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What you see isn’t always what you get.

Looking for an iTunes Radio station. Note: detour BLUES. Now clicking on the stream to listen gives me this… Again, note detour BLUES. Great tunes and yet not the quality advertised or what I’m looking for. Send to Kindle

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Audio Quality Counts.

I’ve had my poor quality download from today. I’ve had an account with for nearly seven years, and over that time, the audio quality of the recordings has been very good. Other than a handful of people who were reading that sounded like fingernails on a chalkboard, I’ve been very happy with my […]

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Internet Music Birthday.

Happy Birthday to Aaron Phillips of Ambiance. Ambiance is the latest project launched by Phoenix Web Radio and Aaron Phillips, offering a soft, seductive, sensual and uplifting mix of the best smooth jazz, and other soft moods.The Quiet Storm… Ambiance. Smooth Jazz for Colorado and beyond. Send to Kindle

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Tonight – Exclusive

UPDATE: Here’s 20 min or so of video from the nights show. It is on….get in early and check out Episode #14 of Random Access Radio and the exclusive release of “Dead Bird” by Televox tonight at 9:15 pm EST at Random Access Radio. Send to Kindle

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Audio Check…Testing 1…2…3

The Blue Snowball Microphone is a recent addition here to my computer accessories. Up until now I’ve mostly been using the internal mic on the iMac, with a brief time of using a Logitech mic. One of my ongoing rants/pet peeves has been the fact that many audio and video productions/ have horrible audio. Not […]

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My friends, CK: @ck67 and Chaz: @onegeek (follow them on twitter) have embarked on a new venture. Random Access Radio, broadcast’s three times a week, Sunday, Wednesday and Friday evenings from 8pm – midnight EST. According to the web site, “24/7/365 Internet Radio serving up today’s hottest tracks along with the talk you want to […]

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