Opprobrium for the IRS and the DOJ.

Opprobrium for the IRS and the DOJ.


It’s Memorial Day 2013, and while folks are busy with cookouts including family and friends, the2013 Memorial Day weekend_BUS9145 ongoing IRS scandal continues to grow.

It could be posited that the information brought forth over the holiday weekend is hoped to be lost in the cookout revelry, and not brought to anyone’s awareness. We now find that the Department of Justice (DOJ) is knee deep in the scandal.

Another twist in the ongoing IRS scandal events, “News Corporation says it has no record of DOJ notification of Rosen subpoena.”

We have a short work week ahead, and the scandal continues to grow. At some point we would like to see those who are responsible for the illegal actions brought to account.


Breaking: Holder DOJ Went Judge Shopping to Three Different Judges Armed With Criminal Warrants for James Rosen: ”

The Holder Department of Justice went judge shopping with criminal warrants for James Rosen.

Two separate judges refused to offer DOJ the ability to secretly search the contents of Rosen’s e-mail account. A third judge, Royce C. Lamberth, appealed the decision and overturned the order of the two judges.

judge royce
Judge Royce C. Lamberth was the third judge approached by the DOJ. He appealed two previous judges’ decision and allowed the DOJ to secretly snoop on FOX News reporter James Rosen.

James Rosen did not know the government had seized his emails until earlier this month.
The New Yorker reported:

Rosen, according to recent reports, did not learn that the government seized his e-mail records until it was reported in the Washington Post last week

…The government, which accused Rosen of being an ‘aider, abettor, and/or co-conspirator’ in the Kim case, cast a wide net in its search of Rosen’s e-mail. Among other things, the search warrant requested access to:

—‘Records or information related to Stephen Kim’s or the Author’s knowledge of laws, regulations, rules and/or procedures prohibiting the unauthorized disclosure of national defense or classified information.’

—‘Any classified document, image, record, or information, and any communications concerning such documents, images, records, or information.’

—‘Any document, image, record, or information concerning the national defense, including but not limited to documents, maps, plans, diagrams, guides, manuals, and other Department of Defense, U.S. military, and/or weapons material, as well as sources and methods of intelligence gathering, and any communications concerning such documents, images, records, or information.’

—‘Records or information related to the state of mind of any individuals seeking the disclosure or receipt of classified, intelligence and/or national defense information.’

In addition, the Justice Department searched the account for any Internet services Rosen may have accessed and records of ‘data transfer volume,’ suggesting the government was looking for evidence that Rosen downloaded large quantities of potentially classified information.

The new documents show that two judges separately declared that the Justice Department was required to notify Rosen of the search warrant, even if the notification came after a delay. Otherwise: ‘The subscriber therefore will never know, by being provided a copy of the warrant, for example, that the government secured a warrant and searched the contents of her e-mail account,’ Judge John M. Facciola wrote in an opinion rejecting the Obama Administration’s argument.

Machen appealed that decision, and in September, 2010, Royce C. Lamberth, the chief judge in the Federal District Court for the District of Columbia, granted Machen’s request to overturn the order of the two judges.

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