Commander in Deceit.

Dana is spot on with her commentary and questions.  This is a must watch for those on both sides of the issue.  Even better are the questions raised.  Why aren’t these questions being asked of our elected officials?

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Obama Crying.

Can anyone tell me with a straight face, why the press is continuing to generate these crying stories? Given the numbers of people all chiming in on this display, one would bet the impression that this is the most important issue facing our country. I thought last week it was climate control, or possibly gun control.

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The Difference…

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Communications Overload

We have a plethora of communication apps and yet we’re likely the least communicative in spite


Skype (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

of the tools available to us.  On my devices, Skype, Messenger, Facetime, Google Talk and a bunch of other apps I’ve forgotten about.  The article from the New York Times gives a good overall view here.

There, in my view doesn’t appear to be a clear winner or app that a majority of folks are using.  Many are quick to introduce or sing the praises to the latest and most promoted messaging app.  Like many I’ve downloaded them to see what all the hype is all about.  As of this writing, nothing has continued to stay in my apps.

Not unlike the phone service, does the messaging app arena need some consolidation and thereby some much-needed improvement?


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A work in progress.

You’ll notice a change here today.  I’ve changed the theme and added to,  and cleaned up

the right side of the page.  And your first question is why?

Not only because I can, and I’m using this space as a test bed for a couple of other sites I’m working on or will be working on in the very near future.

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Veterans Day 2015


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Lake View.

View on a Monday of Lake Superior.  Basswood Island straight ahead, and Madeline Island to the right.IMG_2104

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Mid October in small-town America.

IMG_1889Mid October in small-town America, in this case, small town Wisconsin, is a time of change. Yes, the seasons are in full blown change over mode. We get mother nature’s wonderful color pallet of leaves, along with the cooler days and nights. Apple harvest has been going on for a while now and we’ve begun to taste the results of the local growers.

Along with the change of seasons comes another biannual change, the closing of many businesses for the season. We live in a resort town, population, according to the sign as you drive into town, 497. Things are busy and crowded during the summer season, and now that the 2015 Apple Fest is behind us, things have quieted down so as to not even hear the crickets.

I was having a conversation yesterday with a friend and the subject came up of buying local. Now, we as a local business do what we can to promote this concept. We do buy and feature local products and products from the state and surrounding area when we can. My friend stated rather emphatically that we should only buy locally for any and all of our needs. His theory or take on the matter was that if we don’t, pretty soon the local stores on which we rely will go out of business or simply close.

I know from our own experience that there is a noticeable price difference for goods and services in a resort, tourist destination town, and the metropolitan areas. Prices here at our local grocery store are about 10-12% higher than the town that is 14 miles away, and likely 25% higher on some items we purchase in the next largest town about 35 miles from us. The nearest metropolitan area is a full 90 miles, and a nearly two-hour drive or more depending on the weather.

From a business standpoint what is the right and proper thing to do. Do I continue to honor buying local at the higher prices, and, therefore, pass on the costs to my customers/clients? And then there is the issue of selection or lack of selection in the local area. I can find a wider selection of items in the larger towns and metropolitan areas, and that doesn’t even take into account availability of items purchased via the internet and shipped at little or no cost to me. Do small town businesses engage in a barter system? How about one price for the tourists and another for the locals?

Another small town living issue is the lack of availability of certain goods and services. Our town has no pharmacy/drug store. Our town has no local plumber or HVAC business. Our town has no CPA or accountant business. Our town has no small engine repair business. Our town has no national chain restaurants, and this is a good thing. Our town does have two commercial fishing businesses that do, in season allow us to have fresh fish, from the lake that is just outside our back door.

We’re learning that living in small town America, is a challenge not unlike living anywhere else. Here there are just some more issues and challenges to take on in our daily lives.

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Public School Failure?


Could it be that the issue isn’t gun control and is a the failure of our public schools to properly teach reading and reading comprehension?


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Sunday, a day of rest?

Sunday, a day of rest? That’s what I grew up being told and yet, it’s not happened in quite a while. Sunday, like birthdays and other holidays has just become yet another day of the week.

This rain that started sometime last night has finally stopped for a while. The local forecast calls for thunderstorms tonight so it will be a day of office and internet work. Living on Lake Superior, we tend to check the weather several times a day as our weather changes often. I am glad I decided to mow the lawns yesterday.

The elephant in the room is that I missed writing yesterday. I’ll be up front and say, it’s wasn’t a priority given the other things going on. I missed a day and we’re back writing today. I’m not going to attempt to make up for yesterday’s lack of 500 words. I might post a couple of other items however including this.

There were a few flying things around yesterday. An ultra-light was buzzing the boats on the lake close by the property. While mowing yesterday afternoon, I think I saw an Eagle fly by. The lovely and talented lady of the house says that she’s seen one as well. We’ll need to see where the Eagles might be in this area.

I’ve noticed that since we’re in a bit of a remote location, the importance of the internet and connectivity via messaging and video chat tools is an important part of our daily life. Skype, Facetime, Facebook Messenger to name but a few. I had a great chat with one of my many friends in India, last evening, our time. As the time difference is 10 and a half hours ti does make for good opportunities to chat. This also reminds me that I need to do some research that I promised regarding FMCG.

It appears that College football began yesterday and the NFL begins a week from today. As I said previously we’ll have to get use to a different set of games available to us.

Checking various news outlets, Hillary is still free, no one from the State of California or the city of San Francisco has been jailed, and Lois Lerner is still free. From the lack of sensational news reports, the funeral in Houston on Friday was a peaceful event as it should have been, and that’s a good thing.

Tomorrow is a federal holiday so no mail or other intrusions. It appears it will be a light week guest wise, with those who are here, staying for nearly the entire week. That makes things nicer overall for everyone. This will also allow us to address other issues here on the property.

Having this Chromebook, an iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone, is a blessing and a curse. (HT: Monk) I am finding out that I’m making more use of cloud type services that are available. I’m by no means having the entire situation handled but we’re working towards that end. Google docs and their other services have become my default go to source.

I’ve noticed that this now five days of writing has become at this beginning, more of a journaling missive that just writing about something specific. While I like this so get my head clear and other thoughts down, I’m certain it will begin to restructure itself.

A couple of final notes on this Sunday of the Labor Day Weekend. If you’re calling me or for that matter any business, hotel, motel, or B&B at 9pm on a Saturday night, looking for a room, you’ve failed Planning Ahead 101. Just Sayin’. Also, is Jerry Lewis still on this weekend? Inquiring minds want to know.

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