Working in Evernote.

Working in Evernote, like many other applications on the web can result in a love-hate

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This is icon for social networking website. This is part of Open Icon Library’s webpage icon package. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

relationship with the app.  That’s where I find myself today.

I like making use of the app and its saving abilities for things on the web.  When it comes to deleting saved items it is an entirely another story.  There doesn’t appear to be any ability within Evernote to bulk delete previously saved notes.

Turning to google search to find an answer returns several options for bulk deleting of saved notes, none of which work for me.  This is 2017, so how hard can this be?  Are the developers at Evernote not paying attention?  Has no one else, ever wanted or desired to bulk delete saved notes within their Evernote app?

Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

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