Congress refuses to face the fiscal crisis.

Both the Republicans and Democrats in Washington can’t grasp the simple concept of not spending more money than you take in, in Taxes. I’d hate to see their personal money handling and budgeting in their daily lives. With this complete lack of responsibility to the […]

It never was about Health Care Reform, Take 2.

Former Governor of Vermont and chairman of the Democratic National Committee, once again confirms that the recently passed Health Care Reform Bill, isn’t really about Health Care. Thank you Social Democrats for being honest.

Government Solutions?

It continues to amaze me at just how uninformed and naive the American Public appears to be regarding the purported Health Care Reform bill that the Senate recently passed. Our elected representatives in Congress have turned a deaf ear to the will of those who […]

Senator Udall’s Canned Response to My Vote NO to Health Care Email – They’re NOT listening

This response to my letter. No surprise that my friend Derec Schuler, had the same sort of response from Colorado’s Sen. Bennet

His lips are moving.

He must be lying as I can see his lips moving. It certainly appears to me that President Obama is simply reading words, and giving no thought to what he’s reading and how it is being received by those listening to him. Obama’s disingenuous nature, […]

No increase in the Federal Deficit? WTF?

President Obama is either, disingenuous, delusional, incompetent, inept, or all of the above. The President has already tripled the Federal Deficit by $1.4 trillion for the 2009 fiscal year, which recently ended. How and why do we believe someone who has already done this, and […]

My letter to the Colorado Congressional Delegation.

December 19, 2009 Dear Representative Perlmutter, Dear Senator Udall, Dear Senator Bennet, As a member of FreedomWorks, I oppose government-run health care and the trillions of dollars in new taxes that would have to be taken from the people to pay for the legislation. I […]

Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-Ark.) disingenuous to the core.

Sen. Lincoln: Congress Can Force Americans to Buy Health Insurance Because Constitution ‘Charges Congress With the Health’ of the People She along with President Obama and the rest of the Democrats in Congress and those who voted for this administration have absolutely no respect for […]

United Nations International Health Organization Survey.

Update. I’m leaving this up and offering an apology. I received this from a trusted source and ran with it, without checking it’s origin. I’m unable to find the original source of the survey so please disregard. Note: This doesn’t take away from my opinion […]


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