Conversations not had.

Conversations not had during the current Presidential election cycle.  Voters legal and illegal

Senator John F. Kennedy and Vice President Ric...

Senator John F. Kennedy and Vice President Richard M. Nixon during the first televised U.S. presidential debate in 1960. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

and those multiple voters haven’t been having any of the following conversations.

Why isn’t the federal government held to account for their budget as any of the voters are ?

Why are any statists afraid to call the terrorist incidents on U.S. soil what they are?  

Are the most recent, and current Secretary of State really the best and brightest we have to fill the position?  If not, why are/were they selected for the position?

Healthcare for the citizens of the U.S. is in a free fall from both a financial and service perspective.  How or why should we as voters entrust that even more government bureaucracy will correct the boondoggle the ACA has become?

Why do the statists wish to forego our borders in favor of letting anyone come to our country with zero vetting?  Have they not been paying attention to Norway, Sweden, Germany, and France?

As I watch the Presidential Debate tonight, I’m reasonably certain, none of the above-mentioned questions will be raised.  Rather, it will be more of the same salacious, minutia, which drives these made for TV events.

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Auto Play Video Ads.

Why have we returned to the interweb’s of the 80’s and 90’s? I’m of course referring to the screenshot_1propensity of web sites to have auto play video start playing when you go to their site.
What is even worse is that the video more often than not, has nothing to do with the site content. The videos are simply ads. If I wanted to watch TV type ads I’d have cable or satellite thank you very much. This is directly why we don’t have cable or satellite, as there are entirely to many ads.
One of the worst offenders I’ve found is Not only do they have the auto play video ads, and they have the same ad playing in two different places on the article page. has great content, and yet the video ads are a complete distraction from their content. I know that there are other sites that I’ve gone to who have something similar and yes, it’s just as annoying.
I’m wondering if this is simply a push for ad dollars during the presidential campaign and nothing more. We shall see after November 8th, 2016

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Five Problems with Social Media.

Screen-shot-2010-04-14-at-6.11.31-PM.pngFive problems with Social Media. Only five? Please!
I’ll begin with a list of things.
• Friend Requests
• Communications overload
• Simplify
I’m on Snapchat, you can find the link to the right side of the blog. I’ve been on for a few weeks now and I’m still learning. I’m using it at 10% of its capabilities. The learning curve is a steep one to be sure. It’s not the making and posting of video’s or photos, rather it is the interacting with my friends. Also, some sort of threading of postings would be nice so I can go back and find a post I want to reply to or comment upon.
I have mixed emotions about Facebook. There are times when it is a fun and informative place and other times a frustrating piece of horribly designed user interfaced software. The fact that I need to change my settings each and every time I log into the software to see the most current postings is a major #FAIL. I know they want me to see their ads and promoted items, and that’s not what I go to Facebook for. If they bothered to look at my purchasing habits from Facebook promoted ads, they’d find none. Get a clue guys.

Friend Requests are a mixed blessing. I get some each and every week from the usual suspect social media outlets. Some are welcome and others are clearly and blatantly #SPAM. It would be great to stop the latter type of requests before they reach me. If algorithms are so great, why hasn’t anyone written one to address this issue?

I’ve written about communications overload previously, so I’ll direct you to that missive to draw your own conclusions.

Simplify, simplify and once again, simplify. I have an iPhone, no cell service, and an iPad with a duplication of many apps. Sometimes it depends on my mood or if I’m going to the store or out and about town. I seem to have many apps that function in the same way, providing the same end result. I’ve begun to use Skype as my primary communications app for daily use. Yes, I’m using other social media apps for postings and some communications, as not everyone is on Skype.

Ok, there are my five. Let me know your thoughts.

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Welcome to Wednesday.

Welcome to Wednesday, the day formerly known as “Hump Day,” and thankfully that marketing meme is over. Rain and more fog from last night into this morning, and as I write this, it continues to rain. I went to sleep with the sounds of foghorns on the lake and they were back this morning as well.
Some random thoughts and musings:
Is Flonase a medical treatment or a way to get us to learn math?
I hear ads on iHeart Radio about home phone service. Do people really still have home phones and if so what percentage of the population of the U.S., falls into this category?
Glen Beck continues to repeat a fact that 500,000 pages of new regulations have been added, by the Obama Administration, to the ever growing list of federal regulations. While this seems to be an overabundance, how does this compare to previous administrations at this point of their second term?
I saw, thanks to my friend Duane Lester that McDonalds is now going to be serving breakfast all the time. It’s great to see important headlines and news stories like this move to the forefront of the news cycle. We all need a break from “The Donald,” changing the names of mountains, and there’s certainly no need to be discussing the Iran debacle.

In passing, I am glad to see that Carly Fiorina is to be included in the upcoming Presidential debate. I’m not confident that CNN will be able to bring any substance to their viewing audience, the same as Fox News was unable to do so either. The larger issue here is the fact that the first primary isn’t until February of 2016, so this is, to put it in a sports analogy, all just preseason fluff.

