into our daily lives is becoming.

The first story comes on the heels of the recent Health Care Reform passed by the Social Democrats, and signed by President Obama.

“More than 200,000 fast food and other chain restaurants will have to include calorie counts on menus, menu boards and even drive-throughs.”

Since no one bothered to read the bill prior to voting on it, we find out about this mandate after the fact.

The second story is a continuation of the Nanny State’s fascination with Jamie Oliver and his desire for,

“…compulsory” food education in elementary schools and cooking in high school.”

The Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Petition, is something to be avoided as we certainly have no need for more government intervention into what we as free individuals can and can’t eat.

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