Sunday, a day of rest?

Sunday, a day of rest? That’s what I grew up being told and yet, it’s not happened in quite a while. Sunday, like birthdays and other holidays has just become yet another day of the week. This rain that started sometime last night has finally stopped for a while. The local forecast calls for thunderstorms […]

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Sure Happy It’s Thursday.

Sure Happy It’s Thursday. Where has the year gone? Yes it’s September and that means fall is in the air. Ok, not so much fall here as humid and foggy. This morning’s breaking news is coming from the NFL about the reversal of the DeflateGate, and now Tom Brady gets to play at the start […]

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Welcome to Wednesday.

Welcome to Wednesday, the day formerly known as “Hump Day,” and thankfully that marketing meme is over. Rain and more fog from last night into this morning, and as I write this, it continues to rain. I went to sleep with the sounds of foghorns on the lake and they were back this morning as […]

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The 5 Best Free Instagram Analytics Tools

Yes I’m on Instagram and I imagine that you are as well. Am I using it to it’s full potential? No. These tools appear to be good ones to have.   Related articles Instagram Increases Image Resolution Send to Kindle

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50 Best Productivity Apps For iPhone.

Of course you need more apps for your mobile devices. View image | gettyimages.com   Send to Kindle

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Aren’t We Yet Tired of the Feds Being Totally Wrong…

Aren’t We Yet Tired of the Feds Being Totally Wrong View image | gettyimages.com – Or Lying to Us? Apparently not as we continue to fall deeper and deeper in to the abyss of the political quagmire here in the U.S..   Send to Kindle

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One Thing Every iPhone owner should do…

One thing every iPhone owner should do to stretch battery life. Related articles iPhone Sales Increase Apple’s Slice of Tech Pie Send to Kindle

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Your 2015 Taxes just got easier…NOT!

And you thought doing your taxes were going to be easier this year. View image | gettyimages.com Think again. Remember as well that elections have unintended consequences. Related articles How to make America’s tax system fair for all The Law Of Unintended Consequences At Work Send to Kindle

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Change Your TV viewing.

This trend will change the way you look at your TV viewing. Related articles TED Talk – Norway TV – Realtime Documentaries Norway the Slow Way Send to Kindle

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Vail’s Blue Sky Basin Celebrates 15 Years

Vail’s Blue Sky Basin Celebrates 15 Years of Skiing and Snowboarding Since its opening 15 years ago on Jan. 6, 2000, Blue Sky Basin has become a legendary area on Vail Mountain and a favorite amongst locals and guests from around the world. This outer-most area of the resort offers a distinct backcountry feel, complete […]

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