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Jason Chaffetz Dismantles FBI Director James Comey Over Hillary Clinton’s Lies

Great video questions and the transcript follow from

this investigation started because the Inspector General found classified
0:03information on secure setting and the FBI went to a law firm and found this
0:07information they seized at least one computer at least one thumb drive did
0:11you need an immunity agreement to get those it was not i don’t think there was
0:17a mutant fact I’m certain there was no immunity agreement used in connection
0:20with that
0:21so did it really take the FBI a full year to figure out that Cheryl Mills and
0:28other Samson also had computers with classified information
0:34no it took us to that . investigation to insist that we try to get them are you
0:40getting that because they had classified information or because there were some
0:43other information you want
0:45we thought those with the tools we understood that have been used to sort
0:48the emails and investigative team very much want to understand if they could
0:52weather was an electronic well of how that had been done big big issue was
0:58what did they delete what did they keep in but why did you need an immunity
1:01agreement why didn’t they just cooperate and hand them over a law firm did didn’t
1:05oh yes the that’s a question really I can’t answer that’s between a lawyer and
1:10her client and the Justice Department lawyers for whatever reason her lawyer
1:14thought it was in her interest to get an active production immunity agreement
1:17with the Department Justice the FBI interviewed David Kendall’s partner but
1:23did not interview David Kendall why didn’t you interview David Kendall I
1:27don’t remember I don’t remember that decision going back to this reddit post
1:32this is put up on july twenty fourth of $MONTH 2014 you believe this to be
1:39associated with mr. competi correct yes think that’s right
1:43um this is the one to mr. Jordan put up about the need to strip out of VIPs very
1:50VIP email address and a bunch of archived email this is if he’s that
1:55referring to a federal record isn’t he
1:57I don’t know exactly which records is referring to how is this not a conscious
2:05effort to alter federal records
2:09I mean the proximity to the date is it
2:12just stunning
2:15sorry what’s the question how is this not a conscious effort to do to alter
2:19federal record depending on what the record was exactly what he was trying to
2:24do and whether there would be disclosure to the people they were producing a to
2:27saying we change this for public for privacy purposes just don’t know sitting
2:32here these are documents that were under subpoena these federal records are under
2:37subpoena their honor under a preservation order did mr. combated
2:41destroy documents i don’t know where that was true in july of $YEAR 2014
2:45they’re under subpoena did he ultimately destroy federal records mr. competitor
2:50oh I have no reasonably be destroyed federal records use bleach bit did he
2:56not have the question is what was already produced before use the bleach
3:00he definitely the reason he wanted immunity was he had done the bleach bit
3:04business after it was publicity about the demand from Congress for the records
3:09that’s a potential not just Felicity there’s a subpoena right that’s pretend
3:13there was communication from Cheryl Mills that there was a preservation
3:16order correct yes and he did indeed use bleach bit on these records sure whether
3:22or not that’s why the guy wouldn’t talk to us without immunity
3:25it’s so when you got immunity what did you learn we learned that no one had
3:28directed him to do that but he had done it if you strip you really think that he
3:33just did this by himself
3:35I think his account again I don’t I never firmly believe anybody except my
3:38my wife but it but the question is do I have evidence to disbelieve him and I
3:43don’t his account is credible he was told to do it in 2014 screwed up and
3:48didn’t do it panicked when he realized he hadn’t in the race back in and did it
3:51after Congress as for the records and the new york times wrote about them that
3:55was his oh shi t moment but that was incredible
3:59again I don’t believe people but we did not have evidence to disbelieve that
4:03established someone told him to do that
4:05no email no phone call nothing the hope was if you’ve been told to do that
4:10that’d be a great piece of evidence if we give him immunity maybe he’ll tell us
4:13so and so told me to so-and-so asked me to and then we’re working up the chain
4:17but he did indeed destroy federal records and he was told at some point to
4:23do this correct
4:25told him to do that initially when we supposed to do it in december and he
4:29didn’t do it who told him to do that
4:31one of one of Secretary Clinton staff members me i can remember sitting here
4:34we know that one of her lawyers might have been Cheryl Mills someone on the
4:38team said we don’t need those emails anymore get rid of the archive file this
4:44is that’s unbelievable about this because there’s classified information
4:47there is there are federal records that were indeed destroyed and that’s up
4:54that’s just the fact batter let’s go back to let’s go back to this here’s the
5:00other thing that’s a draw to your attention that is new September
5:03fifteenth of $MONTH this year I issued a subpoena from the Oversight and
5:08Government Reform Committee on these reddit post four days later they were
5:12just they were destroyed or taken down they were deleted
5:16I would hope the FBI would take that into consideration again we’re trying
5:20under a properly issued subpoena to get to this information go to heather mills
5:28real quick how does the in the 2016 interview with Cheryl Mills she says
5:36quote mills did not learn in the interview report that you the interviews
5:41summary from the FBI mills did not learn Clinton it was using a private email
5:45server until after Clinton’s tenure back yet
5:50also you have this interview with mr. pagliaro who said he approached quote
5:55peg landing approach Cheryl Mills in her office and related a State Department
5:59employees concerns regarding federal records retention and the use of a
6:02private server pagliaro remembers mills replying that former secretaries of
6:07state had done similar things to include colin powell it goes then onto a page 10
6:14and this is what i don’t understand the FBI rights Clinton’s immediate aids to
6:17include mills Aventine Sullivan and read a redacted name told the FBI they were
6:23unaware of the existence of a private server until after click Clinton’s
6:27tenure and state or when it became public knowledge but if you look back at
6:30the email from from heather mills if you go back to 2010 this is to Justin Cooper
6:38k mills to Cooper who does not which you where he works for Clinton’s he doesn’t
6:44work for the state department FYI hrc email coming back is server okay Cooper
6:53writes back you are funny we’re on the same server she knew there was a server
6:58when there was a problem with Hillary Rodham Clinton’s emails what did they do
7:03she called the person who has no background in this is not a State
7:07Department employee no security clearance and then tells the FBI well
7:11I’d ever knew about that but there’s direct evidence that contradicts this
7:15how do you come to that conclusion write that in the summary statement that she
7:20had no knowledge of this there was a problem with Hillary Rodham Clinton’s
7:24emails what did they do
7:27she called the person who has no background in this is not a State
7:31Department employee no security clearance and then tells the FBI well
7:35I’d ever knew about that but there’s direct evidence that contradicts this
7:39how do you come to that conclusion write that in the summary statement that she
7:43had no knowledge of this

