Breckenridge Releases Results of Peak 6 Trail Naming Contest

Breckenridge, CO

Breckenridge, CO (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Breckenridge Releases Results of Peak 6 Trail Naming Contest

Public helps select names for ski industry’s biggest expansion of the last decade; 25 winners chosen out of 1,800 submissions from 43 states and 19 countries

The results are in, and the Breck Nation has awakened its sixth sense, as Breckenridge Ski Resort today unveiled the results from the resort’s Peak 6 public naming contest. These winning names will be used on actual trails at Peak 6, set to open this season at Breck as part of the biggest unveiling in the ski industry this year.

For the first time ever, Breck created a contest to crowd source the trail names for the much anticipated Peak 6 expansion. Fans of Breck from around the globe had the opportunity to submit their most creative name ideas that related to the theme of “Awaken Your Sixth Sense” via the resort’s Facebook page.

In all, 25 public submissions were chosen by the resort’s selection committee to become part of history on Peak 6.  Over 1,800 people submitted names from 43 US states and 19 different countries, demonstrating the clear tie the public has with both Breckenridge as a resort and Peak 6.

“The public has been very involved and passionate about our Peak 6 project right from the very beginning,” said Pat Campbell, Breckenridge SVP and COO. “We thought it would be a great idea to continue that public involvement and tap into the engagement of our guests from around the world to help brand the mountain.”

The public involvement process around this project is believed to be the largest naming initiative of its kind ever attempted for a ski resort.

From names like “Intuition” to “Unbound” to “Reverie,” the variety of responses received were as diverse as they were numerous.  “We were blown away by both the volume and quality of the responses we received,” noted Breckenridge Resort Marketing Director, Kieran Cain. “We were able to name over 75 percent of the new trails through the contest.”

Snowboarding at Breck gives me the most zen feeling, even more than yoga,” Katie Gallagher of Denver said of her submitted name, Sanctuary. “I want some of the run names to convey that – that perfect moment cruising down the perfect run when everything is in harmony!”

Jeremy Carlson, of Louisville, Colo. submitted the name Liberation, with the description: “Come off the chairlift, get a 360 degree view. Start to glide any direction you want—the powder beckons in every direction. Before you have to commit to a glade or a trail, enjoy the sun, the sky, and the pure unfettered liberation of this moment!”

Those whose names were selected as winners will receive a Breckenridge Ski Resort replica trail sign with their winning trail name emblazoned upon it, as well as lift tickets to come ski Peak 6 this season. Any winners who make the trip to Breck this year will also have the opportunity to participate in a free photo session with their real trail sign up on Peak 6.

Breck Peak 6 Trail Name Contest winners and their submissionsare as follows. In the case of multiple entries of the same name, the first person to submit it was selected as the winner.

  • Sanctuary– Katie Gallagher; Denver, Colo.
  • Epiphany– Henry Rust; Dillon, Colo.
  • ESP– Jeff Berthiaume; Fort Collins, Colo.
  • Savor – Eric Wagnon; Jupiter, Fla.
  • Echo– Lane Thaut; Englewood, Colo.
  • Rapture– Karen Rosasco; Centennial, Colo.
  • Yugen– Nathan Young; Merrifield, Minn.
  • Sublime – Karen Galenski; Breckenridge, Colo.
  • Irie– Garrett Braddock; Fredericktown, Ohio
  • Chi– Kelsey Turcotte; Lexington, KY.
  • Bliss– Katie Odens: Boulder, Colo.
  • Intuition– Sjoerd Idema; Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Unbound – Ashley McGilvray; Longmont, Colo.
  • Awakening– Anita Franklin; Broomfield, Colo.
  • Liberation– Jeremy Carlson; Louisville, Colo.
  • Foresight– Brian Vautin; Arvada, Colo.
  • Breathless – Bryan Rooney; Vail, Colo.
  • Wonderland – Kirk McGilvrey; Longmont, Colo.
  • Nirvana– Michael Matz; Omaha, Neb.
  • Daydream– Phyllis O’Grady ; Denver, Colo.
  • Déjà vu– Mark Rosasco; Centennial, Colo.
  • Euphoria– Rick Hartman; Colorado Springs, Colo.
  • Wanderlust– Adrienne Smith; Breckenridge, Colo.
  • Zendo– Caroline Condon; Breckenridge, Colo.
  • Lost Horizon– William Vasko; McMurray, Penn.

