Fauxcahontas on the warpath.

Fauxcahontas on the warpath. And out for all to see during the confirmation hearing of Dr. Ben Carson for the head of Housing and Urban Development.  The transcript below is from

English: Elizabeth Warren speaking at March 29...

English: Elizabeth Warren speaking at March 29, 2010, at the Women in Finance symposium. Warren was part of a five-woman panel discussion. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the hearing.  What I find amazing is that with a reported budget of $32.6 Billion (2014), how Warren determines that Carson can keep track of each and every penny, or as the conversation went $10.

Carson was gracious and level in his answers, and yet Warren continued with the minutia.  It is apparent that she has no grasp of the job requirements and duties of a Presidential Cabinet appointee.

mr. chairman and congratulations on your
new role as chair of this committee i’m
looking forward to working with you as
well as with six new members of our
committee dr. Carson thank you for being
here thank you
before we get into some of the questions
that are raised in my letter to you
earlier this week I just want to get an
answer to I think that’s simple
yes-or-no question if you are confirmed
to lead HUD you’ll be responsible for
issuing billions of dollars in grants
and loans to help develop housing and
provide a lot of housing related
services now housing development is an
area in which president elect Trump and
his family have significant business
interests can you assure me that not a
single taxpayer dollar that you give out
will financially benefit the
president-elect or his family
well senator I was worried that you
wouldn’t get back thank you for coming
back I’m back I can assure you that the
things that i do are driven by sense of
morals and values and therefore I will
absolutely not play favorites for anyone
dr. Carson at let me stop right there I
i’m actually trying to ask a more
pointed question and it’s not about your
good faith that’s not my concern
my concern is whether or not among the
billions of dollars that you will be
responsible for handing out in grants
and loans can you just assuring us that
not one dollar will go to benefit either
the president-elect or his family
it will not be my intention to do
anything I could to benefit any any
American I understand that’s for all
Americans everything that we do
do I take that to mean that you may
manage programs that will significantly
benefit the president-elect you can
get the main that I will manage things
in a way that benefits the American
people that is going to be the goal to
the best you understand it if there
happens to be an extraordinarily good
program that’s working for millions of
people and it turns out that that that
someone that you’re targeting is going
to gain you know ten dollars from it
am I going to say no the rest of you
Americans can’t have it
I think logic and common sense probably
would be the best way
yeah although we do have a problem here
and I appreciate your good faith in this
and I do dr. Carson the problem is that
you can assure is that HUD money out of
ten dollar varieties but of
multimillion-dollar varieties will not
end up in the president elects pockets
and the reason you can’t assurance of
that is because the president-elect is
hiding his family’s business interests
from you from me from the rest of
America and this just highlights the
absurdity and the danger of the
president elects refusal to put his
assets in a true blind trust he knows he
the president like knows what will
benefit him and his family financially
but the public doesn’t which means he
can divert taxpayer money into his own
pockets without anyone knowing about it
the only way that the American people
can know that the president is working
in their best interests and not in his
own is if he divest and puts his assets
in a true blind trust transferring his
holdings to his children does nothing as
the head of the nonpartisan ethics
committee said just last night since the
president-elect refuses to address this
voluntarily we need to pass the
presidential conflicts of interest act
that i introduced with more than 20 of
my colleagues which would require him to
do so
so with the time i have less i just want
to follow up very quickly on a letter
that I sent to you earlier this week and
we talked about in my artists and I
appreciated that
but and I appreciated it to as you know
more than 7 million children rely on HUD
for housing seven million people many of
them are children veterans people with
um for many of these people had is the
difference between a stable home and
life out on the streets but one major
problem that we talked about his lead
exposure and according to the most
recent HUD study 62,000 public housing
units nearly six percent of our total
public housing stock are in need of lead
abatement you are highly accomplished
dr. we spoke at length about the
implications of lead and lead poisoning
our children can I just ask you to
commit today that you will make sure
that HUD resources are dedicated to
dramatically reducing the number of
public housing units where LED is a
problem i can assure you that I will
very much be working with you on that
310,000 cases right now children each of
which cost us enormous amounts money i
don’t think people even calculate that
and to that when we’re talking about
so yes I will be very vigorous in that
area i I’ve airy much appreciate it
um this is a particular problem for us
in the northeast is a particular problem
in boston where housing stock is old
route and it is absolutely critical that
we get the lead out of these housing
units and that our children have a
chance to grow up without being injured
by our own negligence i look forward to
working with thank you for your
leadership and angry
thank you dr. Carson senator Heller
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Tuesday Thoughts…

Yes it’s Tuesday and nearly Christmas.  The ground here is covered with snow and a white

Leading the 2001 Christmas Pageant of Peace pr...

