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Thus greets visitors to the web site of “When I’m Mobile.” Combining a passion for the independent music community, with his extensive technical expertise of 20 years as a systems developer for major corporations, Jonathan Thaler has created, When I’m Mobile.

The mission of When I’m Mobile, according to Jonathan, is to provide a rich, productive and engaging web experience for the online audience, when browsing from a mobile web device. Combined with that experience is also, to extend the providing organization’s image, presentation and content beyond their main website.

All When I’m Mobile clients get a QR (Quick Response) Code as a part of the service. Unlike most QR codes you see in your daily travels, When I’m Mobile QR codes always lead the user to a highly-usable and full-featured interactive mobile web experience.

The When I’m Mobile strategy is applicable to any industry or business with a web presence and a goal to make information easily available to their public. So quit wishing you had a mobile strategy for your business and contact When I’m Mobile today.

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