The 2013-14 Breck trail map, featuring the entire new layout for Peak 6 as well as the rest of the resort, will be publicly released on Oct. 21 exclusively on the Breck Facebook page. Become a member of the online Breck Nation and like Breck at in order to preview and download the all-new trail map before it is released to the general public. 

About Peak 6
This season, Breckenridge will have one of its most exciting years ever, as the resort adds over 540 acres to its famous landscape via the Peak 6 area just north of Peak 7 for the 2013/14 ski season. Peak 6 will include 400 acres of lift-served terrain and 143 acres of hike-to terrain, representing a 23 percent increase in the resort’s skiable acres. This is one of the most notable ski area expansions globally in the past decade, and will feature high-alpine, intermediate bowl skiing – a rare find in North America.  The projected opening day for the Peak 6 lifts and terrain will be announced early during the winter season as construction comes to a conclusion and the snow begins to fly. Visit for the latest on the Peak 6 project or visit to view the latest episode of the Breck video series Inside the Construction of Peak 6, presented by GoPro.

2013/14 Winter Season Passes:
Vail Resorts’ season pass lineup offers the best value for the 2013-2014 winter season. All current prices on Vail Resorts season passes are only guaranteed through Oct. 13, 2013. Formore information about the 2013-2014 season pass line-up or to purchase a pass online, visit


About Breckenridge Ski Resort
With five huge peaks, 2,901 acres, four terrain parks, a 22ft Superpipe, 11 bowls, the highest chairlift in North America, family-friendly terrain and a world-class ski school, all situated above an authentic, hip mountain town with awe-inspiring views, there are good reasons why “Breck” is one of the most popular ski resorts in the Western Hemisphere. And new for 2013 – Breck welcomes Peak 6, the biggest resort expansion in the last decade. Renowned for the welcoming spirit and friendly character of their locals, with over 200 restaurants, bars, and shops, and numerous year-round activities and events, Breck embodies more than just a destination, inspiring a way of life.

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Senior Housing Search.

Wheat Ridge Town Center Apartments

Yes, it’s come to that age when we’re seeking senior housing. Both of us being 60+ and given our age related aches and pains along with other issues, this only makes sense.

We’ve found a great resource called A Place For Mom. Having made contact with this resource we have begun the process of getting on a waiting list and dealing with all of the other bureaucratic issues surrounding such a move.

Which once again brings me to the photo in this post. You might remember that I posted back in December of 2012, about the facility and their pet policy. To add some additional information, we’ve actively been looking into this facility due to it’s proximity to our current apartment. I’ve made several email contacts to the facility for information, all of which have gone unanswered. In calling the facility we were told to make use of the facility web site. When I related that I’ve made requests via the web site that have gone unanswered, I was again told to use the web site. Both of us on separate occasions have visited the facility to get further information. We’ve been ignored at the locked front entrance in spite of making eye contact with those in the leasing office.

In a conversation with an individual who resides in another Senior Housing facility here in Wheat Ridge, I was told of problems with the Town Center Apartments related to him by other Seniors residing there.

So in our continued search for new digs, the Wheat Ridge Town Center Apartments has been crossed off our list of potential residences.

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Overpasses For Obamas Impeachment-Denver

Labor Day Monday Event with the Overpasses For Obamas Impeachment-Denver.



Overpasses For Obamas Impeachment has a simply stated goal.

