The Importance of Photo’s in News Stories.

The importance of photo‘s in news stories was something that was drilled into us in journalism school. A great, eye-catching photo draws the readers attention to your story. It also is an important component of the story-telling process as well. Consider the following –

Are any of these really the best photos for telling the story? I’ll assert that in a majority of instances, photo editors go out of their way to find the quintessential unflattering photo of the principal of the story to complement the author’s text.

And news outlets continue to be clueless as to the demise of their business.

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Monday Thoughts

Contact Form

Contact Form (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Monday Thoughts on a sunny blue skies type of day.

I wonder what sort of response time I should expect from an on-line contact us pages for national/regional businesses?  I’m wanting to pay you money for services you state you offer and yet 8+ hours later and not so much as a thank you for your request.

The next observation is for city planners.  We reside in a city of fewer than 500 people and there are wonderful things about a small town.  However, having sidewalks run for several blocks and then abruptly end seems a bit curious.  I then observe that the sidewalk begins on the opposite side of the street and goes on for several more blocks and then once again abruptly ends.

I’m wondering if there were walking studies commissioned and accomplished to determine where and how far the sidewalks on a particular street should start and stop?  If so are these studies kept at the local city hall for the general public to review?  It’s time to start attending the local city council meetings.

I’m amazed at people that I follow on all of the usual suspect social media sites and their unabashed support and stated intent to vote for Hillary Clinton.  Many of these are people for whom I have great respect for their expertise in their field of endeavor.  Their rabid support gives me cause to wonder if they have been paying attention at all to Hillary and her history.  WikiLeaks notwithstanding, there is plenty of old school news reports both video and newspapers of Hillary’s corruption and questionable dealings with other politico’s and the voting public, to without question disqualify her from holding any public office.  She certainly has no business running for or being allowed to darken the doors or grounds of the White House in any of our lifetimes.



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Five Problems with Social Media.

Screen-shot-2010-04-14-at-6.11.31-PM.pngFive problems with Social Media. Only five? Please!
I’ll begin with a list of things.
• Friend Requests
• Communications overload
• Simplify
I’m on Snapchat, you can find the link to the right side of the blog. I’ve been on for a few weeks now and I’m still learning. I’m using it at 10% of its capabilities. The learning curve is a steep one to be sure. It’s not the making and posting of video’s or photos, rather it is the interacting with my friends. Also, some sort of threading of postings would be nice so I can go back and find a post I want to reply to or comment upon.
I have mixed emotions about Facebook. There are times when it is a fun and informative place and other times a frustrating piece of horribly designed user interfaced software. The fact that I need to change my settings each and every time I log into the software to see the most current postings is a major #FAIL. I know they want me to see their ads and promoted items, and that’s not what I go to Facebook for. If they bothered to look at my purchasing habits from Facebook promoted ads, they’d find none. Get a clue guys.

Friend Requests are a mixed blessing. I get some each and every week from the usual suspect social media outlets. Some are welcome and others are clearly and blatantly #SPAM. It would be great to stop the latter type of requests before they reach me. If algorithms are so great, why hasn’t anyone written one to address this issue?

I’ve written about communications overload previously, so I’ll direct you to that missive to draw your own conclusions.

Simplify, simplify and once again, simplify. I have an iPhone, no cell service, and an iPad with a duplication of many apps. Sometimes it depends on my mood or if I’m going to the store or out and about town. I seem to have many apps that function in the same way, providing the same end result. I’ve begun to use Skype as my primary communications app for daily use. Yes, I’m using other social media apps for postings and some communications, as not everyone is on Skype.

Ok, there are my five. Let me know your thoughts.

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The 5 Best Free Instagram Analytics Tools

Yes I’m on Instagram and I imagine that you are as well. Am I using it to it’s full potential? No. These tools appear to be good ones to have.


English: A collage of an image modified with 1...

English: A collage of an image modified with 16 different Instagram filters (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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How Google Glass is going to Innovate Education

How Google Glass is going to Innovate Education

How Google Glass is going to Innovate Education_html_65aaf5cd
Innovations in education have always been a little stagnant, ans while we see new inventions and developments in all other fields, educational innovations are very less. People have always stuck with the known, tried, tested and traditional methods in case of education. Recently, we’ve seen a boom in this field too. More and more people are now paying attention to the almost obsolete methods of teaching and striving to make some development in the educational system.

Google is known for innovations in almost every area they could get their hands onto, and it is soon to launch its flagship product ‘Google Glass’. And the tech-savvies say, it’s going to revolutionize the current educational trends. How? Let’s read.

Google Glass is touted as the next big thing in portable technology. Poised as an eyewear and doing a plethora of things which don’t require any taps or navigation, it responds instead to voice commands, taking pictures with a wink, taking commands for search, share content, video recording, detect objects in front of you and look up related information like directions or maps. Etc. The possibilities are endless though among all the possible consumers of Google Glass, the device has the potential to bring exciting new possibilities to teachers and students alike.

Admit it, Google’s Search is phenomenal. And the Glass will allow the student/teacher to stay connected to an interactive environment featuring online tools all the time. This could pave way to a leap into the future of educational system. Teachers as well as students can refer to topics related to their studies on the go. No fiddling through phones in the middle of the lecture; all you have to do is speak and voila…your search is done!

