Social Security.

screenshot_4Social Security is insurance we paid into against old age and need.  It is not welfare.  It is not a gift. (or entitlement) Congress, pay back the $2.6 trillion you stole from it.  It will then be solvent.  Our seniors deserve so much better.  (and nothing less from our government.)

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ClariSpray(TM) Nasal Allergy Spray

Thanks to the good folks at BzzAgent, I received a sample of ClariSpray(TM) Nasal Allergyimg_3156 Spray.  Like many both the lovely and talented lady of the house and I suffer from seasonal allergy symptoms.

After using the product for the past month we can report mixed results.  The ClariSpray(TM) Nasal Allergy Spray, provides temporary relief from our symptoms.  It doesn’t seem to work as effectively as Sudafed which we purchase.

I’d make use of this product as a supplement or a stop gap for symptoms when they arise.

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Monster FAIL.

A Monster FAIL from the Monster jobs board. I’m not really certain why I’m even on the site, and their consistent missing the mark doesn’t solidify their position.

First the tease –

screenshot_1They tell me I can check out the Editorial and Writing jobs posted here in Bayfield.  I also note that the photo editor at Monster needs some assistance.  What does the wild art have to do with Editorial and Writing jobs?




And now for the reveal –

screenshot_2And, whoops.  Sorry, we didn’t find any jobs matching your criteria.  Wait, what?  You told me you had Editorial and Writing jobs here in Bayfield.

Is anyone at Monster paying attention?  Why are you wasting your time and my time with these useless emails?

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Emotions and Feelings are Ruling The Day


Another great podcast from the folks at

You’ll hear things that the statist media isn’t telling you.  Give a listen and then go to FightBackMedia and hit the tip jar, to assist us in keeping the free flow of information coming to you.

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Technology Fail.

Technology fail comes front and center.  Now I’ll be the first to point out that this isn’t a

Google Science Fair

Google Science Fair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

complete conspiracy.  Hell, it might just be a Google anomaly for all we know.  Suffice to say that it is curious and does give you pause to wonder just how accurate and possibly complete your search results are.

screenshot_1Should you be one of those, inexplicable undecided voters and you begin a Google search, this is your first pass.  And your first selection is Hillary Clinton.


screenshot_2Should you be of another mind and continue to type, this is your next choice.  Really Google?  Dancing with the Stars?  It makes no sense contextually.

screenshot_3Third and finally Google responds, “I got nothin’.”



Conspiracy, outright fraud, are certainly possibilities.  Having a new intern writing political and voting algorithms certainly comes to mind as well.  Overall it is and was an interesting exercise done on my computer last evening.  And thanks and a HT to the good folks at TheRebel.

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Monday Thoughts

Contact Form

Contact Form (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Monday Thoughts on a sunny blue skies type of day.

I wonder what sort of response time I should expect from an on-line contact us pages for national/regional businesses?  I’m wanting to pay you money for services you state you offer and yet 8+ hours later and not so much as a thank you for your request.

The next observation is for city planners.  We reside in a city of fewer than 500 people and there are wonderful things about a small town.  However, having sidewalks run for several blocks and then abruptly end seems a bit curious.  I then observe that the sidewalk begins on the opposite side of the street and goes on for several more blocks and then once again abruptly ends.

I’m wondering if there were walking studies commissioned and accomplished to determine where and how far the sidewalks on a particular street should start and stop?  If so are these studies kept at the local city hall for the general public to review?  It’s time to start attending the local city council meetings.

I’m amazed at people that I follow on all of the usual suspect social media sites and their unabashed support and stated intent to vote for Hillary Clinton.  Many of these are people for whom I have great respect for their expertise in their field of endeavor.  Their rabid support gives me cause to wonder if they have been paying attention at all to Hillary and her history.  WikiLeaks notwithstanding, there is plenty of old school news reports both video and newspapers of Hillary’s corruption and questionable dealings with other politico’s and the voting public, to without question disqualify her from holding any public office.  She certainly has no business running for or being allowed to darken the doors or grounds of the White House in any of our lifetimes.



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Veteran Abuse.

Veteran abuse has once again reared its ugly head and this time, not by those in the VA medical system.

According to several published reports, California National Guard veterans are now being

English: From wikipedia; originally uploaded t...

English: From wikipedia; originally uploaded to wikipedia by (67 KB) user:MinnesotaNationalGuard 18:57, 11 December 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

hounded and demanded to repay re-enlistment bonuses.  According to the LA Times

Nearly 10,000 soldiers, many of whom served multiple combat tours, have been ordered to repay large enlistment bonuses — and slapped with interest charges, wage garnishments, and tax liens if they refuse — after audits revealed widespread overpayments by the California Guard at the height of the wars last decade.

Not surprisingly there is a widespread financial waste, fraud, and abuse within the Calfornia National Guard. cites the following –

Refund of Bonuses:

Be aware that if you voluntarily, or because of misconduct, don’t complete the term of enlistment (or reenlistment) for which a bonus was paid, or are not technically qualified in the skill for which the bonus was paid, (other than a member who is not qualified because of injury, illness, or other impairment not the result of the member’s misconduct), you must refund a prorated portion of the bonus according to the time of service left on your contract.

Hopefully,  this is a one-off situation and is isolated to the State of California.  Should this not be the case, the question is then raised, how are we going to fill our military ranks with qualified individuals going forward?

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Illegal Chinese Steel?

English: Erection of steel Frame Building, Yeo...

English: Erection of steel Frame Building, Yeovil (4) A steel beam is lifted into place in this new factory unit steel frame at a construction site at Lufton trading estate. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Illegal Chinese steel came up in the recent presidential debates.  Illegal Chinese Steel?

Where is the FBI or DOJ or Interstate Commerce Commission?  Hillary stated –

that’s something that I fought against as a senator
and it certainly appears that she didn’t fight with any success if the practice is continuing.
According to the Newsweek article
Trump has not committed any crimes by purchasing his steel and aluminum from China, nor did he engage in wrongdoing by using Chinese textile factories to make his clothing lines.
And where is any follow up during the debate or in the post-debate analysis?  It is apparently “just Hillary with yet another lie.”
And so as to refresh your memory –

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Yoga Lessons?

Any reasonable thinking individual knows that Hillary is lying about this.

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Transition of Power

The peaceful Transition of Power came up in last night’s third and thankfully final debate.

speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on Februar...

speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on February 10, 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Both Hillary and Trump were asked it they would accept the will of the people regarding the  upcoming vote on November 8th, 2016

The news of the night has got to be when Chris Wallace asked Donald Trump the direct question, “will you accept the results of this election?” “I will look at it at the time.”

Media outlets across the country are reporting just how appalled and offended they are at such a statement made by Trump.  How soon they forget.

Let’s get in the way back time machine to the year 2000 and the Bush-Gore election.  Let’s then move ahead four years to the Bush-Kerry election.  Liberals in fact often claim that elections are rigged.

Is it any wonder that we have little to no respect for the statist dinosaur media and why we continue to be vigilant and Fight Back

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