My Feelings on Ageism.

My feelings on ageism continues our 30-Day Writing Challenge.

As defined by Merriam-Webster:  prejudice or discrimination against a particular age-group

English: Portrait of old woman sitting by a wi...

English: Portrait of old woman sitting by a window. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

and especially the elderly.

While I don’t see or consider myself as elderly, yes I’ll be 63 this year, and yet I’ve seen this propagated in situations I’ve been in.  I also note that there is a distinction between feelings and facts.  To quote from Ben Shapiro and the Daily Wire, “Facts don’t care about your feelings.”

Ageism is wrong is any form plain and simple.  Having worked with seniors for 18 months, they are a treasure and a wonderful resource.  Seniors have much to share and contribute to us all.

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Book I love and one not so much.

Book that I love and one not so much continues the 30-Day Writing challenge.

This should be an easy one as I have a Kindle, and read 3-4 books a month.  I’ve had the

Cover of "Kindle Wireless Reading Device,...

Cover via Amazon

Kindle for a couple of years now and do like it.  Downloading a book is a breeze from either Amazon or my local library, via One Drive.

Books I love, really anything by Michael Connelly.  The Harry Bosch series is great.

Books I didn’t love so much and in fact didn’t finish was Scott Sigler‘s Nocturnal.  I read much of it, and yet it didn’t resonate with me.  I know Scott is active on social media which drew me to his work in the first place.  To be fair, I likely should give another one of his titles another opportunity.

How about you and your reading habits?

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What Tattoos do I have?

What tattoos do I have and if they have meaning or significance.  Day seven of the 30-Day Writing Challenge.

This is an easy one.  I have no tattoos.  I’ve never been very interested in getting a tattoo.  I

A tribal hand tattoo in a market in Jaipur, India.

A tribal hand tattoo in a market in Jaipur, India. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

know upon enlisting in the Navy and being in Bootcamp, there were many of my fellow sailors who opted to get a tattoo of some sort.  I wasn’t much of a joiner along with my fellow sailors.

I know friends who have tattoos, and I believe some of our family members have tattoos.  None for me thanks.

How about you?

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Someone who fascinates me and why?

Someone who fascinates me and why?  Day six of the 30-day Writing Challenge.

English: Fascinating wood carving in Woodstock...

English: Fascinating wood carving in Woodstock Road Its owner informed me it was done almost entirely with a chain saw. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a challenge that I’ve got to think about.  There isn’t anyone who comes immediately to mind.  There isn’t any specific person that I’ve got to know simply everything about and read about constantly.

There are many whom I find interesting and compelling, and yet there isn’t one who rises to the top of the list.  It would seem as I’ve gone along in life, I’ve kept a wide variety of interests in things and people.


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A Place I would Live…

A place I would live, but have never visited.  Day five of the 30-Day writing Challenge.

English: The Corn Exchange So how many of you ...

English: The Corn Exchange So how many of you recognise this place? It’s been on the TV many times but most recently in Midsomer Murders, mind you the whole Market place is. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had to think about this for a bit and the choice would be the United Kingdom, and likely somewhere in London.  While I’ve traveled overseas to some extent, Iceland, India, and Norway, I’ve never made it to the U.K.

I’ve got friends, from social media who live in the U.K., and it sounds like an interesting place to reside.  Of course, I’d want to stay away from Midsomer County.

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Ten Interesting Facts about Me.

English: View of Reykjavík from the tower of H...

English: View of Reykjavík from the tower of Hallgrímskirkja. Deutsch: Rejkjavík vom Turm der Hallgrímskirche aus gesehen. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ten interesting facts about me. This continues our 30-day writing challenge. I’ll do a bullet list for your viewing pleasure. I’ll also, with a nod to QI, make them Quite Interesting.
• While stationed in Iceland, I learned enough of the language to conduct business while shopping in town.
• While stationed in Iceland, once a week, I was the only radio show in the country that was playing and featuring only Icelandic Music.
• I was on the cover of Life Magazine in the summer of 1972.
• My High School graduating class was 10 people. (Jason, Bill, Helen, Julie, Henry, Bob, and three more that I don’t remember.)
• I’ve had an impromptu, informal lunch with Steve Morse. (Nice guy and a great conversationalist.)
• I’m related to the South Pole Explorer, Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton.
• I attended New Trier West before it had a cameo in the movie, Uncle Buck.
• My Uncle was one of the men on the USS Finback who rescued former President George H. W. Bush.
• I still have my wisdom teeth.
• I currently live in Wisconsin, and this is the second time I’ve lived in the state. I lived in Wisconsin previously from 1958-1963.

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My first Love and first Kiss.

My first Love and first Kiss continues our 30-day writing challenge.

We moved to Glenview, Illinois in 1963, from Waukesha, Wisconsin.  We moved near the end of

Glenview, Cook County, Illinois

Glenview, Cook County, Illinois (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the school year so I finished third grade at Avoca West Elementary School.  We lived on Beech Drive, and school was a five-minute walk cutting through neighborhood yards.

As near as I can remember, my first love’s name was Carla.  She lived a short walk or bike ride from me over on Sherwood Road very close to Lake Avenue.  We were in the same school, and I don’t remember if we had classes together or not.  Where we first kissed, likely was on her back porch steps while we sat talking.

Oh, to be young again.

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My Earliest Memory?

My earliest memory? It would be growing up in Suffield, Connecticut.
We lived in a house on a bit of land, as I remember from the pictures. I remember riding my tricycle on the drive. I remember sitting at the table on the screened in porch between the house and garage eating meals during the nice days of New England summers.
I remember having the mumps and in the mid-1950’s, this was still dangerous. I had to spend time in away from others, which isn’t fun when you’re little.
That’s about it for my early memories. How about you?

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The U.S. Constitution

I’m going to leave this here.  I’d rather the political discussions be about our Constitution and the other important issues of the day, rather than the school lunchroom buffoonery that has been going on since last October.

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Five Problems with Social Media.

Screen-shot-2010-04-14-at-6.11.31-PM.pngFive problems with Social Media. Only five? Please!
I’ll begin with a list of things.
• Friend Requests
• Communications overload
• Simplify
I’m on Snapchat, you can find the link to the right side of the blog. I’ve been on for a few weeks now and I’m still learning. I’m using it at 10% of its capabilities. The learning curve is a steep one to be sure. It’s not the making and posting of video’s or photos, rather it is the interacting with my friends. Also, some sort of threading of postings would be nice so I can go back and find a post I want to reply to or comment upon.
I have mixed emotions about Facebook. There are times when it is a fun and informative place and other times a frustrating piece of horribly designed user interfaced software. The fact that I need to change my settings each and every time I log into the software to see the most current postings is a major #FAIL. I know they want me to see their ads and promoted items, and that’s not what I go to Facebook for. If they bothered to look at my purchasing habits from Facebook promoted ads, they’d find none. Get a clue guys.

Friend Requests are a mixed blessing. I get some each and every week from the usual suspect social media outlets. Some are welcome and others are clearly and blatantly #SPAM. It would be great to stop the latter type of requests before they reach me. If algorithms are so great, why hasn’t anyone written one to address this issue?

I’ve written about communications overload previously, so I’ll direct you to that missive to draw your own conclusions.

Simplify, simplify and once again, simplify. I have an iPhone, no cell service, and an iPad with a duplication of many apps. Sometimes it depends on my mood or if I’m going to the store or out and about town. I seem to have many apps that function in the same way, providing the same end result. I’ve begun to use Skype as my primary communications app for daily use. Yes, I’m using other social media apps for postings and some communications, as not everyone is on Skype.

Ok, there are my five. Let me know your thoughts.

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