Students can record their lectures in real-time for future reference. The time saved on scribbling notes could be remarkable.
How Google Glass is going to Innovate Education_html_m6a03c1c9

Google Glass could help students to create visually-rich projects and presentations. Students can shoot relevant videos and images with a wink. The same can be integrated onto their presentations via Google docs.

Learning new languages and speaking them could be done on the go with Glass coupled with Google’s own Google Translator. Google Glass would be able to present text based translations in real-time.

Teachers could use Google glass coupled with facial recognition to take attendance and could be used to generate Student Information System. Just by looking at the student you will get access to his/her student records with details of academic and non-academic performance, attendance etc… Creating students reports, schedules and class timings for students is only the tip of the iceberg.

Distance learning could be made a lot easier than before with Google Glass. Webinars and such can be streamed directly onto your Glass than your Smartphone or laptop so that its easy to be accessed anywhere, anytime.

The Glass could be used to set timetables for students along with information regarding the halls where classes will be held with details on professors to take the classes.
How Google Glass is going to Innovate Education_html_203a980d

How Google Glass is going to Innovate Education_html_m7c2f728d

Google Glass in Education: The other side

While all this could be a boon in the education system, there are some cons of having Google Glasses at Schools/Colleges.

You must keep in mind that electronic devices are still prohibited for students in most schools; though, this is changing very fast. Students could misuse the Glass in a lecture in ways unimaginable. The distractions a Smartphone causes in a classroom are well known, students wearing Google Glass will bring about a whole new level of the same.

There are many restaurants and business concerns already banning the use of Google Glasses as well as apps like Instagram. This could also happen to Google Glass, being banned at all major concerns/colleges/universities.

Not to mention a certain invasion of privacy.

Like with any electronic device, prolonged usage of Google Glass can cause health issues mainly damaging eyesight.

Lastly, too much use of social media and on the go availability may harm your personal life.

How Google Glass is going to Innovate Education_html_426fba4d
Cheating in exams using Google Glass! Only time will tell how Google Glass will stand out from the tech-crowd. As previously mentioned, the possibilities are endless given the increasing number of third party developers working on Google Glass SDK, to make it a lot more than what it seems to be. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and just wait and see what marvels Google Glass holds for the future of education.

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A children’s guide to splattered bugs

A children’s guide to splattered bugs.


What a great graphic (see below) for the start of the summer season. I’m sure as you return from your Memorial Day road trip this type of graphic will come in handy to keep the little ones occupied.



Yes it’s Monday and Memorial Day and yet there’s been no woe is me, complaining of it yet again being Monday and how are we going to survive without copious amounts of coffee. I’d expect that any litany of woe for today will be related to how bad the traffic was on the return trip from what ever garden spot of the universe you’d decided to visit.


Simply another Monday around these parts with nothing special planned for the day. A day of writing is on tap to be sure. Some investigations into improving and updating the web site and other related matters as well will be on tap I’m sure.


Please drive safely on your return trip so that you might enjoy your upcoming short work week.




A children’s guide to splattered bugs: “Childrensssss

Excellent signage at a 76 gas station, via Telstar Logistics’ Instagram.


(Via Boing Boing.)



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Get Up to Speed With the Latest Technology.

North side of Vail Mountain, and Vail Valley.

North side of Vail Mountain, and Vail Valley. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Get Up to Speed With the Latest Technology while you ski or snowboard here in Colorado. There are several ways to accomplish this.

#CelebrateWinter with Social Media Technology

Having an amazing time on the hill, at your favorite aprés spot or just playing in the snow? Let others know about it on Instagram and Twitter using #celebratewinter.

New Technology – State-of-the-Art Gondola, Vail

Catch a ride on One, Vail’s new state-of-the-art gondola. Its 10-passenger cabins provide skiers and snowboarders a cozy 7.5 minute ride from the base of Vail Village to Mid-Vail with heated, cushioned seats and Wi-Fi access.

EpicMix Racing: See How You Stack up Against World Champion Ski Racer Lindsey Vonn and Share Your Results with Social Media Technology

With the introduction of Vail Resort’s EpicMix Racing this season, skiers can see how they stack up against the greatest American ski racer – Lindsey Vonn – and share it with their family and friends. EpicMix Racing provides skiers a new way to experience ski racing at Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, and Keystone in Colorado and Heavenly and Northstar in California and Nevada. When EpicMix first debuted two years ago it started by tracking skiers and snowboarders vertical feet on the mountain and awarding digital pins for special accomplishments. In its second season EpicMix Photo was introduced and enabled guests to visually capture and share their experience on the snow. Now, with EpicMix Racing, skiers will automatically have their race times compared to ski racing great, Lindsey Vonn, with gold, silver and bronze medals awarded based on achievement. Race times, digital medals, overall leaderboards and leaderboards with just family and friends will all be available on both the EpicMix website and mobile application. For more information visit

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You Know What’s Cool? A Billion Snapchats: App Sees Over 20 Million Photos Shared Per Day, Releases On Android | TechCrunch

See on Scoop.itMobile Tools

Snapchat, an impermanent photo messaging application, soft launched a version for Android today. Co-founder Evan Spiegel tells me users have shared over 1 billion photos (“snaps”) on the iOS application.

See on

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Photo of the Day: Laundry

I’ve started to use Instagram this week.  I like it and yet it hasn’t wow’ed me yet.

Via Scoop.itMobile Tools


Photo by @paul_ark. Want to see your picture here? Share your mobile photos with us via Instagram using the tag #shanghaiist! (Photo of the Day: Laundry – Want to see your picture here?


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