The Importance of Photo’s in News Stories.

The importance of photo‘s in news stories was something that was drilled into us in journalism school. A great, eye-catching photo draws the readers attention to your story. It also is an important component of the story-telling process as well. Consider the following –

Are any of these really the best photos for telling the story? I’ll assert that in a majority of instances, photo editors go out of their way to find the quintessential unflattering photo of the principal of the story to complement the author’s text.

And news outlets continue to be clueless as to the demise of their business.

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Want to know about Fake News?

Want to know about fake news? Yes, the cussing and discussing about what is and isn’t fake news continues to abound. Possibly you have seen the following –

And possible you have copies and shared this chart with your friends and social media contacts. Before you continue to share please take the 2:25 to watch the following.

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Facebook and its disingenuous attack on Fake News.

The screen shot is from my posting.  If you have at least two working neurons and a complete synapse you are well aware of how deceitful and two-faced Facebook is in their approach to this.

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Bayfield Wisconsin Tree Lighting Event.

Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony and Wassail Concert
Saturday, November 26
4:30 – 6 pm
Bayfield Lakeside Pavilion
The season officially begins with the town’s Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony from 4:30pm to 6pm on Saturday, November 26. Enjoy holiday treats and warm beverages while listening to Christmas carols performed by the talented Rittenhouse Inn Singers in the Bayfield Lakeside Pavilion. Then, join in the procession as the crowd moves outside to serenade the holiday tree as it is ceremoniously lit for the season.
The Chamber is still in need of donations of holiday treats and goodies for this celebration. If you are able to provide a couple of dozen cookies, bars or other holiday treats, please contact Angie today, at or 715-779-3335. You may also drop off your donations at the Pavilion on Saturday at 4 pm.


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Conference to Inspire Post-Election Refocus and Recovery

Conference to Inspire Post-Election Refocus and Recoveryhighres_9998112

#140conf Brings Together People in Technology, Business, Arts, Health, and Lifestyle

Friends can get a jump start on post-election recovery by hearing inspirational speeches and making connections at the #140conf, returning to Los Angeles on November 14 at The Crest in Westwood.

With both name and format inspired by the brevity of Twitter, the #140conf schedule is fast-paced. Influencers in the areas of technology, lifestyle, health, art, mindfulness, and more will take the stage. These 10-minute talks and 15-minute panels are interspersed with networking throughout the day.

The #140conf events have taken place worldwide since I started hosting / curating and producing them in 2009. #140conf provides a platform for people to listen, learn, and most of all, create relationships that inspire positive change. Dubbed “The State of Now,” the conference underscores a commitment to exploring how the “real-time web” affects business and personal lives, but it’s much more than that. I am grateful for everyone who will be both speaking at the conference as well as those joining us in the audience. #140conf has had a positive effect on my life and I am looking forward to bringing the conference back to Los Angeles this year.

Taking the time to listen to people who have a story to share that can resonate with you, that’s priceless. Yes, you can go for business purposes and you will learn things to better your practices, but more importantly, perhaps, better yourself and realize that people have the same struggles as you, and maybe you can help them as well. At the end of the day, we are all about community. The #140conf is not your ordinary networking event. It’s filled with people who genuinely want to help each other and create meaningful relationships.

Speakers include award-winning poet and author J. IvyOscar and Peabody Award winner Howard Rosenman, The Sonnet Man Devon Glover, Youngry founder Ash Kumra, Techwalla Editor-in-Chief Dave Johnson, The Fit Cycle’s Andia Winslow, and authors Chandresh Bhardwaj, Marsha Collier, Robert Rosenthal, Amy Friedman, and Liz Strauss and many others. About 40 people will be speaking during the course of the event.

In addition to learning and engaging, the conference also creates a sense of synchronicity and serendipity. There’s something to be said about sitting next to somebody you’ve never met, but who could possibly change your life, or someone with whom you may be virtually acquainted, but who otherwise would not have met in person.

The #140conf “State of Now” will take place on Monday, November 14, 8:30 to 6:30 p.m., at the Crest in Westwood, 1262 Westwood Blvd., Los Angeles, 90024. Tickets and the complete speaker lineup are available on the event’s page.

Looking forward to co-hosting the 2016 #140conf next week in Los Angeles.

Hugs, Jeff

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Conversations not had.

Conversations not had during the current Presidential election cycle.  Voters legal and illegal

Senator John F. Kennedy and Vice President Ric...

Senator John F. Kennedy and Vice President Richard M. Nixon during the first televised U.S. presidential debate in 1960. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

and those multiple voters haven’t been having any of the following conversations.

Why isn’t the federal government held to account for their budget as any of the voters are ?

Why are any statists afraid to call the terrorist incidents on U.S. soil what they are?  

Are the most recent, and current Secretary of State really the best and brightest we have to fill the position?  If not, why are/were they selected for the position?

Healthcare for the citizens of the U.S. is in a free fall from both a financial and service perspective.  How or why should we as voters entrust that even more government bureaucracy will correct the boondoggle the ACA has become?

Why do the statists wish to forego our borders in favor of letting anyone come to our country with zero vetting?  Have they not been paying attention to Norway, Sweden, Germany, and France?

