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The ads the google is placing at the top of one of my gmail areas are in no way related to anything I’m looking for. Neither are they anything related. Massive #FAIL Google.

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How Google Glass is going to Innovate Education

How Google Glass is going to Innovate Education

How Google Glass is going to Innovate Education_html_65aaf5cd
Innovations in education have always been a little stagnant, ans while we see new inventions and developments in all other fields, educational innovations are very less. People have always stuck with the known, tried, tested and traditional methods in case of education. Recently, we’ve seen a boom in this field too. More and more people are now paying attention to the almost obsolete methods of teaching and striving to make some development in the educational system.

Google is known for innovations in almost every area they could get their hands onto, and it is soon to launch its flagship product ‘Google Glass’. And the tech-savvies say, it’s going to revolutionize the current educational trends. How? Let’s read.

Google Glass is touted as the next big thing in portable technology. Poised as an eyewear and doing a plethora of things which don’t require any taps or navigation, it responds instead to voice commands, taking pictures with a wink, taking commands for search, share content, video recording, detect objects in front of you and look up related information like directions or maps. Etc. The possibilities are endless though among all the possible consumers of Google Glass, the device has the potential to bring exciting new possibilities to teachers and students alike.

Admit it, Google’s Search is phenomenal. And the Glass will allow the student/teacher to stay connected to an interactive environment featuring online tools all the time. This could pave way to a leap into the future of educational system. Teachers as well as students can refer to topics related to their studies on the go. No fiddling through phones in the middle of the lecture; all you have to do is speak and voila…your search is done!

Students can record their lectures in real-time for future reference. The time saved on scribbling notes could be remarkable.
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Google Glass could help students to create visually-rich projects and presentations. Students can shoot relevant videos and images with a wink. The same can be integrated onto their presentations via Google docs.

Learning new languages and speaking them could be done on the go with Glass coupled with Google’s own Google Translator. Google Glass would be able to present text based translations in real-time.

Teachers could use Google glass coupled with facial recognition to take attendance and could be used to generate Student Information System. Just by looking at the student you will get access to his/her student records with details of academic and non-academic performance, attendance etc… Creating students reports, schedules and class timings for students is only the tip of the iceberg.

Distance learning could be made a lot easier than before with Google Glass. Webinars and such can be streamed directly onto your Glass than your Smartphone or laptop so that its easy to be accessed anywhere, anytime.

The Glass could be used to set timetables for students along with information regarding the halls where classes will be held with details on professors to take the classes.
How Google Glass is going to Innovate Education_html_203a980d

How Google Glass is going to Innovate Education_html_m7c2f728d

Google Glass in Education: The other side

While all this could be a boon in the education system, there are some cons of having Google Glasses at Schools/Colleges.

You must keep in mind that electronic devices are still prohibited for students in most schools; though, this is changing very fast. Students could misuse the Glass in a lecture in ways unimaginable. The distractions a Smartphone causes in a classroom are well known, students wearing Google Glass will bring about a whole new level of the same.

There are many restaurants and business concerns already banning the use of Google Glasses as well as apps like Instagram. This could also happen to Google Glass, being banned at all major concerns/colleges/universities.

Not to mention a certain invasion of privacy.

Like with any electronic device, prolonged usage of Google Glass can cause health issues mainly damaging eyesight.

Lastly, too much use of social media and on the go availability may harm your personal life.

How Google Glass is going to Innovate Education_html_426fba4d
Cheating in exams using Google Glass! Only time will tell how Google Glass will stand out from the tech-crowd. As previously mentioned, the possibilities are endless given the increasing number of third party developers working on Google Glass SDK, to make it a lot more than what it seems to be. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and just wait and see what marvels Google Glass holds for the future of education.

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Google to open retail stores to compete with Apple Stores.

Google to open retail stores to compete with Apple Stores. Only to compete with Apple Stores? They completely ignore the Microsoft Store’s across the country. The best thing about Google and their

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

entry into the retail arena, is that there are plenty of empty store fronts in the shopping malls across the country.



Google to open retail stores to compete with Apple Stores



Google is launching retail stores by the end of the year to sell its own products we’re reporting over at 9to5Google. Will Google try to squeeze into the local Mall between the new Microsoft Store and the existing Apple Store? Will they be able to supplant some of Apple’s MacBook sales with their $249 Chromebooks? iPhones with Nexuses? Find out more.


(Via 9 to 5 Mac.)

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Usless Google Chrome Information.

Usless Google Chrome Information.

Why this alert box appears from time to time is annoying and tells me no useful information.

First off, I’m not editing a cell. Were I doing so google docs alreay knows that “All changes saved in Drive.” So why the alert box?

This is only sightly annoying and certainly not nearly as annoying as the continued pop up, pop under and other ad assaults we endure each and every day as we surf the web.

It is now 2013 and no developer has figured out the key to block the ads? What has happened to innovation in technology?