“The removal of the corrupt and criminal President of the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama.
Our only peaceful recourse is to take to the streets and overpasses of America and DEMAND that our nation be returned to We the People, and that Barack Hussein Obama be Impeached, removed from office, and held accountable for his actions while serving as President.”

You can find out more about the Denver, Colorado group following the link.

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Colorado Recall Election rules

Here’s the latest on the Colorado Recall Elections.

Seal of Pueblo County, Colorado

Seal of Pueblo County, Colorado (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Colorado Recall Election rules undergo final adjustments after successful challenge to E-mail balloting in Denver District Court: ”

The Colorado Courts have once again weighed in on Colorado’s historic legislative Recall elections after hearing a challenge to proposed rules allowing E-mail balloting (potentially including both delivery and return of ballots by E-mail for the general voting public, on request), absentee ballots and early voting.

The latest round of legal wrangling was set off by a ‘Motion to Amend Judgment’ filed by the Colorado Secretary of State on 24 August (Saturday) seeking Denver District Court Judge Robert McGahey’s approval of final (well, intended to be final) adjustments to the rules governing the Recall elections
(set for September 10th).

Secretary Gessler’s  ’Motion to Amend Judgment’ drew a challenge from the Libertarian Party plaintiffs in the original successful constitutional challenge to ballot access and mail-balloting rules, who filed a Response in Opposition on Tuesday, 27 August (on the same day, the Secretary of State’s office invalidated over half of the petition signatures turned in to qualify the Libertarian, Jan Brooks, as a successor candidate for the ballot in the SD-11 Morse recall election).

Remaining parties to the original lawsuit, including Pueblo County Clerk & Recorder Gilber ‘Bo’ Ortiz and Democrat Party ‘go-to’ attorney Mark Grueskin, piled on with their own ‘Motion Challenging’ and ‘Motion to Intervene‘, respectively.

Following what was no doubt a long night of stimulating reading, Denver District Court Judge McGahey presided over a hearing on the respective Motions on Wednesday, and earlier today (Thursday) struck down some of the rules previously published by the Colorado Secretary of State, particularly those dealing with ‘Emergency’ ballot requests, absentee mail ballots and E-mail voting.

El Paso County Clerk Wayne Williams summarized the changes in a communique distributed to candidates, party officials and other select interested parties (Important Changes on Elections Rules):

Based on Pueblo County’s challenge to the Rules issued by the Secretary of State, earlier today the District Judge ruled that the SOS Rules cannot contradict the portions of Colorado election law that are not unconstitutional   Therefore, several changes important to voters are occurring:

1.      All residents may request a ballot be mailed to them.  BUT

a.       If the request is not received by the Clerk & Recorder by 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, September 3, the ballot cannot be mailed.

b.      The ballot cannot be electronically transmitted from our office to the individual, but instead must be mailed (for requests received by September 3) or picked up by the voter at our main office by Friday, September 6.

c.       The ballot must be returned to the Clerk & Recorder by 7 p.m. on September 10.  Colorado law provides the eight-day return extension (with mailing by 9/10) only to UOCAVA voters.

d.      For voters who submit the prior form by the September 3rd deadline will be mailed the ballot as provided above.

e.       We are contacting the 53 voters who previously were sent excuse-based ballots electronically and we are mailing them a ballot.

2.      New forms for emergency (for which electronic transmission but not hand-delivery is permitted) and for mail-in ballot will be placed on our website as soon as we have them.  The SOS anticipates this will be by the end of the day to day.

3.      Several other minor changes were made.

Pueblo County Clerk & Recorder Ortiz also won a challenge to begin early voting beginning tomorrow, Friday 30 August, and to send out absentee ballots by mail on request (‘no excuse absentee ballots’).  Due to an ongoing legal challenge to the Colorado Secretary of State’s determination of insufficiency for petitions submitted to add Libertarian Jan Brooks to the SD-11 (Morse) Recall ballot, El Paso County still must delay printing ballots or opening early voting until that is resolved (by the start of next week).

