The Emperor’s New Clothes.

(With apologies to Hans Christian Andersen.)

Gas in 80033

The photo reflects the current price of a gallon of gas locally.(UPDATE: See the updated photo.) The price has been on a steady increase for the past few months with no indication of it reversing this trend anytime soon.

Recently President Obama addressed the situation, if you will, in a Town Hall meeting. When Obama was questioned about the price increases, he responded with a completely flippant answer, telling the questioner that he should buy a more efficient automobile.

Receiving such a thoughtless, non-answer might be expected from friends at the bar while complaining about high gas prices, and yet the answer is from the President of the United States. Here is someone who given their position has the ability to address the question from a position of knowledge and action.

However, given Obama’s history of inactivity, inaction and stonewalling about Energy Independence for the United States, his answer has become something that we’ve come to expect. Obama was elected to President, with no qualifications, no experience and no integrity, and this situation certainly show those lack of qualifications.

Given not only the rising gas prices, but the continued unemployment and faltering economy, why isn’t Obama putting these energy workers back to work? It will help not only the jobs situation, but will also begin to put us back on the road to energy independence.

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Oil Independence?

Gas in 80033

Gas is currently $2.58/gal for unleaded Regular here in Colorado where I live. Gas is well above $3/gal in some places and moving higher.

Yet we’re seeing nothing being done by the Obama Administration to address the nations need for Oil, domestic or foreign imports. Now yes, President Obama did make a token approach regarding domestic oil exploration recently and it was nothing more than lip service acknowledgement to the issue.

The following links give a good overview of the lack of direction President Obama has on this national issue.

Mark Levin explains the Obama oil deception

Obama’s False Promise on Offshore Drilling

Obama Energy Announcement: More Imported Oil, Less Domestic Production, Fewer Jobs

Why Pretend to Open Up Domestic Oil Exploration?

It has become obvious that President Obama has no interest in constructively addressing the issue in manner which will move us forward to a solution regarding this issue.

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Quote of the Day…

“Whether we like it or not, we remain a dominant military superpower, and when conflicts break out, one way or another we get pulled into them; and that ends up costing us significantly in terms of both blood and treasure.”
-President Obama at Nuclear Security Summit

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How quickly they forget.

When Dissent Was Legal and even encouraged.

A prime example of the Democrats, “Do As I say, not As I do,” mindset.

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New Medical Symbol.

Screen shot 2010-03-28 at 6.59.46 AM.png

HT: to Rich Palmer.

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Barack Obama’s budget will force the US debt to soar to 90% of the GDP.

Screen shot 2010-03-27 at 6.39.27 AM.png

Can someone please explain how the recently passed Obama Health Care Reform is going to improve things for us?

This is further evidence that we have a President that has, no experience, no integrity, and no judgement.

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It never was about Health Care Reform.

If you thought the recently passed Health Care Reform was about concern for the American people and their Health Care, you’ve been duped. This is what the Social Democrats have been up to all along.

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It’s a Civil War: What We Do Now

The Blog Post Title is from Dennis Prager’s column at It is a great and well reasoned look at the undermining of America by President Obama and the Social Democrats.

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Facts about the current Health Care Reform.

Ten Facts Every American Should Know About Democrats’ Final Government Takeover of Health Care

It continues to amaze me that when people, Democrats and supporters of President Obama look at the facts of the bill they continue to support it.

You can’t fix stupid, and we can remove them from office in the next election.

“The nine most terrifying words in the English language,” said Reagan, are, “ ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’ ”

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Health Care Reform Sham.

The current push by President Obama and the Democrats to, “Reform Health Care,” is a complete sham, being pushed upon an American Public that has clearly stated they want nothing of the sort.

What the disengeneous supporters of this government boondoggle fail to realize is that nothing is going to be resolved should this Bill pass. It will be a minimum of four years before anyone might begin to see the results that have been promised to us.

If it is so important to rush the passage of this Government Takeover of the American Health Care system, why isn’t it as important to begin to offer improvements and benefits from day one passage of the bill? Further, if the supposed improvements to the American Health Care system are so wonderful, why is Congress exempting themselves from the new program?

There are still entirely to many unanswered questions, deliberate lies and coverups starting with President Obama and the rest of the Democrats to let this effort proceed any further.

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