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Ace nails it! No Obamacare? Guess who is still keeping his ‘sham’ insurance

So let me get this straight. Obamacare, nee Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), is suppose to be his signature legislation, and he’s not signed up? If this is such a wonderful project and suppose to be the be all and end all for the American people and their health care, why haven’t you, […]

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Friday Afternoon

Varied commentary and thoughts on a Friday Afternoon.? Send to Kindle

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Food for thought.

Food for thought.   Makes sense to me. Send to Kindle

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Trust? Yeah Right.

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Obama Lies PKG Final

Obama Lies PKG Final   Obama Lies.  I know that many of you have seen and heard this all before. And yet the content and subject hasn’t sunk in far enough for you to get mad as hell. What’s interesting is to listen to the very beginning of President Obama speaking. The phrase, “if you […]

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IRS Scandal – The Continuing Saga.

Yes, the IRS scandal hasn’t and isn’t going away anytime soon. Here is an update of related items of which you should be aware. IRS Agent: DC ‘Task Force’ Made Decisions About Tea Party Applications Two More Disturbing IRS Revelations From reports, it appears that Lois Lerner, Director of the IRS Exempt Organizations Division, knew […]

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How Will Taxmageddon Impact You?

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Disgrace: President Obama commemorates Pearl Harbor attackwith photo of himself. Send to Kindle

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Obama: I Won’t Play That Game, And By Game I Mean “Some Degree of Financial Responsibility”

Seeing as our current Federal Debt is $16,353,445,442,649.09 and growing can anyone find any spending cuts proposed by anyone in Washington? The sheer fact that any of our political representatives have any notion of the concept of “Financial Responsibility,” is laughable.   Obama: I Won’t Play That Game, And By Game I Mean “Some Degree […]

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CBO: Current Law Brings 55% Increase in Annual Spending, $4.25T in New Debt–And Record Taxation

So if the Senate continues to follow in Harry Reids footsteps and do nothing regarding the budget etc, and the House follows suit, we’re all still screwed! How’s that Hope and Change working out for you now? This is what President Obama meant in the past election by, “Forward.” The best take away from the […]

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