Barring any further legal challenges or last-minute surprises, these are the final (FINAL!) voting rules governing Colorado’s historic legislative Recall elections.  😉

Read more about legal challenges in the Colorado Recall elections:

Clear The Bench Colorado will, with your support, continue to promote transparency and accountability in the Colorado judiciary, informing the public to increase awareness of the substantial public policy implications of unrestrained activism and political agendas in the courts.  We will continue to work to educate voters and provide information of relevance related to the judicial branch, and to provide useful and substantive evaluations of judicial performance.

However, we can’t do it alone –  we need your continued support; via your comments (Sound Off!) and, yes, your contributions.  Freedom isn’t free –nor is it always easy to be a Citizen, not a subject.

Ultimately, though – it’s worth the effort.

(Via Clear the Bench Colorado.)

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7NEWS – Downtown Denver Expeditionary School closing Friday due to heat – Local Story

Yet another example of just what is wrong with our education system.


education (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

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NICKELS & DIMES: Toll Plans Considered for I-70, US 36

Driving to and from the high country from the Denver metro area has always been something of a challenge during the ski season.  The I-70 proposal is yet another in a long list of proposals for dealing with the issue.  So far nothing proposed has caught the public’s attention and full support.

Regarding US 36, my first thoughts are that I’ll avoid going to Boulder now more than ever.  Would I need to go to Boulder I’d need to use the back roads and thusly take even more time for the potential trip.  

We’ll have to see how both of these newly released proposals are greeted in the near future.


NICKELS & DIMES: Toll Plans Considered for I-70, US 36: ”

On Sunday, the Denver Post published a story that predicted ‘tolling will be as common as chain laws’ on the heavily trafficked road between Denver and various mountain resort destinations.  This was the opinion of various highway planners who are grappling with possible solutions to the traffic congestion problems on I-70.

Summit Couty Commissioner Dan Gibbs, who also serves as the chairman of the I-70 Coalition board pulled no punches, as he was quoted in the article calling tolls on the highway ‘a new reality.’  Gibbs seemed resigned to the fact that federal funding for improvements to the road wold not be coming in any meaningful amounts, and that left planners with with the option of a public-private partnership, which would be funded through tolls.

At the center of the proposal to toll the highway is Parsons Corporation, a global engineering firm with a long track record of running toll projects for major entites such as the Port Authority of New York, The Orange County Transportation Authority, and the Florida Turnpike.

Parson’s proposal includes a public-private partnership with CDOT to create a reversible express toll road between Silverthorne and C-470, a 53-mile stretch that when complete will be able to provide additional lanes of traffic in each direction to accommodate peak traffic times.  The proposal also includes new bores at the Eisenhower Tunnel and the twin tunnels near Idaho Springs.  And Parsons thinks that it can deliver this by the year 2012, which is 15 years sooner than CDOT thought that it could be completed.

Highway 36 between Denver and Boulder is also in the process of becoming a toll road through a public-private partnership, with so-called managed lanes that will be free for buses and vehicles with at least three passengers, while cars with one or two passengers will pay.  This has not been a popular solution for commuters who live along the US 36 corridor, as many have complained that carpooling with two people is difficult enough, but three will be nearly impossible.

(Via Colorado Peak Politics.)

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HAT IN HAND: Polis Begs Indulgence From Fracking Industry

Can you say flip-flopping here in Colorado? Once again, just how out of touch is Polis from his constituents is shown for all to see.

HAT IN HAND: Polis Begs Indulgence From Fracking Industry: ”

Denver Post editorial board editor Vincent Carroll annihilated Obamacare con man Congressman Jared Polis in a column today.

In the column, Carroll hits Polis for his ‘melodramatic overstatement,’ ‘conflating drilling and fracking,’ and ‘rhetoric [that]…has too often been the sort you hear from the most strident drilling opponents.’