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Google launches 18 new Google+ features focusing on mobile, photos, events and Hangouts.

See on Scoop.itPauls Content Curation

As Google begins to wind down its operations before Christmas, some of its teams have been working hard to get their new features out before the festive season truly begins. For the …


Paul W. Swansen‘s insight:

Google back making advances.

See on

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Google + Hangout On Air.

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Web Traffic, Views and The Bottom Line.

If you’re reading this, you’ve then been, web traffic,

Working via paulswansen

Working via paulswansen

a visitor to one third of the web sites for which I write and provide content. At the start, let me say thanks for visiting and encourage you to return.

Having gotten all the politeness out of the way, I have a confession or at least an acknowledgement of this entire web site content mess. I have no real clue as to how to actively and consistently drive more web traffic to the sites. Two of the three sites have very good ad rotation that should you click on them, puts a few cents or so in my coffers and eventually I get paid.

After articles are posted on the sites I do what I can to distribute the article links to all the usual suspect social media sites. This is helpful and does drive some traffic back to the sites. I’m aware that two of the sites for which I write have internal distribution, and so far for the nearly six months of writing, has generated less than $100 combined. Now, to be fair, both of the sites have invited me to write for them and have given me a platform for my voice and for that I’m grateful. I also know that I agreed to a payment plan that isn’t guaranteed, and is reliant on the number of visitors and their ability to click on ads.

Therefor I find it incumbent upon me to be the force behind bringing, engaging and enrolling visitors to the sites.

I’m attempting to learn what I can regarding how to provide compelling content, and providing porn and paparazzi shock photo’s, isn’t an option. I do have a good analytics tool that does give me a great breakdown of visitors views and from where they came. This also gives me a sense of topics that readers are interested in. My presumption is also that two of the sites and their ad rotation is predicated to the content provided.

I might need to take a look at content options driven by trending topics as found on Google Plus or on Twitter. Overall the sites continue to be a work in progress and will continue to evolve as we move through the upcoming holidays and into 2013.

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Introducing AdWords for AdMob advertisers – AdWords Help

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Find Big Mail

After using their product, I went from 45% of used storage space to 22% of used storage space. It’s a great product to find out what’s cluttering up your Gmail box.

Via Scoop.itPauls Content Curation

Makes it easy to find big emails in your Gmail account and free up space. If your account is full, this is a simple way to reduce space instead of sorting by size.

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Chromebooks Will Arrive In India Soon

Will this bring more computers to homes in India?

Chromebooks Will Arrive In India Soon: “

The web is what you make of it. That is how Google sees it. The Internet giant’s latest effort in making the Internet easy to use is the popular Chrome OS and Chromebooks.

Chromebooks are devices which run Google’s revolutionary browser OS which is based on Google Chrome, the browser. As of now, Samsung and Acer are the only device manufacturers who will put out the Chromebooks but more manufacturers will soon be added to the list.

 The Chromebooks are designed to leverage Google’s revolutionary Chrome OS. This new paradigm in computing was born out of Google’s insight into how consumer behavior and activities are slowly shifting from the desktop OS to a browser.

So they stripped away the unnecessary parts of an OS and just put just enough to run a browser (Chrome). The resultant OS which is built on the open-source Linux kernel, boots up and works way quicker than a modern desktop OS, giving the general internet user more power and capability to be productive.

 The Chromebooks manufactured by Samsung and Acer are already out abroad but India will see their arrival early next year. Google’s senior VP of Chrome and Apps, Sundar Pichai was in the country recently for an interaction. He said told people here that, “I would be very surprised if Chromebooks are not shipped in India by early 2012. We see India as a huge potential market for us”. This can be seen in the increased efforts that are being put by Google in marketing and advertising in Indian mainline media.

 The fact that Google Chrome rose ahead of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer to be the top browser in India in just 2 years of its existence is a big feat and Google is not missing out on this opportunity. “The focus on user experience is key,” says Pichai and it is evident in the graphical and UX overhaul of Google services that has been put into effect since last week. This along with the rise Google+ will be a game changer for the Internet giant.

 Critics of the Chromebook contend that the device will not be of much use as there are many people who use the desktop OS for many things. That may be true of designers, engineers, software analysts and many other people but there are so many people in India who only use the Internet. You must have come across so many people who log into their computer and go first to the browser icon. Thus, Chromebook makes perfect sense for them. If you have been using Google Chrome, Chrome Webstore and other Google services, you will notice how the ecosystem is slowly coming into place. All the necessary Google Apps like Gmail, Docs and Calender have been tweaked so that they can be used offline. The world is finally moving towards trouble-free and easy computing and within the Chrome OS lies the answer.

 Do you think that Chrome OS and the Chromebooks will be a success or a failed try like Buzz and Wave? Share your opinion with us.

Looking For A Social Media Agency?? – Contact WATConsult – India’s Leading Social Media Agency

(Via WATBlog – Web, Advertising and Technology Blog in India.)

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