Leading the 2001 Christmas Pageant of Peace program, President George W. Bush and Mrs. Laura Bush preside over the lighting ceremonies for the National Christmas Tree, a 40-foot Colorado blue spruce. White House photo by Susan Sterner. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Christmas is upon us.  Some thoughts as Christmas is upon us and the year is winding down.

The recent Presidential Election is now well in our rear view mirror and yesterday the designated electors from all 50 states voted and Donald J.Trump is now designated as our 45th President.  I’m hopeful that we, as a country can now begin to move forward into 2017.

That being said, I’m not so sure that moving forward is going to be so easily accomplished.  As I read news stories and postings on the profusion of social media sites I am both concerned, and confused.

There continues to be what appears to be a great deal of hate for the newly elected president.  Possibly not for him specifically and rather for the overall process which brought him to his newfound position.  I can only speak for myself in this matter, and back in 2008 and 2012 my choice for president didn’t win either year.  Those of my family and close friends while disappointed certainly didn’t display any of the outbursts which have been reported over the past few weeks.

No one went to the electoral college gathering in Colorado to shout furious rhetoric while acting like some whiny, bad-tempered child.  We were not pleased with the outcome of the vote and moved on.  We were wise enough to know that the Republican Party had not put forth a quality candidate.  Nor had that candidate connected with the voters.

Back to current events, the Republican candidate connected with his voting base and the Democrat, Hillary Clinton didn’t.  I’m certain that plenty of reviews and dissection of the 2016 Presidential Election will look at everything but how the candidate connected with their respective voters.

Now, six weeks after the election, there continue to be those statist democrats who are filled with and spew nothing but ungracious, scathing and vile sputum at one and all.  I’ll assert that this is a contributing basis for the divide in this country.  With the statist left continuing to act like the child who didn’t get their way, nothing will be resolved.  Time to man up Democrats.

Thanks for reading.  If you’d like to contribute to this website and our narrative here is a good and current PayPal link.

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Dawning of a new day.

Dawning of a new day, this Wednesday after the 2016 Presidential election.  I can report that img_1287there has been no fire and brimstone, no plague of locusts and no evidence of cats and dogs living together.

I’ve posted some in the usual suspect social media outlets, and yet have mostly stayed away and working on some other projects.  There continues to be quite a bit of weeping and wailing and knashing of teeth, along with a fair amount of handwringing over the results of the election last night.

I am pleased with the results of the election and the local results here in northern Wisconsin.  I’m not of the mind to be shouting from the rooftops, setting off fireworks, ringing the churchbells or any other public display of glee.  It’s only an election, and while in the larger scheme of things there are plenty of underlying issues relating to what transpired last night.  Yes, it’s only an election, not unlike the recent World Series which ended recently.  Two teams competed for the prize and one came away the winner.  The loser congratulated the winner and the winners had their 15 minutes of fame, and then we have all moved on.

We would be and can gain further wisdom in following the example of what transpired in the World Series.

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5 Items for your Sunday Discussions.

5 items for your Sunday Discussions here, two days prior to the Presidential Election.  Yes,

TV set.

TV set. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

it’s Sunday and as we don’t have a broadcast television provider and we aren’t glued to the TV and any NFL football games.  Should I want to find out scores I’ll check espn.com.  Now on to our list which is in no particular order.

CNN: Obamacare Unaffordable For The Middle Class.

Gee, ya think?  With Arizona leading the states with an average increase of 116% I’m surprised that there isn’t a mass exodus from the state.  Given the population now of Arizona being a majority of snowbirds, I’m wondering how if at all, this impacts the numbers.