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Tuesday and we survived the debate.

Tuesday and we all survived and have lived to tell about the debate last night.  No, it wasn’t the end of the world by any stretch of the imagination.  No one landed a knockout punch or stumbled and misspoke horribly.

As I said yesterday, this was a made for TV event and guess what.  The following two more debates will be more of the same.  There was little if any substantive content coming out of the hour and a half plus of talking heads.  It is interesting to note that Lester Holt,  who moderated the debate, ok not so much moderated as asked questions, hasn’t been vilified to the extent that Matt Lauer was in the previous incarnation of the debate.

In these made for TV events, no follow up questions are permitted apparently.  There were several openings ripe for follow-up questions, and yet, none were asked.  As Holt isn’t a journalist, we shouldn’t be surprised.  And really Lester, asking questions about the “birther” issue?  Where in the 99 most important questions confronting the American voter today, does that issue fall.  Maybe number 103?

Benghazi, missing emails, the Clinton Foundation and those who have violated 18 U.S. Code § 793, questions were never asked.  The best line of the night was as follows –


Yes indeed, when Hillary.

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speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on Februar...

speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on February 10, 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hillary Rodham Clinton, January 2007

Hillary Rodham Clinton, January 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. 1.
a formal discussion on a particular topic in a public meeting or legislative assembly, in which opposing arguments are put forward.
synonyms: discussion, discourse, parley, dialogue;
argument, counterargument, dispute,wrangle, war of words;
argumentation, disputation, dissension, disagreement,contention, conflict;
negotiations, talks;
informalconfab, powwow
“a debate on the reforms”

Tonight marks the first of the three 2016 Presidential debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Should you be under the notion that the television show will be anything like the definition above, please dispel that now. The U.S. Presidential Election News website has this bit of news for you in case you might have glossed over it, while looks for your local time the debate begins.

