New Internet Service.

New internet service came to our home earlier this week.  Thanks Charter for the 65 Mbps Screenshot_1speeds.  It is wonderful.  The installation went without a hitch and the service tech was efficient and helpful.

On the downside there are two issues with Charter.

This was one of the main reasons for getting our own service, was not to have to rely on the business available wi-fi.  Now I need to find out how to get hold of Charter Customer Service and have them address the issue.

  • Charter Terms and Conditions.

We signed up for the service three weeks ago, and waited the 18 days for our install date.  All Screenshot_2 Terms and Conditionswas well, Charter took our money and we signed and agreed to all of the terms and conditions.  However we continue to get internet pop up screens which interfere with the browsing experience.  Again, a Charter #FAIL. 

This will be a continuing story, so check back as I’ll update as any progress is made.

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My Earliest Memory?

My earliest memory? It would be growing up in Suffield, Connecticut.
We lived in a house on a bit of land, as I remember from the pictures. I remember riding my tricycle on the drive. I remember sitting at the table on the screened in porch between the house and garage eating meals during the nice days of New England summers.
I remember having the mumps and in the mid-1950’s, this was still dangerous. I had to spend time in away from others, which isn’t fun when you’re little.
That’s about it for my early memories. How about you?

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The U.S. Constitution

I’m going to leave this here.  I’d rather the political discussions be about our Constitution and the other important issues of the day, rather than the school lunchroom buffoonery that has been going on since last October.

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Unemployment at 10.8%

Yes, you read correctly, that the unemployment rate in Bayfield County, Wisconsin is at 10.8% for February 2016.  While the number brings the issue into perspective, the lack of jobs in the area is not lost on the local politicians nor on local residents.

I had the pleasure of attending a local, League of Women Voters, candidate forum earlier this week.  It is said that all politics is local, and this meeting certainly held true to the statement. 25853279230_bd8c83c711_o I arrived a bit closer to the starting time of the event and was pleasantly surprised to see more than two dozen vehicles parked outside the local church where the event was being held.

The forum featured the two candidates for city council and the two candidates running for Mayor.  Questions were solicited from the gathered locals.  Questions were written down and then asked by the moderator.

While the focus of city council and the Mayor are a bit different, many of the questions were germane to both sets of candidates.  Question topics included:

  • The need for more silent sports.  (I needed to look this up.)
  • The local Architectural Review Board
  • The need for housing for both millennials and Seniors.26059767131_d2d78b0560_o
  • Seeking grants for local projects.
  • Getting the organization Core involved in projects.
  • The local area not wanting to become another Door County.
  • The city being an “Eco-Municipality.”
  • Marine Sanctuary on our nearby Apostle Islands.26033620602_8573dee628_o
  • Jobs, Housing,  and the local schools.
  • The City Marina.
  • Local Policing.
  • Attracting business to the city. (See a related posting.)
  • The City’s Historical District.  (I was unaware of such a designation locally.)
  • Reverting to an unincorporated town/city and having the county provided services.

Overall it was an enlightening and informative two hours.  It also has moved me into searching out more of the subject ideas that were brought up during the event.

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St. Patrick’s Day

Yes, it’s St. Patrick‘s Day.  No, I’m not wearing green, and our ground and trees are covered in snow.  

An interesting email today from LinkedIn.   Apparently LinkedIn had a security breach.  Who knew.  So after doing some investigating, I changed my password with them.  I must confess that LinkedIn isn’t a site that I check regularly.  I go there when I get some notification emails that someone is looking at my profile.  Linkedin

How about you? How often to you check in on LinkedIn?

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Michelle Malkin at 2016 CPAC

Seventeen minutes well worth your while.


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Commander in Deceit.

Dana is spot on with her commentary and questions.  This is a must watch for those on both sides of the issue.  Even better are the questions raised.  Why aren’t these questions being asked of our elected officials?

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Obama Crying.

Can anyone tell me with a straight face, why the press is continuing to generate these crying stories? Given the numbers of people all chiming in on this display, one would bet the impression that this is the most important issue facing our country. I thought last week it was climate control, or possibly gun control.

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Communications Overload

We have a plethora of communication apps and yet we’re likely the least communicative in spite


Skype (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

of the tools available to us.  On my devices, Skype, Messenger, Facetime, Google Talk and a bunch of other apps I’ve forgotten about.  The article from the New York Times gives a good overall view here.

There, in my view doesn’t appear to be a clear winner or app that a majority of folks are using.  Many are quick to introduce or sing the praises to the latest and most promoted messaging app.  Like many I’ve downloaded them to see what all the hype is all about.  As of this writing, nothing has continued to stay in my apps.

Not unlike the phone service, does the messaging app arena need some consolidation and thereby some much-needed improvement?


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A work in progress.

You’ll notice a change here today.  I’ve changed the theme and added to,  and cleaned up

the right side of the page.  And your first question is why?

Not only because I can, and I’m using this space as a test bed for a couple of other sites I’m working on or will be working on in the very near future.

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