October Blogging Numbers.

October blogging numbers are as follows.


london-underground.blogspot.com/2008/08/blogging-from-ori… (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

35 blog posts paulswansen.com
  • 268 sessions (8.6/day)
  • 205 users (6.6/day)
  • 397 page views (12.8/day)

I’m working on learning what this all means and so far I’m still in a fog about it all.  I want to learn more about sessions, users, and page views and how they all relate to these spots on the internet.  I am also letting you know how things are going here at the remote northern outpost in northern Wisconsin.

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A work in progress.

You’ll notice a change here today.  I’ve changed the theme and added to,  and cleaned up

the right side of the page.  And your first question is why?

Not only because I can, and I’m using this space as a test bed for a couple of other sites I’m working on or will be working on in the very near future.

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Content Curation and your Blog

Here’s a good primer about Content Creation for blogs.

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Blog writing block?

Posting this to assist others out there, as well as taking the recommendations to heart as well.

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Bad programming?

If you’ve found the blog, you’ll once again notice a theme change. I’m using the Suffusion Theme.

I have a Google Analytics account and it hasn’t been reporting correctly for the blog for the past week. So I’ve gone back and am working to reinstall the correct piece of code for Google Analytics. However when looking for the proper place to insert the code, there is no such place in this theme.

I wonder if it’s bad programming or just an oversight on the theme creators part. It’s amazingly frustrating to say the least, not to be able to correctly get info from the blog.

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WordPress Widget #FAIL

I’m currently working to update and to a certain extent, make my own list of WordPress Widgets, given the tools afforded to me by WordPress.

However I’m continually frustrated by the lack of a consistent user interface, as I see it, from WordPress regarding the “Available Widgets,” and the “Inactive Widgets.”

Regardless of my adding all the available widgets to the “Available Widgets” area, or removing all of the widgets to the “Inactive Widgets” area, there is no change in the blog even after a refresh.

Why should something so simple, be so entirely difficult?

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Well, you might have noticed some of the side noise missing here this afternoon. I decided to begin to make some changes to the blog and of course the first thing that’s lost are the widgets and their content.

I’m a bit frustrated that none of the WordPress themes look at all like their thumbnail’s when you preview them. #FAIL on that WordPress. And after looking at a dozen or so of the WordPress Themes, they all begin to run together and my eyes begin to glaze over.

We’re making progress, even if they’re just baby steps.

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WordPress Themes.

The graphic says “look.” However there are no links to any of the featured websites via the graphic. I guess they aren’t wanting you to look at the sites. Is Thesis not proud of these bloggers who are using their product?

Screen shot 2010-06-18 at 7.52.54 PM.png

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Word Press Plugins.

The blog your reading is hosted on the WordPress platform and capably hosted by the fine folks at HostRail.

The other day I had bookmarked a site about WordPress Plugins, and decided to take a closer look at it this afternoon. The site, 13 Best WordPress SEO Plugins Every Blog Should Have appears interesting which is why I decided to take another look at it.

Now as I’m looking at it a bit more closely, I’m wondering if I really need everything the article says I need for this and the other two WordPress sites I have. The article by it’s title indicates I need all 13 plugins, and yet to me that seems to be a bit of overkill and duplication of SEO effort.

I wonder, is SEO that disjointed that a web site needs 13 different tools to accomplish essentially the same function and result?

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