Noteworthy in Carroll’s conversation with Polis is the Congressman’s attempt to backpedal from the strident positions he took with more liberal audiences.

And it’s not only with Carroll that Polis is trying to shift his stance with.

Numerous sources emailed the Peak this morning saying that Polis dropped by an oil and gas industry event in Denver, hat in hand, tail between his legs, begging the indulgence of the same industry that ‘fracked’ him.

Could it be that Polis had a change of heart? Someone better tell Pete Maysmith.

Or is Polis trying to have it both ways, pandering to the fracking lunatics in public while making nice in one of John Hickenlooper’s back rooms?

The second scenario seems possible. This is the guy that, at the end of the day, is making big bucks off of the same industry he publicly claims to fracking hate.

(Via Colorado Peak Politics.)

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Food Bank of the Rockies

According to their web site: Food Bank of the Rockies (FBR) is the largest private hunger-relief organization in the state of Colorado. Also according to their web site: We run an efficient organization,…

Today I find this a bit of a stretch for this organization. As I’ve written previously I’ve been unemployed for the past 15 months. We have been able to rely on the generosity on occasion of family, friends and strangers, in times of need. I don’t like having to rely on public assistance, and would much rather be receiving a hand up and not a hand out.

Currently the cupboards are bare and I went in search of a local Foodbank for assistance in getting over this current rough patch. Again, according to their web site: Foodbank of the Rockies has a local outlet just a few blocks from our apartment. I was glad to see this and find out that they were open today.

However what I’ve found is what appears to be a typical bureaucratic nightmare. The local listing:

Helping Hands for the Homeless
3875 Marshall St.
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

Doesn’t exist. There is no such address on the street listed. Also when calling the provided phone number there is only an answering machine/voice mail, which is full and not accepting messages. I would hope that this is an isolated incident with only one of their locations.

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Week in Review.

Week in Review.

It’s been one of “those” weeks. Tuesday morning changed the focus of our week with the lovely and Not a good week.talented lady of the house being involved in a car accident. She’s fine, and without any serious injury. The car is damaged to the total of approximately $2,700. Fortunately the driver who hit her is insured and their insurance company has accepted liability and responsibility for the accident. However with the holiday weekend, we’re still missing details on how to completely resolve the incident.

The week has also been spent continuing to call and converse with a vendor who want to hire me for a position. However the hiring company has been dragging their feet now for a month. The hiring company has gone initially three weeks with no contact or response to my phone calls or emails. Then contact, and now another week with no contact and a vendor who has an opening and can’t fill it.

This week also found me covering a SDC15205Rein in the IRS event here in Denver. The rally was reasonably well attended during the Tuesday lunch hour. The amount and scope of the political scandals emanating from the Obama Administration is troublesome. There is only slight encouragement that the main stream media is beginning to acknowledge and cover any of the ongoing scandals. Can we hope for a return to the type of press coverage during the early 1970’s?

As a Veteran, I urge you to take a moment this Memorial Day Weekend and remember the reason for our ability to enjoy such freedom. Let us all remember those who have fought in defense of our freedoms we cherish.

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2013 USA Pro Challenge.

2013 USA Pro Challenge Professional Cycling Race Route Through Beaver Creek Announced

English: 2011 USA Pro Cycling Challenge, Stage...

English: 2011 USA Pro Cycling Challenge, Stage 6 in Denver Español: Sexta etapa del USA Pro Cycling Challenge 2011 en Denver (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The route for the 2013 USA Pro Challenge professional cycling stage race, taking place Aug. 19-25 in Colorado, will take riders on a heart-pounding journey through the breathtakinThe route for the 2013 USA Pro Challenge professional cycling stage race, taking place Aug. 19-25 in Colorado, g Colorado Rockies. The largest spectator event in the history of the state, the USA Pro Challenge continues to set records in professional cycling history by taking the riders to unprecedented elevations. In 2012, with a lead change nearly every day, one of the closest professional races in U.S. history came down to the final moments of the Individual Time Trial in Denver, and this year’s route promises to bring just as much drama.

