Hangouts and catching up

I had a wonderful opportunity to once again have an hour of great conversation with my friend and political pundit Willie Lawson last night. While it’s always stimulating conversation, I did the entire hour from my phone while often walking around the community. Mobile connectivity is great.

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Monday Observations.

Just a couple of random observations while I was out and about today.

This morning I was at Starbucks, and while sampling their fare, was interacting and having conversations with others in Washington, D.C., Michigan and other places in the world, via my BlackBerry. I looked around to see others simply talking to others they came in with, or simply just reading the local paper. I need to remind myself of this on a daily basis, that I need to look all around, near and far for those conversations to have.

The second observation, and this is one that has been bugging me for a while. I attended a gathering/meetup/tweetup or fill in with your favourite, descriptor for internet generated meetings these days. I’ve been to several meetings of this particular group and yet I’m seeing and having the same sort of experience that I encounter at other meetings. The meeting occurs for me as simply just a social experience and little else is accomplished. Now before you get angry at me, yes I know I’m responsible for my own experience. I do enjoy going and seeing people that I don’t always get to see on a regular basis. If that’s all there is, I’ll call/contact them and we’ll have coffee and chat. Other wise I think the meetings are a waste of time and effort on many peoples part. I say that the purpose of these gatherings is for forward some agenda that the group has or common cause of the group. Even better would be to share and have a good conversation regarding a topic of common interest. My current experience in these meetings, has been one of people gathering and listening and rehashing worn phrases and platitudes inside their very own echo chamber.

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