Conference to Inspire Post-Election Refocus and Recovery

Conference to Inspire Post-Election Refocus and Recoveryhighres_9998112

#140conf Brings Together People in Technology, Business, Arts, Health, and Lifestyle

Friends can get a jump start on post-election recovery by hearing inspirational speeches and making connections at the #140conf, returning to Los Angeles on November 14 at The Crest in Westwood.

With both name and format inspired by the brevity of Twitter, the #140conf schedule is fast-paced. Influencers in the areas of technology, lifestyle, health, art, mindfulness, and more will take the stage. These 10-minute talks and 15-minute panels are interspersed with networking throughout the day.

The #140conf events have taken place worldwide since I started hosting / curating and producing them in 2009. #140conf provides a platform for people to listen, learn, and most of all, create relationships that inspire positive change. Dubbed “The State of Now,” the conference underscores a commitment to exploring how the “real-time web” affects business and personal lives, but it’s much more than that. I am grateful for everyone who will be both speaking at the conference as well as those joining us in the audience. #140conf has had a positive effect on my life and I am looking forward to bringing the conference back to Los Angeles this year.

Taking the time to listen to people who have a story to share that can resonate with you, that’s priceless. Yes, you can go for business purposes and you will learn things to better your practices, but more importantly, perhaps, better yourself and realize that people have the same struggles as you, and maybe you can help them as well. At the end of the day, we are all about community. The #140conf is not your ordinary networking event. It’s filled with people who genuinely want to help each other and create meaningful relationships.

Speakers include award-winning poet and author J. IvyOscar and Peabody Award winner Howard Rosenman, The Sonnet Man Devon Glover, Youngry founder Ash Kumra, Techwalla Editor-in-Chief Dave Johnson, The Fit Cycle’s Andia Winslow, and authors Chandresh Bhardwaj, Marsha Collier, Robert Rosenthal, Amy Friedman, and Liz Strauss and many others. About 40 people will be speaking during the course of the event.

In addition to learning and engaging, the conference also creates a sense of synchronicity and serendipity. There’s something to be said about sitting next to somebody you’ve never met, but who could possibly change your life, or someone with whom you may be virtually acquainted, but who otherwise would not have met in person.

The #140conf “State of Now” will take place on Monday, November 14, 8:30 to 6:30 p.m., at the Crest in Westwood, 1262 Westwood Blvd., Los Angeles, 90024. Tickets and the complete speaker lineup are available on the event’s page.

Looking forward to co-hosting the 2016 #140conf next week in Los Angeles.

Hugs, Jeff

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Don Tapscott: How The Blockchain is Changing Money…

What is the blockchain? If you don’t know, you should; if you do, chances are you still need some clarification on how it actually works. Don Tapscott is here to help, demystifying this world-changing, trust-building technology which, he says, represents nothing less than the second generation of the internet and holds the potential to transform money, business, government and society.

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Book I love and one not so much.

Book that I love and one not so much continues the 30-Day Writing challenge.

This should be an easy one as I have a Kindle, and read 3-4 books a month.  I’ve had the

Cover of "Kindle Wireless Reading Device,...

Cover via Amazon

Kindle for a couple of years now and do like it.  Downloading a book is a breeze from either Amazon or my local library, via One Drive.

Books I love, really anything by Michael Connelly.  The Harry Bosch series is great.

Books I didn’t love so much and in fact didn’t finish was Scott Sigler‘s Nocturnal.  I read much of it, and yet it didn’t resonate with me.  I know Scott is active on social media which drew me to his work in the first place.  To be fair, I likely should give another one of his titles another opportunity.

How about you and your reading habits?

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St. Patrick’s Day

Yes, it’s St. Patrick‘s Day.  No, I’m not wearing green, and our ground and trees are covered in snow.  

An interesting email today from LinkedIn.   Apparently LinkedIn had a security breach.  Who knew.  So after doing some investigating, I changed my password with them.  I must confess that LinkedIn isn’t a site that I check regularly.  I go there when I get some notification emails that someone is looking at my profile.  Linkedin

How about you? How often to you check in on LinkedIn?

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Internet Created Psychosis

The following email showed up in my inbox the other day.

Screen shot 2013-08-02 at 8.11.44 AM

Thank you Digg for creating an Internet psychosis for one and all. The article they reference can be found here.

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I was in Dallas, TX., earlier this week for a meeting. I was staying at the Hilton DFW Lakes and found the notice regarding internet access in my room.

Now I don’t travel that often and so was very amazed at the apparent gouging of guests of the Hotel, for internet access. Someone within the Hilton organization needs a reality check of what’s currently going on in the world of mobile internet access. They might be surprised to find out that people are using available Wi-Fi signals and even their cell phones to access the internet and not to have to rely on outrageous hotel internet access rates.

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No Interwebz.

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

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Blackberry Issues.

Well it’s a Monday so what do you expect. I’ve had the Blackberry 8330 for about six weeks now and so far it’s been working like a champ. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not using it nearly to it’s capacity or abilities, and yet, I’m learning a bit more each and every day. There are things I like and there are things that I don’t like about the phone and it’s associated software.

Photo 23.jpg

I was out seeing three different clients this morning on three separate programs. I was busy not only with the clients but also monitoring e-mails and other Internet notifications that were coming in to the Blackberry. I was also responding to questions and comments from people I know around the world, as well as uploading pictures via the phone.

About lunchtime, the phone decided to take a long lunch as well, ceasing to provide any email or any of the other alerts and notifications it had been sending me all morning. Now I’m well aware that the Internet tubes have a tendency to get bottled up on occasion so it wasn’t very critical for me not to receive messages and emails for a short period of time.

Around 5pm I decided to look into the situation a with a bit more intention as I’d not had any Internet connectivity via the phone for nearly all of the afternoon. So as to short circuit the initial tech support, I turned the phone off and back on, as well as took the battery out for a few minutes and then put it back in. I sent messages and email’s to and from the phone and also made sure I could still make and receive phone calls. Finally I called Sprint’s tech support to get the issue resolved or receive some sort of credit for my lack of service. 30 minutes later, and a push of an update to the phone, Sprint’s Tech support folks had me back up and on the net. Congrats guys.

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