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Now I like much of the content from TownHall and I tolerate the ads.  However, the constant barrage of the ad at the left is becoming a nuisance.

Yes, I’m aware of both Joy and the show she’s on, The View.  I watch neither and have no desire to do so.  It would appear that the ad is simply click bait for TownHall to drive some revenue.

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Ads in Gmail

The ads the google is placing at the top of one of my gmail areas are in no way related to anything I’m looking for. Neither are they anything related. Massive #FAIL Google.

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Lookout launches Ad Network Detector app for Android – FierceMobileContent

Assistance for the mobile Android user.

Via Scoop.itMobile Tools

Lookout Security is rolling out Ad Network Detector, a free Android application offering consumers insight into what kind of personal information is accessible to the mobile ad networks embedded Read more >>…

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When Ad placement goes wrong

When Ad placement goes wrong.

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Sex Sells.

Sex still sells.

A Facebook ad. The only thing I can surmise is that the girl is the Logo Designer.

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Super Bowl 45 Aftermath.

It’s the morning after Super Bowl 45. I’m sure there will be lot’s of discussion today, of the National Anthem, Super Bowl Ads, the Half-time show, and oh, yes the actual football game that took place in Dallas.

We watch none of the game, and didn’t find out the winner until well after the game was over. We also didn’t watch any of the Super Bowl ads.

And yet, we’re all fine this morning, the sun rose as it has for the past mornings, and our cats haven’t had to find comfort with the neighbours dogs. And near as I can tell this morning there hasn’t been any, Fire and brimstone coming down from the sky, or rivers and seas boiling! The only anomaly I found this morning was the headline, AOL Buys Huffington Post.

It’s a Monday and time for all of us to move forward with whatever it is that we’re up to this morning.

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FaceBook and their ads.

This morning, while going through my RSS feeds I came across a post by Dave Taylor regarding the lack of Quality Control that FaceBook has on their ads.

FaceBook ads are a necessary annoyance as far as I’m concerned, as they rarely have anything of relevance to my FaceBook interactions or activities.

What I do find interesting are the “suggestions” that Facebook posts regarding people they think should be my friends, and those friends with whom I’ve not had any recent interactions.


In this case, this is someone I’ve never “talked” to on FaceBook, so what is the sudden reason for us to start talking now?


If this person can’t find their own friends, how am I going to help? Besides, if you can’t find your own friends on FaceBook or any of the other Social Media networks, should you really be active in these arenas?


Unless Facebook is suddenly going to start paying me for improving their site, I’ll pass thank you.

So yes, FaceBook ads are a necessary evil, and really to need some work before becoming an effective tool for the Facebook users.

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Browser Failure

Firefox 3.5.3 indicates in my preferences that,


which indicates to me that Firefox should be blocking pop-up windows while I browse.

If this is the case then can someone explain the following,

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Epic FAIL.


The screen shot shown above is from my Fully Paid Version of NetNewsWire. Yes, it’s an ad. The ad’s have suddenly shown up in the current NetNewsWire version Now I know that the economy is tough all over but to put ads in your software that your users have fully paid for is an Epic FAIL.

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RSS Readers and NetNewsWire 3.2b6 – public beta.

I’ve been a paid user of NetNewsWire for 5+ years or more. It’s a great product that I’ve recommended to many other Mac users as a solution for their Internet News, Blog and other RSS related information consumption. I was excited to see a new version of NetNewsWire available this evening, NetNewsWire 3.2b6 – public beta.

I downloaded the beta, after backing up
* [home folder]/Library/Application Support/NetNewsWire/
* [home folder]/Library/Preferences/com.ranchero.NetNewsWire.plist
and found the following –


You will notice at the very bottom of the page is a ad block that rotates while you have the program open and running. Now I’ve been a paid subscriber for as long as I’ve been using the product and don’t expect to see ads in my paid program. Yes I see ads in the content from the various blogs I read and that goes with the territory. (Note – I pay little if any attention to them. ) It is very sad and disappointing to see a quality product have to resort to this type of tactic.

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