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Earlier this week I purchased a new laptop from Amazon.  Most likely something that many of you do each and every day.  I did this in anticipation of replacing the three-year-old Samsung Chromebook.

Friday arrived and so did the laptop.  With much anticipation,  I opened up the box and began to explore the new device.  It was a fast machine.  However,  there soon began to be issues with the device.

The device wouldn’t download Google Chrome.  In doing some investigation I found that this is an issue that is known and been going on for a few years.  I then find out that the device can’t or won’t download or update the apps that are on the machine.  This includes a paid and up to date subscription to Microsoft Office.

So, back it goes for a refund.  Now to once again begin a search for a new laptop.

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Google to open retail stores to compete with Apple Stores.

Google to open retail stores to compete with Apple Stores. Only to compete with Apple Stores? They completely ignore the Microsoft Store’s across the country. The best thing about Google and their

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entry into the retail arena, is that there are plenty of empty store fronts in the shopping malls across the country.



Google to open retail stores to compete with Apple Stores



Google is launching retail stores by the end of the year to sell its own products we’re reporting over at 9to5Google. Will Google try to squeeze into the local Mall between the new Microsoft Store and the existing Apple Store? Will they be able to supplant some of Apple’s MacBook sales with their $249 Chromebooks? iPhones with Nexuses? Find out more.


(Via 9 to 5 Mac.)

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