Usless Google Chrome Information.

January 2, 2013 by Customer Service, Google No Comments

Why this alert box appears from time to time is annoying and tells me no useful information. First off, I’m not editing a cell. Were I doing so google docs alreay knows that “All changes saved in Drive.” So why the alert box? This is […]

New Years Day Recovery.

January 1, 2013 by Current Events No Comments

Copper, (back left) Tigger (R) and Rusty in the foreground, recovering on New Years Day.

More HR Employment Failure

Once again I receive an email from a recruiter/company that has completely disregarded my profile with them. Just how incompetent can one employment company be?

Historic Day….Gas Prices Have Never Been Higher

March 15, 2012 by Colorado, Current Events No Comments

Closer to home, here is a visual look at gas prices locally in 80033 for 2012. Also a yet incomplete look at gas prices locally in 80033 for 2011. Historic Day….Gas Prices Have Never Been Higher: “ You know what makes today historic? Gas prices […]

Here Are 13 Awesome Things To Do With All of Those Photos You Take With Your iPhone | Embargo Zone

Most of my photo’s end up on Flickr. Where are your photo’s hiding? Via – Mobile ToolsWhat are you doing with all those photo’s?   Embargo Zone – PR meets Distribution, send your press release to embargozone at gmail dot com…Via

Instruction Failure.

March 14, 2011 by Current Events, flickr, Google No Comments

I noticed the following line at the bottom of my Google Calendar this morning. Now my initial thought, is that this could be a useful tool, and so I clicked on the “Learn More,” link which took me here. Try as I might, I’m completely […]

The Rising Tide of Gas Prices

Currently gas prices are on the rise again, and the media is strangely silent on the issue. Since the Obama administration has been less than proactive on the agenda of making sure that America has it’s own resources of energy available, it’s no wonder the […]


The Blackberry is set for geotagging photos and the GPS is turned on but I still don’t think it’s working correctly.

Corporate America

Still runs on Windows XP, and we wonder why we’re having a challenge moving forward in the world of business.

How to get into Social Media.

A couple of weeks ago my friend Leigh Hanlon and I took a ride to Idaho Springs, and Leigh interviewed me about Social Media. As Leigh says, it was rather fitting as we have become friends thanks to Social Media. Give the podcast a listen […]

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