Top 5 Reasons You CANNOT Vote Hillary Clinton

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Coffee Break for July 8, 2016

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Coffee Break

This will become a regular part of the blog.  Come give a listen to Willie and I as we discuss the political news and ideas of the day.

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Jim Gaffigan’s Father’s Day Gift Guide

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The AR-15: Americans’ Best Defense Against Terror and Crime

After the attack at Pulse night club in Orlando, Hillary Clinton looked past the obvious enemy – radical Islamic terror – and instead said “weapons of war have no place on our streets” and that we need to ban AR-15s immediately. AR-15s are fine for Hillary and her family. They’ve been protected by armed guards who use them for three decades. But average Americans who watch the news and feel genuine fear for their safety, and their families’ safety—Hillary wants to deny them the level of protection she insists upon herself.  (HT-NRA NEWS)

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How to Fix the World, NYPD-Style

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How to Become Gluten Intolerant

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Using Ad Blockers?

I ran into my first browsing alert while using an ad blocker.

Ad Blockers

While the problem isn’t directly with there are plenty of other offenders.

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Earth Day Theme Music.

I found some great theme music for Earth Day.

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Wisconsin Voter ID requirements.

English: map of voter ID laws in US

English: map of voter ID laws in US (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wisconsin Voter ID requirements aren’t all that difficult people.

How difficult is the concept of Voter ID to grasp for most folks? Apparently pretty difficult. This also lends credence to why we have issues of chalk drawings causing issues with students and people who can’t figure out which bathroom they need to use.

Wisconsin’s Voter ID law is straight forward and the requirements are at the beginning of the bill and not buried within the 25 pages of the 2001 state bill. The Cap Times article has their opinion already set on why voter ID is bad and prevents residents from voting.

I know from our own experience, getting the proper id so we could vote wasn’t an issue for us here in Northern Wisconsin.
I’m also including a copy of the Wisconsin Bill

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