“The most important thing to us in creating the route for the 2013 USA Pro Challenge was to find a course that would be safe and challenging for the riders, while providing ideal viewing locations for the crowds of spectators,” said Shawn Hunter, CEO of the USA Pro Challenge. “This year we are, once again, taking them to the highest point of any professional cycling race with Independence Pass. We’re also returning to the iconic Time Trial route in Vail. The best in the sport will be racing through Colorado communities for what will be an epic week in professional cycling.”

The race will visit eight official host cities for the starts and finishes of each stage, ranging from small towns to cities as large as Denver, with a population of more than 615,000. All with varying elevations, the start and finishes of most stages in the 2013 USA Pro Challenge are above the highest points in the Tour de France. The two new cities joining the 2013 race –Loveland and Fort Collins – each offer breathtaking scenery that will add to the overall excitement.

Back by popular demand, the 2013 route will feature the Vail Time Trial course that was used in the 2011 edition and was largely taken from a race forever etched in cycling history – the Coors Classic. Additionally, the race will borrow from the 2011 route for the ever-popular Denver circuit finish. Giving fans a chance to see the riders nine times (eight laps) and the riders plenty of opportunities to get familiar with the course, this will bring another exciting finish to seven days of fiercely competitive racing.

“We’ve set out to create the greatest professional cycling event in the U.S. and with each edition the route continues to evolve, the competition continues to be fierce and the fans continue to come out in droves,” added Hunter. “In looking at the route we have outlined, each day is a challenge, which will create some amazing racing. This year is looking like it will be the best yet.”

One of the most highly anticipated events on the race calendar, the 2013 USA Pro Challenge will test the riders’ strength and endurance over a nearly 600-mile course. Highlights of the route include:

Stage 1: Aspen Circuit Race – Monday, Aug. 19
The 2013 USA Pro Challenge begins with its biggest opening day hurdle ever. The new for 2013 Aspen/Snowmass Circuit may be short on distance, but it packs a punch that will welcome the riders to Colorado. Consisting of three 22-mile laps, 66 miles total, Stage 1 packs in 3,080 ft. of climbing per lap with minimal recovery, so this is no easy start. Each lap will see the racers fight for position onto the narrow, but beautiful Maroon Creek Bridge, then grind up to Snowmass Village. A quick descent leads to two short, but steep climbs and a quick loop through downtown before doing it all again. Pair that with a starting elevation of 7,900 ft. and you have one tough opening day. No one will win the 2013 USA Pro Challenge on this opening day, but without a strong start, someone could lose it.

Stage 2: Aspen to Breckenridge – Tuesday, Aug. 20
While much of the Stage 2 course has been used in previous years, 2013 will mix things up by taking the riders in different directions, creating a unique new stage. The familiar battleground of Independence Pass will be anything but easy as riders ascend the 12,000 ft. climb, the highest point reached in any professional cycling race. Then they’ll continue on through some familiar spots as the race zooms through Buena Vista, Fairplay and Alma, before tackling Hoosier Pass from the south this year. But it’s not over until it’s over, so before crossing the line the riders will have to conquer the nasty 15 percent grade of Moonstone Rd. in the heart of Breckenridge, before bombing down Boreas Pass to the waiting crowd.

Stage 3: Breckenridge to Steamboat Springs – Wednesday, Aug. 21
Stage 3 will be difficult to predict for even the biggest cycling fans. Can the climbers hold off the field or can the sprinters hang on? Stage 3 of this year’s USA Pro Challenge is wide open for the taking. After leaving Breckenridge, Swan Mountain Rd. provides a great launch pad for breakaways as the riders weave north to Kremmling, but it’s all just a prelude to the day’s main showdown on Rabbit Ears Pass. Climbing the challenging eastern slope will give the climbers a chance, but they will have to hold off the sprinters for 20 miles after cresting the top as they head downtown Steamboat Springs. Can they do it? Or will there be a repeat of 2011’s thrilling and monstrous field sprint?

