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December 13, 2014

Hangouts and catching up

I had a wonderful opportunity to once again have an hour of great conversation with my friend and political pundit Willie Lawson last night. While it’s always stimulating conversation, I did the entire hour from my phone while often walking around the community. Mobile connectivity is great.

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December 17, 2013

All Obamacare All the Time.

Ok, not really and yet we have a few story links to some things you might have missed and need to know about this ongoing train wreck. Your ObamaCare Fail of the Day. Stephen Green has some questions about the inappropriately named “Affordable Care Act.” Just as elections have consequences, there are consequences of Obamacare. […]

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November 7, 2013

Thursday Morning Conversation.

Thursday Morning Conversation.   Great conversation with my friend Willie Lawson.

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July 2, 2013

The Morning Briefing with Paul Swansen and Willie Lawson

The Morning Briefing with Paul Swansen and Willie Lawson for 07/02/2013

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June 25, 2013

The Morning Briefing – with Paul Swansen and Willie Lawson

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December 24, 2012

Hire Me! The Unemployed.

Hire Me!  The Unemployed.  I don’t fall into the demographics of the text and yet I still qualify via the photo. Source: frontpagemag.com via Judy on Pinterest

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March 2, 2012

GM halting production of lemon Chevy Volt for five weeks

So how’s that “Hope and Change” Green Economy working out for you? GM halting production of lemon Chevy Volt for five weeks: “ One of the center pieces of the Government Motors bailout and President Obama’s dream to “transform America,” the Chevrolet Volt electric car, has been parked for a while. The Detroit Free Press […]

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February 29, 2012

Why Barack Obama doesn’t care that you’re paying $5 a gallon for gasoline [Reader Post]

Obama and his minions in his Administration, continue to do nothing but talk and they forget that talk is cheap. We are tired of all their talk and complete lack of action on this crisis which affects all Americans and our Economy. We need people in Washington who will take action to address the issue […]

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May 14, 2010

Reckless and Irresponsible.

Eric Holder the Attorney General of the United States, and two examples of just how reckless, irresponsible and dangerous a person he is to hold such a position. And then he continues to dig himself a deeper hole with this admission. Attorney General Holder Admits He’s Never Read Arizona’s Immigration Law How he continues to […]

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April 17, 2010

Chart Failure

It doesn’t do anyone any good when you put a chart on your web site and fail to annotate the details of the chart.

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