Dinner is cooking away in the crockpot. It’s cool and rainy and so, in went some chicken thigh quarters, onion a variety of spices and some liquid. Covered and set on low, and dinner will be mostly done by later afternoon. I’ll do some rice and some veggies, and we have tonight’s meal and plenty of left over chicken for another couple of meals.
I’ve been posting more photos and some video to Flickr and some of the other social media sites to give folks a look at our world. Please feel free to comment and like or not as the mood strikes you.

Black Lives Matter has been an ongoing meme and news item for the past couple of weeks. I’m wondering just why this has taken hold of peoples conversations and news feeds. As a reasonable person, who can think for themselves, why are we segmenting our population. If we’re all just supposed to get along, why don’t “All Lives Matter?” As I read postings and news items, “All Lives Matter” appears to be as offensive as anything else that comes along these days. Again, as a reasonable thinking human being, don’t all lives matter? Apparently not depending on your upbringing and or political leanings.

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Ongoing Hootsuite challenge

I have this Ongoing Hootsuite Challenge. Please check the notes and description associated with the attached photo. This has been an ongoing irritant for me with making full use of Hootsuite.


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60th Birthday Review.

60th Birthday Review.  Yesterday was my 60th birthday. A milestone of sorts, and yet I never thought much about these anniversary days and milestones.

Yesterday was a day not unlike any other day around here. Another day of writing, another day of worry about rent and food, another day of applications to potential employers and of course answering lot’s of Happy Birthday Greetings from the 80 or so of my Facebook friends who proffered greetings.

I’m most appreciative of all of those who took the time to send me birthday greetings. What was interesting was none of my family were aware or acknowledged my special day. Also the Amazon Wish List that I’d created and promoted to anyone who wanted to send me a birthday gift, sits gathering cobwebs.

I’m disappointed and a bit hurt, and this too shall pass. Now begins a new year and new possibilities.

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5 HR Policies That Worked for my Startup


Foradian (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

5 HR Policies That Worked for my Startup

Completing four years of operations, Bangalore based Foradian Technologies can now boast of some good HR policies that have evolved over the period of time. Foradian?s COO Vishwajith shares with us some successful policies and practices in managing the “Hacker News Age” employees. So what worked for Vishwajith?

1) Flexible timings. We offer flexible timings for the employees to reach and leave the office. Initially, we had also tried the „working from home? option. But it was a failure and it was better to bring advantages of home-atmosphere to our workplace. So we work from office but to make it a win-win situation, we are a little relaxed with the timings.

2) Non filtered internet available full-time. One has to define a thin-line between being stern and strict. We don?t want our employees to feel like they are in a school classroom. We exercise controls but it is important to exercise controls on our controls as well. This simply means, we have to give them some lee-way and respect their personal space. We let our employees access Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Youtube and all other social networking websites during office time. As long as they can manage their time effectively and deliver, we don?t intrude.

3) Multiplayer game in the office after lunch. Like Benjamin Franklin rightly said, “Games lubricate the body and the mind.” And that lubrication is much required for the employees of a startup to perform at their optimum levels. Our employees spend 30 to 45 minutes playing multi-player games in our network everyday. Their present craze is the BZFlag which is open source and highly addictive. In fact, there are times when the directors of the company also join the employees. Such games play a very indirect yet highly significant role in building team-players. Employees gel along better and any formal ice is broken.

4) Non-compromising Leadership
Our CTO Arvind who leads the entire engineering team never uses social networking. He doesn?t waste time browsing internet during office hours. He leads the company silently. So all employees respect his words and commands.

5) Saturdays as Innovative Day If there is no emergency or urgent work, we spend the time in training and innovation. However, more often than not, this policy fails, as we are a growing company and have lots of work for the Saturdays. But whenever we can, we make sure we make the Saturday more than just another day at work! Don?t think that you can solve the employee problems 100% with innovations like these? Remember what Colin Powell told “The day soldiers stop bringing you their problems is the day you have stopped leading them.” – Vishwajith, Foradian Technologies

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Beaver Creek’s 2nd Annual Prezfest Returns.

Beaver Creek’s 2nd Annual Prezfest Returns.  Beaver Creek Resort presents the 2nd annual PrezFest celebration this President’s Day week as part of Beaver Creek Resort - PrezFestthe popular family program, Beaver Creek Loves Kids. PrezFest will take place from Feb. 15- 21, 2013 and will be a celebration of all things “Americana” and all that is wonderful about winter. New this year is the American Icon Ice Sculpture Exhibition, presented by Watch as six world-class sculptors create masterpieces throughout the village – from a Harley Davidson motorcycle to Abraham Lincoln. Make your way to Avon on Sunday, Feb. 17to see these sculptors compete for icy glory at the Westin Riverfront Fire & Ice in Nottingham Park Competition, followed by the largest winter fireworks display in the state. Visit for event details.