Stage 4: Steamboat Springs to Beaver Creek – Thursday, Aug. 22
Stage 4 is the Queen Stage of the 2013 USA Pro Challenge. It features some previously used terrain, but with some added spice. One thing is for sure, the road to the final podium in Denver goes straight over Bachelor Gulch. A new start in Steamboat will send the race off onto new country roads around Routt County. This roller coaster of small hills gives way to a gentle route south until the racers have to climb up from the river bottom at State Bridge. That’s just the beginning, as the new approach to Beaver Creek will now send the racers up the new climb of Bachelors Gulch. It may not be the longest or most well-known climb, but it is quite possibly the toughest. The relentless grade with pitches up to 18 percent will do real damage and create the sort of epic racing for which the Pro Challenge is known. After Bachelor Gulch, the leaders still have to race down a technical descent and power up the final 2 km climb to Beaver Creek Village. By that time the winner may not even have the strength left for a victory salute.

Stage 5: Vail Individual Time Trial – Friday, Aug. 23
The last time the USA Pro Challenge visited Vail, the Time Trial was decided by 58 hundredths of a second. Competition will be equally fierce this time around, but the names may change a bit. The course’s roots are in Colorado racing lore and trace back to the Coors Classic. Starting in Vail and climbing most of the way up Vail Pass, the route is no easy proposition, even for the best racers on earth. The gentle grades of the first half of the course give way to a steady climb for the last three miles. But it takes more than legs on this strategic course; go too hard early and the climb may kill your chances, but conserve too much for the climb and the leaderboard may be out of reach.

Stage 6: Loveland to Ft. Collins – Saturday, Aug. 24
With a flat speed-fest scheduled for Sunday in Denver, any contenders for the Leader Jersey will have only this stage left to make a move or lose it all. The outskirts of Loveland will see the racers off as they spend some early miles on the flat windswept plains passing through Windsor and back to Loveland. Then it’s up Big Thompson Canyon where things will heat up. Split north onto Devils Gultch, the race’s last King of the Mountains competition, before hitting Estes Park and back down Big Thompson. Horsetooth Reservoir provides one last chance for aggression on its steep rollers. If no one gets away here, look for the sprinters to have their day.

Stage 7: Denver Circuit Race – Sunday, Aug. 25
We marvel at their raw speed. We watch their daring moves and nerves of steel as they fight for position with awe. We gasp at their handling skills. They are the sprinters. And for six days they have been fighting over mountains trying to stay with racers 20 or more pounds lighter. They have flirted with thin air and time cuts, but today belongs to them. The Denver Circuit takes the best parts of the 2011 and 2012 Denver stages and combines them into a new circuit. It still hits all the Denver highlights – LoDo, City Park, Civic Center Park. There isn’t a bad viewing spot. Watch for early breakaways…can they hold off the surging peloton? Watch the teams cue up and try to set up their sprinters…can they get to the front? Watch the last corner and see who has the nerve to take it the fastest and claim the final prize in the shadow of Colorado’s Capitol.

Host city information, maps and elevation profiles are available on the race website at

About the USA Pro Challenge
Referred to as “America’s Race,” the USA Pro Challenge will take place August 19-25, 2013 and travel through eight host cities from Aspen to Denver. For seven consecutive days, the world’s top athletes race through the majestic Colorado Rockies, reaching higher altitudes than they’ve ever had to endure. After attracting more than 1 million spectators in 2012, making it one of the largest cycling events in U.S. history and the largest spectator event in the history of the state, the USA Pro Challenge is back for 2013. Featuring a challenging, 599-mile course, the third annual race will spotlight the best of the best in professional cycling and some of America’s most beautiful scenery.

More information can be found online at and on Twitter at @USAProChallenge.

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