Tickets – Tickets for each debate are controlled by the hosting university and are extremely limited since the debates are primarily produced for television. The majority of tickets are distributed to host university students and faculty through a lottery system.

And there you have it. This is a produced for television event and nothing more. That being said there continues to be massive hype and pontificating days before and leading up to the event.

I along with other free thinking and reasonable patriots will be watching with eyes open and discerning listening.

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Police Pepper Spray 15 Year Old Girl in Hagerstown (VIDEO) Maryland Cop

15 Year Old Girl Gets Pepper Sprayed By Maryland Cop  Hagerstown Police Department Releases Body Camera Video From Pepper Spray Incident

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Bayfield Apple Festival

Bayfield Apple Festival

55th Annual Bayfield Apple Festival
October 7, 8 & 9, 2016, 10am – 5pm


Join us this fall in Bayfield! Come often. Stay long.
And don’t miss Apple Festival.




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As Hillary Clinton‘s health collapses and the conflicting stories keep coming, FIREWALL host Bill Whittle shows us the pattern unfolding with the health issue by examining the series of progressively more embarrassing lies produced during the Clinton email scandal.  (HT: Bill Whittle host of Firewall)

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CEO AdamLudwin demos Chain & wallet-to-wallet transfers of diff. virtual currencies


CEO/Cofounder @AdamLudwin demos @Chain & wallet-to-wallet transfers of diff. virtual currencies (i.e. reward pts, $)-w/@jason-THX @Braintree

Entrepreneurs are driving all of the innovation today, and this episode’s guest is no exception. Adam Ludwin, CEO & Co-founder of Chain created a tool that’s helping top financial firms (NASDAQ, CapitalOne, Citi, Fidelity, Visa & more) deploy the blockchain. Adam demos his technology, and offers a fascinating and super clear explanation of how/why bitcoin & the blockchain were developed, how it works, common misperceptions, how the DAO hack happened & long-term effects, and how he got that insanely amazing domain name. Jason and Adam venture deep into other tech & culture territory, including whither Apple, who will buy Twitter, Snapchat v. Instagram, religion, oppressed societies, Hamilton (The Musical), and the hardest part of a startup (hint: it’s not the starting up).

(HT: Bruce Burke and Next Money TPA)

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California and Cow Farts.

And they wonder why we refer to Calfornia as the land of fruits and nuts.  Even better is the following –

According to a statement from Western United Dairymen CEO, Anja Raudabaugh, California’s Air Resources Board wants to regulate animal methane emissions even though it admits there is no known method for achieving the the type of reduction sought by SB 1383. 


“The California Air Resources Board wants to regulate cow emissions, even though its Short-Lived Climate Pollutant (SLCP) reduction strategy acknowledges that there’s no known way to achieve this reduction.” 

(HT) – Tyler Durden

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Hillary edit on the NYC bombing.

I mentioned when I posted the original sound bit earlier that there was more to this story.  Well here you go.
Published on Sep 19, 2016

CNN Edits Out Hillary’s Reference To NYC Explosion As “Bombing”
With the mainstream media choosing to lambast Donald Trump’s reference to the explosion in NYC as a “bombing,” CNN – for some reason – decided to edit out the opening sentence of Hillary Clinton‘s statement to the press. Barely able to keep her eyes open, Clinton also called the attacks in New York and New Jersey “b*mbings,” according to ABC transcripts but CNN chose to omit that sentence…
ABC details the full transcript: Clinton: I’ve been briefed about bombings in New York and New Jersey, and the attacks in Minnesota. Obviously, we need to do everything we can to support our first responders, also to pray for the victims. We have to let this investigation unfold. We’ve been in touch with various officials, including the mayor’s office in New York, to learn what they are discovering as they conduct this investigation. And I’ll have more to say about it when we actually know the facts. Reporter: Secretary Clinton, do you have any reaction to the fact that Donald Trump, immediately upon taking the stage tonight, called the explosion in New York a “bomb” … ? Clinton: Well, I think it’s important to know the facts about any incident like this. That’s why it’s critical to support the first responders, the investigators who are looking into it, trying to determine what did happen.

(HT: Sopo Jarwo and the channel)

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