January 5, 2010

Northwest Airlines Flight 253


It has been a bit over a week since Northwest Airlines Flight 253 en route from the Netherlands, to Metro Airport in Detroit, Michigan, was targeted in a failed al-Qaeda bombing attempt on Christmas Day, December 25, 2009.

Since that time there has been lots of handwringing, posturing and platitudinous statements made by Senators as well as members of the Obama Administration, including President Obama himself.

First out of the box was Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, uttering her now famous words, “the system worked.”

Then three, yes three days after the fact, Obama finally decides to make a statement to the American People, regarding the event. The statement might have been better read by Obama’s Press Secretary or some other minion for all the enthusiasm that Obama mustered for the statement. Then four days after the attack, Obama said publicly that Abdulmutallab’s ability to board the aircraft was the result of systemic failure. (Gee ya think?) Of course Obama wasn’t telling us anything we didn’t already know from the tireless efforts in the blogesphere and media outlets around the world. And now today, According to the LA Times, John Brennan, the senior Obama counterterrorism official, declared there was “no smoking gun” in the Christmas Day Detroit bound bombing. (Where is the pool that Obama is finding these inept and incompetent people for his administration?)

Other than the now, hindsight news articles and talking head shows, the event is rather dormant. No one in the Obama Administration has been held accountable, which is disturbing and yet not surprising from this Administration. Given what we know of the overall event, there is certainly enough accountability issues to go around many of the Government Agencies.

If no one is held accountable within the Obama Administration, it is a continuing pattern and example of President Obama’s lack of experience, integrity and judgement, as President of the United States.

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