2017 Jaguar XFL

The new 2017 Jaguar XFL is one of the many luxury sedans that
is tailored to the demanding tastes of Chinese customers. The
Chinese automobile market has become like a princess whose
father has promised to offer in marriage to a man who manages
to woo her. Similarly, automakers from all over the world are
trying to woo the Chinese market with various models. Some are
bringing over proven models from other markets, others are
crafting new models specific for this country while still
others like Jaguar are modifying their existing models to suit
this specific market.

The automaker looks to tap into the rapidly growing Chinese
automobile market.  Jaguar took their already attractive
XF saloon which has been quite successful in other markets and
extended its length to cater for the unique needs of the
Chinese buyers. Most Chinese buyers of luxury SUVs and sedans
are business executives who like to be chauffeured around hence
the need to extend its length to offer rear passengers a
comfortable and luxurious space. The 2017 Jaguar XFL becomes
the first “Jaguar” to be built in China.


2017 Jaguar XFL Exterior

As the suffix L suggests in the “XFL”, the model is large than
the regular 2016
Jaguar XF.  It comes with a 5.6-inch longer wheelbase
which stands at 124 inches compared to the standard XF.
Coincidentally, this is the same length Mercedes added to their
E-Class which is also targeted for the Chinese market. 
The increase has translated to increased leg and knee room for
the rear passengers.

Apart from the length, the XFL basically retains the awesome
exterior styling of the XF. The model is instantaneously
recognizable as a Jaguar. The increased wheelbase has not
compromised the vehicle’s proportions, aggressiveness or
sporting elegance.


At the front is the near-vertical grille which flaunts the
elegance look common with all Jaguar saloons. The grille is
flanked by elegant headlights with LED technology. The
headlights are wisely designed to improve the vehicle’s beauty
as well as its aerodynamics. The headlights housings feature
the signature J-Blade LED DRLs which are unique to Jaguar.

The front also features apertures on the front bumper that help
channel more air over the front wheels thus improving the
vehicle’s aerodynamics. The hood comes with a power bulge that
stretches through to the nose cone as if to show off its
powerful engine underneath.

On the sides, you will find chrome inserts on the door handles
and chromed sill finishers with a chrome strip that run through
the full length of the doors, a feature that differentiates the
XFL from the standard XF. Over at the top, Jaguar has extended
its panoramic sunroof to help channel more light to the rear of
the cabin.

The rear on the other hand features LED taillights with double
lines that intersect a roundel which is very awesome
particularly under illumination at night. In addition, a chrome
signature blade cuts across the trunk lid between the taillight
clusters. To complete the awesome look are twin exhaust tips
with a chrome finish.


2017 Jaguar XFL Interior

The Cabin of new Jaguar XFL 2017 will be very comfortable,
luxurious with ground-breaking technologies synonymous with
other jaguar models. The XFL features standard features of the
luxurious XF sedan. Though the model can accommodate five
passengers, the automaker is optimizing the rear for premium
comfort and luxury and as such will only accommodate 4

To start with, the four seats are upholstered in perforated
Windsor leather and are all power adjustable. The tech-laden
cabin is very clean without many buttons. It features a
12.3-inch virtual instrument cluster with a 3D mapping system.
The vehicle also features the high-tech InControl Touch Pro
infotainment system which is managed via a 10.2-inch
touch-screen at the. The system features Wi-Fi connectivity for
up to 8 devices. There is a 17-speaker premium sound system for
audiophile owners. There are also powered side window


In most cases, the owner will be chauffeured around while
sitting at the back, thus, the rear has been designed to offer
optimum levels of comfort than is the case with the standard XF
sedan. Legroom increases by 157 mm while knee room has been
extended by 116 mm which makes sitting at the rear very
comfortable. The rear seats are heated, ventilated and also
have a massaging feature.

For entertainment, the automaker has added a rear-seat
entertainment package which features a pair of 8.0-inch
monitors each mounted on the rear headrests of front
seats.  There are electronic wireless headphones so that
each passenger can listen to their favorite tunes without
disturbing others. In addition, there are folding tables for
rear passengers to work on which makes the XFL a luxurious
mobile office. The mini-office is further improved by a 4-zone
climate control system and a cabin air-ionization system which
enhance comfort levels.

For the safety of the rear passengers, Jaguar has hooked up the
rear with the innovative “Clear Exit detection” system, a new
technology that warns the rear passengers about traffic
approaching from the rear and helps them disembark from the
vehicle before impact.


Engine Specs

Buyers will have a choice between three drive-trains. The first
engine is a 2.0 L, 4-cylinder petrol engine which is capable of
producing 199 hp. The second engine is a tweaked version of the
2.0 L tuned to offer 239 hp. the most potent engine is a
turbocharged 3.0 L, V-6 good for 339 hp.

All the three engines are mated to an 8-speed ZF automatic
transmission system. All models will be offered with all-wheel
drive as standard.

Jaguar didn’t reveal details about the engines performance or
their fuel economy. Such details will suffice as the model
nears its release in July.


Price and release date

As mentioned above, the model will hit dealerships in July.
During its unveiling at the Beijing Auto show, Jaguar didn’t
disclose its price. According to rumors, the base model of 2017
Jaguar XFL will  start at 450,000 Yuan equivalent to
$69,620. The top trim could cost as much as 650,000 Yuan