Clinton VP Candidate Tim Kaine: FBI Is Working Directly with GOP to Destroy Clinton.

Really Tim?  When you are unable to have a reasoned conversation and debate on the facts of your positions, certainly, your best offense/defense is to blame the FBI.  I am surprise that he didn’t blame the Russians.  Also missing from the conversation is the fact that Hillary Rodam (Felon) Clinton is destroying her own credibility without any assistance from outside sources.

Does Anyone Understand Those Laundry-Tag Symbols? – WSJ

This caught my eye this morning.  As a guy, laundry labels are akin to a foreign language.  For me, laundry is whites and everything else.  My college roommate and I were very successful in using this method during our time in school.

New App Lets You Buy Cheap Leftovers When Restaurants Close.

I like this concept.  The app is in its Kickstarter stage so it will likely be a while before it comes to a device near you.  This app could assist anyone with those late night munchies.

How Music Affects Your Brain (Plus 11 Artists To Listen To At Work)

I know from my own experience that there is substance to the writer’s premise.  I’ve listened to a few of the suggested artists and only one was of interest so far.  I’ll go back and give another listen to the rest of the list and see what transpires.

Have a great rest of your Sunday.  Share and comment, please.

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WIKILEAKS 1-25 BREAKING NEWS: Michelle Obama Deletes Clinton Tweets. DOJ Dinner With Podesta.  There is a great amount of resource information here.  A HT and shout out to H.A. Goodman.

Note that in the youtube.com link, H.A. Goodman provides lots of links and resources.

Continue to assist us to Fight Back.

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6 Occurrences of Voter Fraud.

6 occurrences of Voter Fraud?  But wait, Paul, that’s not all that bad for a Presidential

English: A voter returns his vote-by-mail ball...

English: A voter returns his vote-by-mail ballot in the 2006 General elections in Lane County, Oregon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

election.  Well, these are six occurrences reporting voter fraud across the country.  There are likely as many opinions about the need or lack of need for Voter ID as there are voters in the country.

Here in Wisconsin the requirements are –

  1. 1 of 3
    In person
    By mail
    Who can vote by mail

    All voters registered in Wisconsin can vote by mail

    1. Get your absentee ballot application

    Download and print the absentee ballot application

    2. Fill out the form

    Step 1 · Provide your municipality and county

    Step 2 · Provide your name, birthday, and contact information

    Step 3 · Provide your address


    3. Submit the form

    Mail the signed and completed form to your Municipal Clerk’s office so it’s received by 5 PM on Nov 3

    Attach a copy of accepted ID, if required

    4. Vote
    • Once you receive your ballot, follow the instructions to fill out the ballot and return envelope
    • Your ballot must be received by 8 PM on Election Day, Nov 8
    • Check the status of your ballot on myvote.wi.gov
    ID requirements

    Attach a copy to your mail ballot application or bring one of the following IDs with you to vote:

    • A Wisconsin DOT-issued driver license with photo (or without photo if you have a religious exemption)
    • A Wisconsin DOT-issued ID card with photo (or without photo if you have a religious exemption)
    • Military ID card
    • A US passport


2 of 3

  • Live at a Wisconsin address by Oct 29
  • Be registered to vote in Wisconsin or register to vote at the polls on Election Day. Check if you’re registered to vote.
  • Be a US citizen


ID requirements

Attach a copy to your mail ballot application or bring one of the following IDs with you to vote:

  1. A Wisconsin DOT-issued driver license with photo (or without photo if you have a religious exemption)
  2. A Wisconsin DOT-issued ID card with photo (or without photo if you have a religious exemption)
  3. Military ID card
  4. A US passport

Many on the statist left continue to clamor that the requirement to show a photo ID when casting a vote in any election is unfair,suppressive of voters and racist.  Why you wouldn’t want to know who is voting and if they are a citizen and allowed to vote, is baffling to me.  Now, despite the statist left and their insistence of their being no voter fraud here are some recent occurrences.

These are but six instances reported by local news sources across the country.  How the statist left can continue to not be cognizant that there is voter fraud across the country is amazingly disingenuous.

