Martin Luther King Holiday Monday.

Martin Luther King Holiday Monday, is today. This is the third beginning of the week holiday in the past month. When I was working or growing up and in school, three day weekends were

English: Photograph of President Ronald Reagan...

English: Photograph of President Ronald Reagan and the Signing Ceremony for Martin Luther King Holiday Legislation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

something to look forward to. Now, it’s just another Monday,

Here in Denver today, there will be

Celebrate the largest Martin Luther King Jr. march and rally in the United States. Participants gather at City Park and march to Civic Center Park, where a large rally commemorates the life of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Denver does things a bit differently in that today’s event is a Marade. Not a march or parade, but a word coined by Wilma Webb, a member of the Colorado State Legislature from 1980 to 1993. Colorado was ahead of the new holiday designation when on April 4, 1985 Governor Dick Lamm signed the legislation into law making the birth date of Dr. King a Colorado holiday. It was 1986, when then President Ronald Reagan declared the third Monday in January a federal legal holiday commemorating Dr. Martin Luther King’ Jr’s birthday.

Of course a federal holiday means changing one’s schedule or plans a bit. There is no USPS mail delivery today, so we can’t sent out our watched Netflix, and we won’t be getting any new Netflix DVD’s to watch. If you are working, your commute should be a piece of cake.

If you need to go to your bank, the Division of Motor Vehicles or any other state or federal agency, you need to break out your calendar and reschedule.

Here in the Denver area January is time for the National Western Stock Show. The show has another week to go and today’s feature of the show is,

African-American Heritage Rodeo

What: Stock Show fans can partake in the history and heritage of America’s black cowboy as top black cowboys and cowgirls headline the National Western’s Martin Luther King, Jr. African-American Heritage Rodeo. See champion black rodeo athletes compete in the Pony Express relay, ladies’ steer undecorating and more traditional rodeo events.

Where: National Western Complex, 4655 Humboldt Street, Denver

When: Monday: 6 p.m.

Admission: $18-$40

More Information: African-American Heritage Rodeo

Have a great Monday.

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