Overdrive update.

Overdrive update with a new version.  And it’s still not working on my iPad.

Cover of "Kindle Wireless Reading Device,...

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I wrote about this earlier this week  I had checked and found out that there was a new/updated version of the app.  Great, I thought.  Moving from v. 3.5.8 to v 3.6 would be an improvement.

And I was wrong in my presumption.  Version 3.6 is no better than v. 3.5.8 on my iPad.  The app doesn’t hold selections while attempting to log into the app.  It still has a challenge in keeping my Library Card Number as my login.  Sometimes it does and others, I’ve got to re-enter all the information again.

The user interface was apparently repurposed and now isn’t user-friendly in the least.  So now I will begin looking for alternative sources of books.  Amazon Unlimited for the Kindle is certainly one option.  The downside of this is the lack of support for my local library system.

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Don Tapscott: How The Blockchain is Changing Money…

What is the blockchain? If you don’t know, you should; if you do, chances are you still need some clarification on how it actually works. Don Tapscott is here to help, demystifying this world-changing, trust-building technology which, he says, represents nothing less than the second generation of the internet and holds the potential to transform money, business, government and society.

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Proof Reader Needed.


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Google Project Fi.

Google Project Fi came on my radar recently.  (HT: Andrew Hyde)

Given where we live in Wisconsin, this looked like a great option for us, who don’t have a cell phone currently.  Lower costs, good coverage and what appear to be good phones to select, it all seems to be a great fit.

26268200962_7a5cd2f2b0_oAccording to this map from the Project Fi site, we have coverage. The green shaded area shows coverage.









Then proceeding to get signed up for the Project Fi service I get this screen.

My question becomes, which is it Google?  I understand this is your service and you get to set the qualifications for said service.  However, you show me that your service coverage is available in my area, and yet when I attempt so sign up, nope, no service for me.

Now we continue to seek a quality cell phone service.

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Sure Happy It’s Thursday.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sure Happy It’s Thursday.
Where has the year gone? Yes it’s September and that means fall is in the air. Ok, not so much fall here as humid and foggy.
This morning’s breaking news is coming from the NFL about the reversal of the DeflateGate, and now Tom Brady gets to play at the start of the season. Thank goodness this has been resolved and the entire minutia matter can disappear.
The other news matter that continues to drone on is Hilary and the continuing saga of her email. I can only think that all news outlets are milking this for all its worth to have daily content. The bottom line of this issue is that Hillary Clinton is in direct violation of 18 USC 793, the Espionage Act. That being said, where is the Grand Jury and or the Department of Justice, to begin prosecution? How long will the American public continue to let this travesty go on?
Baseball season is nearly over and seeing as we’re in the northlands this seems much more like football and hockey country. It will be interesting to see what sort of hockey games we’ll get on the cable here.
Being in the central time zone also gets a different perspective on any sporting events. I’m sure we’ll get all of the Packer games and likely the Vikings as well as both cities are within four hours of us.
This day three of this and I’m working to push through some writers block. There are plenty of other thoughts and ideas roaming around in my head and they are not in any sort of alignment to be able to be put to keyboard and out in the blog. I guess I can continue with the stream of random thoughts and observations and then there are the commentary on current events and such. We shall see.
I’m looking into Google Analytics and how that can assist the blog and get things moving. This is a completely new area for me so bear with me as I try new things out. I’m posting sometimes to both the wordpress site and the mobile Winksite, and we’ll see what sort of overall response comes out of that.
Something interesting in the technology area: Canon printers have a known issue with not printing black ink after a period of time. There are years of posts in a google search regarding this issue and from what I can see, Canon hasn’t bothered to fix the issue. Rather they’ve and some others have posted a fix which involves replacing the print head for your particular machine. Now, were I so inclined and had the free time to embark on just such a task, sure no problem. Given the current state of the economy of printers from any of the big box electronic stores or on line, I’m better off finding a new printer. Also, I’m not sure just how old this printer in the office is, and I’m sure that I can find a fully functional feature rich one that will suite me and the office just fine.

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50 Best Productivity Apps For iPhone.

Of course you need more apps for your mobile devices.


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One Thing Every iPhone owner should do…

One thing every iPhone owner should do to stretch battery life.

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Hangouts and catching up

I had a wonderful opportunity to once again have an hour of great conversation with my friend and political pundit Willie Lawson last night. While it’s always stimulating conversation, I did the entire hour from my phone while often walking around the community. Mobile connectivity is great.

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Samsung Galaxy Note II

Samsung Galaxy Note II


The device has a mind of its own. This morning finds the normal Google search bar and mic graphic at the top of the screen above the time is gone.

Then the Multi window tab which usually sits at the 10 o’clock position will appear and then be missing as well.

Galaxy Note II

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Copper Mountain Introduces Sherpa

Copper Mountain Introduces Sherpa: New Smartphone App for Skiers, Riders Sherpa-Hero

• Sherpa is the first hands-free, geo-aware mountain guide available for smartphones
• Terrain and lift updates, local insider tips and ski patrol aid all available through Sherpa
• Sherpa will be available for iPhone on November 1, 2013, available for Android in mid December

COPPER MOUNTAIN, Colo. — Copper Mountain has developed an all new on-mountain audio intelligence smart phone application called Sherpa, available for the 2013/14 winter season. Sherpa is the first hands-free, geo-aware mountain guide giving guests access to local expert advice and the ability to enjoy Copper unlike ever before.

Sherpa provides information based on location using a phone’s GPS services. Users simply turn the app on, plug in headphones and Sherpa continuously delivers insider tips, directions and information through voice recordings – all without lifting a finger. Terrain updates include details such as which sides of the trails have fresh snow and which will be groomed, allowing for guests to fully customize their day on the slopes in real-time. Users can also receive information on promotions and event updates including traffic wait times and road closures. Sherpa doesn’t stop there; the application will continue to get smarter as mountain intelligence is shared. Frequent updates to app features are planned throughout the winter season.

Sherpa will be available for free download from the Apple iTunes store on November 1, 2013. Android downloads will be available by mid-December. For the most up-to-date information on Sherpa including a demo video.

Lock in snow days for the 2013/14 winter season with the Copper Season Pass and Copper 4-Pack, on sale now with special early season pricing guaranteed through September 3. Visit www.CopperColorado.com for more information.

Visit CopperColorado.com for the latest information on winter pass products, lodging steals and more. Stay connected all season long at www.facebook.com/CopperMtn or @CopperMtn on Twitter.

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