Kred Lacks Credibility.

Kred lacks credibility. I recently received and email with the following graphic. Kred lacks credibility.

Now, I’ll admit at first glance this is a nice accolade. However I’m completely inactive on Kred. I’d don’t check in, and while I admit I might have at one time checked out the site, I’ve not done so since that initial time.

Also interesting is that this announcement is for an event that I’ve never attended. That raises the question on just how accurate the information Kred is using for this announcement. While I do follow some friends who have attended the SXSW Conference, I don’t drop everything for the time that the event is going on.

I can only surmise that Kred is in trouble and they’re attempting to bait those of us in the Social Media arena to check out their site and to promote their platitudes.

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  1. on March 1, 2013


    I hope to be able to clarify and convince you that this is credible and does recognize your influence in social media.

    What the badge means is that out of all of the 240 million twitter profiles that Kred has insight into, your score in both influence- or the ability to inspire others to take an action and your Outreach – your generosity in spreading the word around SXSW is in the top 1%.

    It does not mean you had attended SXSW, just that you are interested and like, follow, chat about it in social media.

    Here is a good read on the badge and how it can be used

    and here are details on Kred scores

    Let me know if I can answer any other questions


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