The President for a Day contest, which proved exciting for participants last year, honors one child who is nominated by a parent on Facebook to serve the resort for a day. The President for a Day contest was wildly popular last year and all it takes is for a parent to nominate their child on Facebook. Parents just need to post a photo of their child – must be 14 years old or younger– and explain why they should be President of Beaver Creek for a day. The candidate with the most “likes” by 4 p.m. on February 17 wins. The President, his or her chosen Vice President and the “First Family” get to experience presidential treatment on and off the mountain for the day on Monday, Feb 18.

After enjoying the slopes, the fun continues in the village where, in proper President’s Day fashion, Beaver Creek will host historical characters on the Plaza nightly along with a parade at 4 p.m. Be sure not to miss the festivities on the ice rink including a figure skating show on Saturday at 6 p.m. and Disco Skate Night on Monday.

Celebrate our nation and the ski season in Beaver Creek this President’s Day week. For information on travel packages and lodging or to learn more about the PrezFest events, visit or call (877) 204-7883.

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North America’s Highest Chairlift Set to Open.

North America’s Highest Chairlift Set to Open with New Snow in Breckenridge. After more than 10 Breck_jan_31_snowinches of snow in the past 24 hours, snow continues to fall today at Breckenridge Ski Resort, adding to the 15 total inches reported in the past 48 hours. The good news doesn’t stop there, as Breckenridge has announced plans to open North America’s highest chairlift this weekend.

With the Imperial Express SuperChair opening, skiers and riders will be able to access Whale’s Tail on Peak 8 and upper Peak 7 terrain, conditions permitting. Exact lift opening time and associated terrain updates will be announced on Facebook at, with full terrain and weather reports at

North America’s highest chairlift, The Imperial Express SuperChair, tops out at 12,840 feet after a quick 2.7 minute ride to the top of the Imperial Bowl. It gives skiers and riders easy access to three high-alpine bowls and hike-to access to the famed Lake Chutes and Snow White areas of Peak 8, when open.

Breckenridge Ski Resort requires all skiers and riders to observe all posted signs and warnings. Please keep off closed trails and out of closed areas for safety reasons.

March Vacation Deals

Are you ready for a break? Whether you’re looking for relaxation or exhilaration, Breckenridge has something to offer every Spring Break group. For a full list of deals for March, visit

For the latest terrain openings, snow report, lowest priced lift tickets guaranteed, and more, visit follow Breckenridge Ski Resort at or @breckenridgemtn on Twitter.

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Breck Mardi Gras Ball with Hazel Miller, Brazilian Dancers.

Breck Mardi Gras Ball with Hazel Miller, Brazilian Dancers. Tickets are now On Sale for the Mardi%20Gras%20Carl%20Scofield%20%2826%29February 9, 2013 Breck Mardi Gras Ball with Hazel Miller, Brazilian Dancers.
Ski, stay, celebrate packages starting at $145; Float registration open for Fat Tuesday parade, Feb. 12

Revel in the snow with fellow carnival goers this season as Breckenridge celebrates Mardi Gras. Complete with beads, a Mardi Gras Ball, boas and a parade, Breck’s Mardi Gras mixes New Orleans style with lodging specials and mountain town celebrations.

Feb. 9, 2013: Mardi Gras Ball – Hazel Miller’s soulful vocals provide the backdrop to this mountain-formal masquerade ball at Beaver Run Resort and Conference Center. New this year, catch the moves of Brazilian samba dancers. Guests can spot local royalty at the crowning of the 2013 Rex and Queen while sampling New Orleans-style cuisine.

Get into the carnival spirit with costumes, beads and masks, which will be sold at the event. Tickets are $55 each, $100 per couple, or a table of 10 for $450. Purchase online, at the Breckenridge Welcome Center (203 S. Main St.) or call 970-453-5055.
Feb. 12, 2013: Fat Tuesday parade – Summit County’s only Mardi Gras parade begins at 4:30 p.m. on Fat Tuesday. Free float registration is now open.

Join the party on Main Street to see floats and colorful characters handing out trinkets to the crowd. Stop by Holly’s Pizazz Boutique, 101 N. Main St. #D, for bead, mask and boa needs. Post-parade parties will be held at restaurants and bars around town; celebrate the night with drink specials, music and more.

Mardi Gras Adventure Stay and Play Package

Four people stay four nights in a two-bedroom condo with three-day lift tickets and two couple tickets to the Mardi Gras Ball, starting at $145 per person, per night. Call Breckenridge Central reservations at 8888-251-2417 or visit for package information.

How did Mardi Gras find its way to the mountains?

Some 15 years ago, a tight-knit group of New Orleanians decided to trade Mardi Gras crowds for skiing and sunshine in Breck. It wasn’t long before they realized they couldn’t do without hometown traditions; but since the group loved Breckenridge too much to leave, they brought a little bit of NOLA to 9,600 feet. Today, the Town of Breckenridge has expanded upon the revelry to include the Mardi Gras Ball with live music and more. Join the Breckenridge community to honor Rex in true mountain style: with skiing, snow play and an all-out party on Main Street.

GoBreck is the destination marketing organization for the Town of Breckenridge. Connect on Facebook or Twitter for the latest Breckenridge photos, news and updates. Visit or call 800-Go-Breck (800-462-7325) for event lodging.

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