Invitation to explore the Future of the Conversational Web…

Invitation to explore the Future of the Conversational Web

I believe Spring 2017 MoNage, taking place March 21-23 in San Jose, CA has the making of being a LANDMARK Event.

MoNage is going to explore the FUTURE of the Conversational Web; the CONVERGENCEof Computing, AI, Communications, and the underlying ecosystems. This conference is ideal for Investors, Entreprenuers, Strategists, Thinkers, and ANYONE who is interested in what will be the NEXT BIG THING.

This video describes what I have been working on. Please watch and if you can think of someone, who can benefit from joining this conversation, please share this message.

For more information, please visit the Spring 2017 MoNage website, Our “early bird” pricing ends on February 24th and available space is limited.


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WikiLeaks cut off?

This screen shot is from Apple News this morning.  Note the alert box that the story is unavailable.

It raises several questions.

  • Did The Guardian spike or remove the story?
  • Has Wikileaks internet been restored?
  • What alternative distribution resources will WikiLeaks be using now?

It is sources like WikiLeaks and Project Veritas that allow us to Fight Back.


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