It is instances such as these six that enroll us in the cause to continue to Fight Back against the statist media and their complicit  and coerced stories.

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Monday Thoughts

Contact Form

Contact Form (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Monday Thoughts on a sunny blue skies type of day.

I wonder what sort of response time I should expect from an on-line contact us pages for national/regional businesses?  I’m wanting to pay you money for services you state you offer and yet 8+ hours later and not so much as a thank you for your request.

The next observation is for city planners.  We reside in a city of fewer than 500 people and there are wonderful things about a small town.  However, having sidewalks run for several blocks and then abruptly end seems a bit curious.  I then observe that the sidewalk begins on the opposite side of the street and goes on for several more blocks and then once again abruptly ends.

I’m wondering if there were walking studies commissioned and accomplished to determine where and how far the sidewalks on a particular street should start and stop?  If so are these studies kept at the local city hall for the general public to review?  It’s time to start attending the local city council meetings.

I’m amazed at people that I follow on all of the usual suspect social media sites and their unabashed support and stated intent to vote for Hillary Clinton.  Many of these are people for whom I have great respect for their expertise in their field of endeavor.  Their rabid support gives me cause to wonder if they have been paying attention at all to Hillary and her history.  WikiLeaks notwithstanding, there is plenty of old school news reports both video and newspapers of Hillary’s corruption and questionable dealings with other politico’s and the voting public, to without question disqualify her from holding any public office.  She certainly has no business running for or being allowed to darken the doors or grounds of the White House in any of our lifetimes.



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Illegal Chinese Steel?

English: Erection of steel Frame Building, Yeo...

English: Erection of steel Frame Building, Yeovil (4) A steel beam is lifted into place in this new factory unit steel frame at a construction site at Lufton trading estate. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Illegal Chinese steel came up in the recent presidential debates.  Illegal Chinese Steel?

Where is the FBI or DOJ or Interstate Commerce Commission?  Hillary stated –

that’s something that I fought against as a senator
and it certainly appears that she didn’t fight with any success if the practice is continuing.
According to the Newsweek article
Trump has not committed any crimes by purchasing his steel and aluminum from China, nor did he engage in wrongdoing by using Chinese textile factories to make his clothing lines.
And where is any follow up during the debate or in the post-debate analysis?  It is apparently “just Hillary with yet another lie.”
And so as to refresh your memory –

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Conversations not had.

Conversations not had during the current Presidential election cycle.  Voters legal and illegal

Senator John F. Kennedy and Vice President Ric...

Senator John F. Kennedy and Vice President Richard M. Nixon during the first televised U.S. presidential debate in 1960. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

and those multiple voters haven’t been having any of the following conversations.

Why isn’t the federal government held to account for their budget as any of the voters are ?

Why are any statists afraid to call the terrorist incidents on U.S. soil what they are?  

Are the most recent, and current Secretary of State really the best and brightest we have to fill the position?  If not, why are/were they selected for the position?

Healthcare for the citizens of the U.S. is in a free fall from both a financial and service perspective.  How or why should we as voters entrust that even more government bureaucracy will correct the boondoggle the ACA has become?

Why do the statists wish to forego our borders in favor of letting anyone come to our country with zero vetting?  Have they not been paying attention to Norway, Sweden, Germany, and France?

As I watch the Presidential Debate tonight, I’m reasonably certain, none of the above-mentioned questions will be raised.  Rather, it will be more of the same salacious, minutia, which drives these made for TV events.

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Continuing Resolution (H.R. 5325)

Continuing Resolution (H.R. 5325), was passed last week by our free-spending Congress.

Official portrait of United States House Speak...

Official portrait of United States House Speaker (R-Ohio). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This allows funding of the federal government through December 9th, 2016.   It is also noteworthy that the passage of the CR is at the higher spending levels negotiated by Obama and former Senator Boehner,  at the end of last year.

So who in this lame duck session of our congress voted for or against this irresponsible spending ?

The 75 members who voted no on the spending free for all.

And those who voted to give Planned Parenthood an increase in their funding as well as allowing the ICANN internet transition to take place.

Will fiscal responsibility ever return to our Congress?  Your comments are welcome.



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