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Ads in Gmail

The ads the google is placing at the top of one of my gmail areas are in no way related to anything I’m looking for. Neither are they anything related. Massive #FAIL Google.

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Hangouts and catching up

I had a wonderful opportunity to once again have an hour of great conversation with my friend and political pundit Willie Lawson last night. While it’s always stimulating conversation, I did the entire hour from my phone while often walking around the community. Mobile connectivity is great.

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Samsung Galaxy Note II

Samsung Galaxy Note II   The device has a mind of its own. This morning finds the normal Google search bar and mic graphic at the top of the screen above the time is gone. Then the Multi window tab which usually sits at the 10 o’clock position will appear and then be missing as […]

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Trust? Yeah Right.

A screen shot from Google Plus.

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Ongoing Hootsuite challenge

I have this Ongoing Hootsuite Challenge. Please check the notes and description associated with the attached photo. This has been an ongoing irritant for me with making full use of Hootsuite.

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How Google Glass is going to Innovate Education

How Google Glass is going to Innovate Education Innovations in education have always been a little stagnant, ans while we see new inventions and developments in all other fields, educational innovations are very less. People have always stuck with the known, tried, tested and traditional methods in case of education. Recently, we’ve seen a boom in this […]

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The Willie Lawson Show – Taking It Back to the Streets?

The Willie Lawson Show – Taking It Back to the Streets? Last night my friend and fellow conservative Willie Lawson discussed a variety of issues during a Google Hangout.

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The Sunday Share – 10 Google Reader Alternatives

The Sunday Share – 10 Google Reader Alternatives. There has been much hand wringing and weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth over the announcement by Google this past week over the death of Google Reader. While I can’t vouch for any of the 10 Google Reader Alternatives, mentioned below, I can recommend one RSS […]

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Google to open retail stores to compete with Apple Stores.

Google to open retail stores to compete with Apple Stores. Only to compete with Apple Stores? They completely ignore the Microsoft Store’s across the country. The best thing about Google and their entry into the retail arena, is that there are plenty of empty store fronts in the shopping malls across the country.     […]

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Blog Analytics and SEO.

I’m looking at Blog Analytics and SEO this morning, covering the first 15 days of December 2012 and the first 15 days of January 2013. I began the first of this year, concentrating on making sure that my posts were annotated with a green dot, per WordPress SEO by Yoast. I won’t bore you with […]

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