As I watch the Presidential Debate tonight, I’m reasonably certain, none of the above-mentioned questions will be raised.  Rather, it will be more of the same salacious, minutia, which drives these made for TV events.

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Auto Play Video Ads.

Why have we returned to the interweb’s of the 80’s and 90’s? I’m of course referring to the screenshot_1propensity of web sites to have auto play video start playing when you go to their site.
What is even worse is that the video more often than not, has nothing to do with the site content. The videos are simply ads. If I wanted to watch TV type ads I’d have cable or satellite thank you very much. This is directly why we don’t have cable or satellite, as there are entirely to many ads.
One of the worst offenders I’ve found is Not only do they have the auto play video ads, and they have the same ad playing in two different places on the article page. has great content, and yet the video ads are a complete distraction from their content. I know that there are other sites that I’ve gone to who have something similar and yes, it’s just as annoying.
I’m wondering if this is simply a push for ad dollars during the presidential campaign and nothing more. We shall see after November 8th, 2016

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Five Problems with Social Media.

Screen-shot-2010-04-14-at-6.11.31-PM.pngFive problems with Social Media. Only five? Please!
I’ll begin with a list of things.
• Friend Requests
• Communications overload
• Simplify
I’m on Snapchat, you can find the link to the right side of the blog. I’ve been on for a few weeks now and I’m still learning. I’m using it at 10% of its capabilities. The learning curve is a steep one to be sure. It’s not the making and posting of video’s or photos, rather it is the interacting with my friends. Also, some sort of threading of postings would be nice so I can go back and find a post I want to reply to or comment upon.
I have mixed emotions about Facebook. There are times when it is a fun and informative place and other times a frustrating piece of horribly designed user interfaced software. The fact that I need to change my settings each and every time I log into the software to see the most current postings is a major #FAIL. I know they want me to see their ads and promoted items, and that’s not what I go to Facebook for. If they bothered to look at my purchasing habits from Facebook promoted ads, they’d find none. Get a clue guys.

Friend Requests are a mixed blessing. I get some each and every week from the usual suspect social media outlets. Some are welcome and others are clearly and blatantly #SPAM. It would be great to stop the latter type of requests before they reach me. If algorithms are so great, why hasn’t anyone written one to address this issue?

I’ve written about communications overload previously, so I’ll direct you to that missive to draw your own conclusions.

Simplify, simplify and once again, simplify. I have an iPhone, no cell service, and an iPad with a duplication of many apps. Sometimes it depends on my mood or if I’m going to the store or out and about town. I seem to have many apps that function in the same way, providing the same end result. I’ve begun to use Skype as my primary communications app for daily use. Yes, I’m using other social media apps for postings and some communications, as not everyone is on Skype.

Ok, there are my five. Let me know your thoughts.

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Welcome to Wednesday.

Welcome to Wednesday, the day formerly known as “Hump Day,” and thankfully that marketing meme is over. Rain and more fog from last night into this morning, and as I write this, it continues to rain. I went to sleep with the sounds of foghorns on the lake and they were back this morning as well.
Some random thoughts and musings:
Is Flonase a medical treatment or a way to get us to learn math?
I hear ads on iHeart Radio about home phone service. Do people really still have home phones and if so what percentage of the population of the U.S., falls into this category?
Glen Beck continues to repeat a fact that 500,000 pages of new regulations have been added, by the Obama Administration, to the ever growing list of federal regulations. While this seems to be an overabundance, how does this compare to previous administrations at this point of their second term?
I saw, thanks to my friend Duane Lester that McDonalds is now going to be serving breakfast all the time. It’s great to see important headlines and news stories like this move to the forefront of the news cycle. We all need a break from “The Donald,” changing the names of mountains, and there’s certainly no need to be discussing the Iran debacle.

In passing, I am glad to see that Carly Fiorina is to be included in the upcoming Presidential debate. I’m not confident that CNN will be able to bring any substance to their viewing audience, the same as Fox News was unable to do so either. The larger issue here is the fact that the first primary isn’t until February of 2016, so this is, to put it in a sports analogy, all just preseason fluff.

Dinner is cooking away in the crockpot. It’s cool and rainy and so, in went some chicken thigh quarters, onion a variety of spices and some liquid. Covered and set on low, and dinner will be mostly done by later afternoon. I’ll do some rice and some veggies, and we have tonight’s meal and plenty of left over chicken for another couple of meals.
I’ve been posting more photos and some video to Flickr and some of the other social media sites to give folks a look at our world. Please feel free to comment and like or not as the mood strikes you.

Black Lives Matter has been an ongoing meme and news item for the past couple of weeks. I’m wondering just why this has taken hold of peoples conversations and news feeds. As a reasonable person, who can think for themselves, why are we segmenting our population. If we’re all just supposed to get along, why don’t “All Lives Matter?” As I read postings and news items, “All Lives Matter” appears to be as offensive as anything else that comes along these days. Again, as a reasonable thinking human being, don’t all lives matter? Apparently not depending on your upbringing and or political leanings.

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Ongoing Hootsuite challenge

I have this Ongoing Hootsuite Challenge. Please check the notes and description associated with the attached photo. This has been an ongoing irritant for me with making full use of Hootsuite.


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