Nissan IDS

Back in 2013, Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn expressed the automakers
plans to have a fully autonomous car in its lineup BY 2020. The
company has moved a step closer to their goal by unveiling the
Nissan IDS concept during the recent Tokyo Auto Show.

The model reveals Nissan’s future design which carries along a
cutting edge technology. Far from what many believed, this is
not a preview of a second-generation Nissan Leaf. The automaker
says it AI software will, in fact, communicate as if it’s an
attentive partner; this is meant to improve the safety and
comfort of driving.

The Nissan IDS concept whose initials stand for Intelligent
Driving takes us to a whole new era of vehicles that learn and
adapt to different road conditions and driving styles. The
Nissan IDS features a Piloted Drive autonomous mode, whose
software imitates the driver’s own style using information from
various sensors and cameras.


Nissan IDS Exterior

Driving range of EVs is directly dependant on the battery;
however, the aerodynamics also plays an important role. In
cognizant of this, Nissan has incorporated its most advanced
aerodynamics technology in designing the Nissan IDS concept.

The IDS will be made of the full carbon-fiber body with a
constrained height of 138 cm, tires are placed close to the
corners of the body to maximize interior space as well as
enable a wrap-around cabin design. It will ride on
large-diameter wheels fitted with very thin 175-size tires in
order to keep air and roll resistance down. Its grille features
an icicle pattern ideal for an EV. Its grille pattern appears
transparent and is shaped like a stack of ice blocks.

The vehicle further features various exterior displays and
lights that communicate with pedestrians and the environment;
they help signal its intentions. Its silver body is a LED
referred to as Intention Indicator whose strip shines red when
pedestrians are nearby signaling the car’s awareness of their
presence. The instrument panel also features an electronic
display that flashes messages to outsiders. With this
harmonious and natural system of communication, Nissan has
taken us to a whole new future in the automobile industry.


Nissan IDS Interior

The automaker has a “together we ride’ phrase for its interior
styling. As such, the interior comes in two designs to choose
from. The driver can either choose a piloted Drive or Manual
Drive. The hatchback interior accommodates 4 passengers but
with the Piloted Drive mode on, the interior space expands even
further to create more room. When this mode is selected, the
steering wheel recedes into the instrument panel and a large
screen pops up in its place. The AI then takes over most of the
driving-related operations with occasional input from the
driver through gestures and voice commands.

The interior is excellently illuminated by LED light and its
four seats can rotate inward to enable easier conversation
which turns the cabin to a mini-living room. The interior will
be upholstered in mesh leather and other quality material.

On the other hand, with the manual mode, the interior
transforms and the driver takes control. All seats face forward
and the steering wheel and other meters and displays reappear.
Interior lighting also switches to blue. The automaker has used
hollow-structure A-pillars which enhance visibility by reducing
blind spots. Switching between the Manual and Piloted Drive is
done via a switch mounted between the front seats. This switch
is the only physical control operable by the driver during
Piloted Drive mode. Its Piloted Park feature will amuse many
people; it involves parking your car via your Smartphone or
tablet. The vehicle will also feature wireless charging.



The automaker has a zero emission strategy which is centered on
EVs. Nissan thus continues to pursue EV technologies like
motors, batteries and inverters to help the company produce
cars that match or surpass the conventional fuel-powered cars.

To signal a further advancement in this area, the IDS will be
powered by a high-capacity 60 kWh battery with an estimated
200-mile driving range. Little information about this engine
has been availed so keep it here for more information as soon
as we have it.

Price and release date

Since this is a concept car, there are no prices or release
date. However, if the model goes to production, we will be the
first to inform you, so keep checking this page.