Dependency and Rights.

PJ is spot on here.


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Tonight’s Dinner.

Tonight’s Dinner.


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Attention to Detail.

Attention to Detail.

If you spent any amount of time in the service or on active duty, the phrase, Attention to Detail, was on that was drilled into you on an hourly basis. The concept is also something that is lacking in general in today’s society. A case in point. I recently have written about and done a video, regarding my experience with a local food bank.

As I’ve said previously, while I’m appreciative of their assistance and the point of this writing is a lack of “Attention to Detail,” by the local food bank. There are two examples which follow.

Out of Date 1

Out of Date 2

In both cases, the boxes of crackers are eight months out of date. Out of date and yet given out to those in need by the local food bank. While I’m not sure of just what the food bank guidelines and training for their locations are, it would appear that common sense has not prevailed in this instance.

The Crackers are good for possibly adding to soup or maybe giving to the the squirrels or the birds outside our building. Hopefully the local food bank will have some additional training for their volunteers.

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Grocers Test Smartphones

The Grocery business has come a long way, and continues to have a long way to go.

Via Scoop.itMobile Tools

Supermarkets—recognizing that many customers use their mobile telephones to compare prices and check lists as they shop—have begun to experiment with smartphone-related technology.
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Foodies and the Nanny State.

Screen shot 2010-03-31 at 5.19.15 PM.png

The creeping Nanny State is showing up in the food industry.

There are two news stories which show just how pervasive this government intrusion into our daily lives is becoming.

The first story comes on the heels of the recent Health Care Reform passed by the Social Democrats, and signed by President Obama.

“More than 200,000 fast food and other chain restaurants will have to include calorie counts on menus, menu boards and even drive-throughs.”

Since no one bothered to read the bill prior to voting on it, we find out about this mandate after the fact.

The second story is a continuation of the Nanny State’s fascination with Jamie Oliver and his desire for,

“…compulsory” food education in elementary schools and cooking in high school.”

The Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Petition, is something to be avoided as we certainly have no need for more government intervention into what we as free individuals can and can’t eat.

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Friday Breakfast.

3533010535_668df265122I stopped by Atlanta Bread Company this morning for a quick bite in between stops at clients. I hope this location is just having issues with their dish washing. My order was served to me in a bowl instead of a plate.

Of course there were other issues this morning with the breakfast. How much effort is there in screwing up brewing coffee? The coffee here is horrible. And then the bagel was stale. Needless to say, I won’t be returning.

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