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Paying for your meal via the restaurant’s own app: Why Delos Solutions are rocking my world!

When will this become the norm rather than the exception in our dining out experience? Via Scoop.it – Mobile MoneyWe keep hearing about the coming mobile payments revolution. The sad reality is that, for the most part, it’s a pipe dream at the moment.Via www.mobileindustryreview.com Send to Kindle

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Send Money, Receive Money, Money Transfer – Amazon Payments

Is this a possible Paypal alternative? Via Scoop.it – Mobile Money Via payments.amazon.com Send to Kindle

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Cashless Society – The Future Of Money?

Yes, we’re changing the face of money. Via Scoop.it – Mobile Money Would you like a cashless society? We examine what mobile payments mean and see what the future holds for the likes of Paypal and VISA who predict that we will…Via www.mobileinquirer.com Send to Kindle

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RIM, Apple, Microsoft All Taking A Swipe At NFC Mobile Payment Technology

It’s great to see more handset manufacture’s getting involved. RIM, Apple, Microsoft All Taking A Swipe At NFC Mobile Payment Technology: “ As the Black Friday shopping opportunities continue to pile up, the mentions of mobile payment services get ever more frequent, too: in just the last two days, no less than four major mobile […]

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BlackBerry Bold 9900 Gets the MasterCard Mobile Payment Nod

Blackberry is moving into the Generation-M! and mobile money areas. Via Scoop.it – Mobile Money Two BlackBerry models — the Bold 9900 and the Curve 9360 — have been approved for MasterCard near field communications payments.Show original Send to Kindle

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MasterCard Mobile is Hungary for mobile payments

Read the full story here. Send to Kindle

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Rogers planning to launch NFC mobile payments Q1 2012, report says | MobileSyrup.com

Via Scoop.it – Mobile Money MobileSyrup is an independent resource on mobile technology in Canada – connecting to those who are mobile enthusiasts, professionals and shoppers. All content is Canadian – and written by Canadians.Show original Send to Kindle

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What’s in MY wallet? | MobilePaymentsToday.com

Via Scoop.it – Mobile Money What am I doing personally to move mobile money ahead?Show original Send to Kindle

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Google’s plan for mobile and online payments includes Google+ | VentureBeat

Via Scoop.it – Mobile ToolsGoogle’s mobile payment strategy is just getting started, but that doesn’t faze Stephanie Tilenius, the company’s vice president of commerce.Show original Send to Kindle

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